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A Project on Dairy Farm For collecting the real facts and figures we visited the “Faisal Dairy Farm” in Behains Colony

Logistics management dairy farming

May 22, 2015


A mini project by our group in Logistics Management class. Sir Rizwan Tanvir Malik is our instructor and he shared a knowledge about local industries of Pakistan and taught many things regarding our course with us.
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  • 1. A Project on For collecting the real facts and figures we visited the in Behains Colony

2. Prepared by Zeeshan Rauf 12108 Musaidullah Muhamad 16442 Zaeem Ahmed 14673 Muhammad Saad Iqbal 26844 Syed Muhammad Ali Shakir 16828 Junaid Hussain 21644 Niaz Hussain 16015 A project on 3. Problems to Dairy Farm Feasibility Error Seasonal Impact Cost Affection Uncertainty Agent Dependency A project on 4. Challenges to Dairy Farms Quality Poor Nutrients Animal Health Issues Variation in pricing A project on 5. Modes of Transportation of Dairy Farm Motor Cycle Suzuki Titan Datsun A project on 6. Mode of Transportation According Capacity 120 960 3000 1280 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 Motor cycle Suzuki Titan Datson Liters Liters A project on 7. Milk Supply Timings of Dairy Form Based on agent commitment But the normally timing of supplying milk is from Morning 6 A.m Evening 6 P.m A project on 8. Supply Chain of Dairy Farm End UserRetailerAgentWholesaler A project on 9. Types of Agents in Dairy Farm Bandi Mandi Ka Baho A project on 10. Feeds for Dairy Cattles to enhance Production Grit = Chokar Corn = Makai Rice = Chawal Pulses = Dalen Palm beans= Palm ki Phali Peel of Pea= Matar ka Chilka A project on 11. Turnover Dairy Cattles Dairy farms usually exchange or sell out the dairy cattle after every Ten Month to one year. Turnover is usually on cast of Cattles, Highly casted cattle turnover is from One year and in Two Years. 12. Volume of Milk Production in Dairy Farm Normal Buffalo Production Per Day 8 Liters 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 C Buffalo Liters Liters High Casted Buffalo Production Per Day 18 Liters 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 HC Buffalo Liters Liters A project on 13. Volume of Milk Production in Dairy Farm Per Day Production 240 560 Per Day Per Day Liters Liters Monthly Production 7200 16800 Per Month Per Month Liters Liters A project on 14. Pricing of Dairy Farm The Prices of dairies are fixed by Dairy AssociationWholesaleRate Rs.68/- Kg RetailerRate Rs.78/- Kg ServiceAgentCharges Rs.120/ - Container BearableCostbyDairyFarm Rs.80/- Month 15. Quality Testing Technique and Impact Specific Instrument (Tester) used to check and test the quality. Good Quality milk container should have 7 Kilo gram Fats per Container (Market Standard) Good Quality Milk Supplier can enhance the demand of customers and retailers. A project on 16. Consumer and Retailer Relationship Based on But if there is complain exist from consumer or customer the reverse process starts Quality Mouth Word Trust Consumer Complain RetailerAgentWholesaler A project on 17. Suggestions to improve Dairy Farms Improving Infrastructure (Road and Communication) Improving Milk Containers and Cold Storages Reduce transport time and distance Improving loading and unloading activities A project on 18. A project on For collecting the real facts and figures we visited the in Behains Colony Thank You!