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Letchworth Centre For Healthy Living

Mar 28, 2016



Summer 2012 Classes and treatments

  • 1Charity Registration No. 295219


    Classes & Treatments

    Charity Registration No. 295219

    Health improving... Stress-reducing... Life-enhancing...

    APRIL-JULY 2012

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    To enrol complete the form on page 35


    Cover photo: Saibhung Kaur by Paul Derrick


    Each week, more than 1,000 people attend our classes and hundreds more seek help from our complementary therapy clinic and counselling service.Tel: 01462 678804 Website:

    The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living

    Who we areThe Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living is one of the leading centres for wellbeing in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, providing a broad range of clinical and educational programmes for the local community.

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    Why come? You can choose from nearly 100 classes a week and

    a broad range of complementary therapies

    Youll find talented, skilled and experienced teachers and practitioners

    Youll meet like-minded people

    Classes are relaxing, fun and non-competitive

    Youll learn skills you can use for the rest of your life

    Whats more, you dont need to become a member or pay a joining fee

    A long-established, award-winning, registered charity


    Drop-in Tai Chi for Falls Prevention Mondays 11:30-12:30 Drop-in Latin Dance for the Over 50s

    Tuesdays (term-time) 14:00-15:00 Rosehill Over 50s Singers Mondays 14:00-15:00 Parkinsons Singing Group alternate Tuesdays 13:45-15:00 Carers Programmes TBA

    (following on from our grant-funded programme for carers of people with mild to moderate dementia)

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    ReikiReiki is a Japanese well being & personal development practise that puts you back in touch with yourself. It calms the mind & body, reducing a build up of stress, promotes deep relaxation, and boosts your immune system which can have remarkable healing effects for many specific health problems.

    Reiki is suitable for the young, old, pregnant & anywhere in between! It can be used alongside medical health care, complementary therapies & counselling to enhance progress.

    Reiki treatments are available Mon, Fri & Sat (including evenings) - 45 for first appointment / 40 thereafter.

    You can also learn Reiki for yourself...

    Reiki 1 (Beginners Level) - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th May - 139This 2 day training focuses on what Reiki is and what it can do for you. Youll learn how to use it, with lots of hands-on practise. Upon completion of the 2 day course you will be able to use Reiki for self healing, to help friends and family & to stimulate personal & spiritual growth

    Reiki Level 2 (Reiki 1 qualified) - Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd April - 259This 2 day training will enhance your experience of Reiki further, and intensify the energy flow. You will be taught how to focus specifically on Physical, Mental and Emotional healing for yourself and others, as well as healing from a distance.

    Reiki Level 3 (Reiki 2 qualified) - Saturday 23rd June - 259This 1 day powerful training is for those who have been using the techniques at level 2 for a while. Additional energy building techniques and meditations are taught for enhancing the flow of Reiki, and your own personal & spiritual development.

    Manuals are provided with all courses, and certification is awarded upon completion of personal practise.

    Students say: A life changing experience, Excellent teacher, Recommend it to anyone, Am now happier in my skin than I have ever been So much calmer and more peaceful

    Christina Norwich has been teaching and practising Reiki since 2002, and runs a Reiki Share Group (1st Friday of every month). To book, or for further information, contact Christina on 01462 622852 or [email protected]

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    Saturday 28 April 10am - 4pm World Tai Chi/Chi Kung Day Mini-treatments and Tai Chi Workshop For further information visit our website

    Sunday 13 May 11am 3pm Wedding Show Everything you could ever want for your dream day, ranging from the more traditional to the very alternative. There will also be activities for children, delicious food and various entertainments. Further information available from Rebecca on 07967 633859 or email [email protected]

    Sunday 20 May 11am 3pm Parkinsons UK Inspirational Day An opportunity to sample approaches which can provide an effective way of dealing with some symptoms of Parkinsons. For bookings and further information contact Julie Wilson on 0844 225 3612/ [email protected]

    Dates for Your Diary

    Saturday 16 June 10am 3pm Family Open Day (part of the Letchworth Festival)

    A day for all the family to enjoy. Group sessions class sessions dance demonstrations Growing People workshops outdoor family fun activities. A full programme is on our website and at

    More details available at

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    Bereavement Counselling Clinical Psychology Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    (CBT) Couples, Relationship and

    Psychosexual Therapy Family Therapy Health Counselling Hypnotherapy Integrative Psychotherapy

    Life Coaching Neuro-Linguistic

    Psychotherapy (NLPt) Occupational Therapy Person-Centred

    Psychotherapy Psychodynamic Counselling Transpersonal Therapy Young Persons Therapy

    Our team provides a safe space for you to explore and manage your problems, with the aim of helping you to achieve a more satisfying experience of life.

    Counselling, Psychotherapy & Personal Change

    We also offer: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) E motional Freedom Techniques (EFT) A Low-cost Counselling Service


    Enquiries to: Kathy Saunders, Practice Manager Tel: 01462 674671 Email: [email protected] Directors: Jo Coker, Sue Douglas and Julie Sale

    In partnership with

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    Complementary Therapies


    For appointments or more information telephone Reception on 01462 678804

    or visit our website

    Acupuncture Aromatherapy Homeopathy Hypnotherapy Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Naturopathy Natural Lift Facial Osteopathy/

    Cranial Osteopathy Reflexology Reiki Sports Injury &

    Remedial Massage



    Our practitioners talented, experienced and highly qualified

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    To enrol complete the form on page 35

    Alexander TechniqueRenowned for its benefits to back pain sufferers, Alexander Technique teaches us how to sit, stand, lie and move in ways which minimise chronic muscular & spinal tension. Especially useful in stress relief, it also helps asthma and insomnia. Wear loose clothing & bring a mat or blanket and 2-3 paperbacks.

    Duration 13 weeksHalf-term week of 4 JuneTutor Judy Hammond BEd ANATD MSTAT

    Moving Mindfully is a unique movement, alignment and relaxation class, carefully combining key elements of Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi and always incorporating the Alexander principles of excellent use of the spine and joints. The resulting quality of movement and alignment is a joy to experience! Wear soft comfortable clothing and bring warm socks.

    Moving MindfullyJudy Hammond

    Prefer a one-to-one session? Call 01462 678804 to book. Cost 45

    Class Day Time Start Date Code CostAlexander (All levels) Tues 09.45-11.00 17 Apr X1 99 TechniqueAlexander (beginners) Wed 18.45-20.00 18 Apr X2 99 TechniqueMoving (advanced) Tues 11.15-12.30 17 Apr MM1 99 Mindfully Moving (all levels) Wed 20.15-21.30 18 Apr MM2 99 Mindfully

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    Marcia Magliari (centre)

    You will dance, get fit and have great fun in this popular class which includes barre work (for greater flexibility and balance), centre work (for toning) and simple ballet routines. Open to anyone over 16 who has had ballet experience.

    Duration 10 weeksHalf-term week of 4 JuneTutor Vickie Lesnick RAD RTS AIDTA

    Ballet for AdultsVickie Lesnick(right)

    Class Day Time Start Date Code CostBallet for Adults Fri 17.30-18.30 27 Apr B1 61

    Discover the richness and energy of Brazil from the traditions of the Orixas (Yoruba Entities) to Street Carnival, and from jazzy Bossa Nova to seedy Samba Reggae. Each class begins with a gentle warm up, followed by dance training and a routine and finishes with slow, deep stretches. Wear loose comfortable clothing and dance/soft shoes that allow your feet to bend.

    Carnival Dances from Brazil

    Class Day Time Start Date Code CostCarnival Dances Mon 10.00-11.00 23 Apr C1 67 (some experience required)

    Carnival Dances Tues 20.15-21.15 24 Apr C2 73 (beginners)

    Duration 12 weeks (11 weeks for C1 no class on 7 May)

    Half-term week of 4 June Tutor Marcia Magliari Dip DMTFREE Dance Taster

    20 April 20:00-21:00Call 01462 678804 to book your place or just turn up on the day!

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    Class Day Time Start D

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