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Lean Six Sigma Roles -

Jul 16, 2015



  • Lean Six Sigma RolesRoles Help Ensure The Robust Roll Out Of Lean Six Sigma

  • Belt levels came from Karate

    Different belts indicate different levels of expertise

    Lean Six Sigma Belt Levels

  • Has a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts

    Receives additional just-in-time Lean Six Sigma training from Green Belts and Black Belts for projects

    Yellow Belts

  • Work as managers, process owners, technical experts, or in administrative functions

    Responsible for initiating and managing Lean Six Sigma Projects within their primary function

    Work closely with Black Belts and are trained in many of the same ways as Black Belts, but in less detail

    Green Belts

  • Trained in advanced Lean Six Sigma tools and methodology

    Hold full-time positions in Lean Six Sigma organizations

    Train, lead, and support Lean Six Sigma Teams, Green Belts, and Yellow Belts

    Function in multiple roles for Lean Six Sigma project teams: coach, mentor, teacher, leader, content expert

    Black Belts

  • Supported by Black Belts

    Usually a full-time position

    Work with executive management to select projects, align with company strategy, assist removal of barriers, and identify gaps

    Function in multiple roles for Lean Six Sigma implementation: coach, mentor, teacher, project leader, and content expert

    Master Black Belts

  • Have a general understanding of Lean Six Sigma

    Help select, support, and promote projects to completion

    Provide resources for project teams and removes barriers beyond teams control

    Essential to smoothing the way to a culture of process improvement


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