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Konnect Social - Social Media Monitoring

Jul 15, 2015


Social Media

Monitor Social MediaintroducingKonnect Social

1Web Listening

Social CRM

Social Media Engage + Brand Profile Analytics + Social Media Competitive Analysis

Publishing and Scheduling on Social Media Konnect Social Key Features2ListeningListen, Evaluate and ACT1Dont Miss a single conversation online 3Konnect Social is a platform that enables organizations to monitor and engage in conversations across the web.

The Listening tool crawls millions of sites including Mainstream News, Blogs, Forums, Complaint Forums, Comments, Videos, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social media sites to provide results based on the search parameters

The tool provides analytics such as Sentiment, Media Type, Share of Voice etc. with an easy to use dashboard

With Social CRM the conversations can be classified and assigned to team members. The Social CRM can be integrated with existing CRM using Konnect Social APIsOverview4Easy-to-use Listening tool

Monitor Results based on Search Parameters

Further filter results with Advanced Search

Get all you need in one view

5Reports Dashboard

See how you are faring against the competition

Group multiple brand products as one Topic and compare them

Detailed Sentiment analysis with classifications

Identify influencers and most active users

With actionable insights identify key trending topics

6Advanced Search (Search within search)

Monitor and better manage conversations using this advanced search feature

Product managers can focus on their areas of concerns

Classify, tag or assign multiple conversations at once

Filter by users to see their past conversations for our search query

Focus on influencers when volumes are high

7Monitor and Manage Conversations: Track the spread of your campaign, press release, or other communications on the web. Respond to Customers in Real Time, Build contacts with key influencers and communicate with them to obtain more information.

Obtain Competitive Intelligence: Keep track of what your competition is up to

Understand Industry Trends: Follow whats being said within your industry and identify needs in your potential market.

Manage Crisis: Be the first to know when issues are raised. Use intelligence to aid in providing sound and speedy resolution

Use of Konnect Social for different purposes8Konnect Social Vs Competition (Listening)Coverage: Konnect Social is a preferred tool over many others because of it's coverage. We ensure you do not miss any conversation with Konnect Social. This is because we do not rely on third party tools and have our own crawlers.

Speed: With our crawlers we make 48 hits per day per website to ensure that we get web results as fast as possible. This is unlike other tools where you get results probably a day later.

Unlimited Mentions: Konnect Social is architected on big data and hence there is no limit to the number of mentions (matching results based on search parameters). This ensures that not only you get all results for your brand but also for the competition and industry as a whole.

Ready to use: Konnect Social works like a search engine where it crawls the web (dynamic sites) and caches the results. This ensures that you can start using the tool as soon as you add your search parameters and the results and reports are dynamic if the query is modified.

No variable cost: Because of unlimited mentions there is a fixed cost.

Being a late entrant in the market our clients evaluated us against existing tools which they were using earlier.

9Automated Alerts (Rule Based)

Stay connected even if you are no longer logged on to the system

Based on the volume of conversations set rules for Alerts

Alerts available on system, email or Konnect Social mobile app

Get instant alerts if someone Tweets from your own account

Set automated email alerts to a list of people during Crisis.

10CRMWorkflow Tools2Social CRM: An Evolved Form Of Traditional CRM 11CRMCoordinate your teams interaction with relevant conversations returned by Konnect Social. You can assign posts for team members to follow up with, and interact with your team as they carry out their assignments. Create weekly / monthly reports on a click of a button

12CRM Dashboard

13Workflow ToolsUse Workflow tools with Advanced Search to assign task to team members

Monitor overall Turn-Around-Time and also of each team member. Monitor TAT for overall closure

Multiple classification for one conversation. Classification report based on Sentiment.

Add working time, holidays and weekends for accurate calculation of TAT. Use features like Follow-ups and work in progress if more information is required from the online user.

Integrate Konnect Social CRM with your in-house CRM with Konnect Social APIs

14Social Media EngageAll in one tool3Social Media Profile Analytics Brand and Competition 15Social Media Analytics

Twitter Competitive Analysis

FB Competitive AnalysisYoutube Competitive AnalysisGPlus Competitive AnalysisComing soon

16Organize with Insights Custom Dashboard

Easily Create Custom dashboard

Manage multiple profiles for Social Media Analysis

17List of Reports Facebook Analytics Admin Posts and EngagementEngagement by Post TypeTotal Impressions vs Page ViewsNew Likes and UnlikesPage Fans DemographicsPeople Talking DemographicsPage Tab ViewsFan SourcesNegative Feedback by TypePeople Talking By Country

Twitter AnalyticsActivity and EngagementEngagement DetailsTotal Account FollowersAccount Followers Over TimeMost Engaged UsersInfluencersReach and ImpressionsTweets - Top KeywordsMentions - Top KeywordsReplies ToWho You RetweetMentions and Your RepliesAggregate Daily Mentions and RepliesAggregate Daily Tweets and RetweetsInterface UsedTweet Response Time DistributionTwitter Account Activity By HourNegative SentimentDetailed Twitter Followers Report

Facebook Comparison Total FansTotal EngagementEngagement Over TimeLikes Over TimeEngagement DetailsEngagement by Post TypeRelative Share Of EngagementRelative Share Of FansPosts Over Time18List of Reports Twitter Comparison Total EngagementFollowers Over TimeMentions Over TimeRetweets Over TimeTweets Over TimeEngagement DetailsTotal FollowersMost Engaged UsersInfluencersReach and ImpressionsReplies ToInterface UsedDaily Tweets and MentionsTop Users By FollowersNegative SentimentKlout Score ComparisonChanges in KloutYouTube ComparisonChannel ComparisonDistribution of ViewsAvg Views Per SubscriberAvg Views Per VideoChannel Comparison: ActivityTotal Engagement vs SubscribersEngagement DetailsChannel Comparison: Video RatingsRating Per VideoMost Rated VideosDistribution of CommentsEngagement since Video PublishedTotal % increase since Video PublishedMost Active CommentersG+ Comparison Page Activity Over TimeEngagement Over TimeEngagement DetailsCircled TotalsPage EngagementEngagement on PostsAverages Per PostEngagement by Post TypePost Type TotalsActivity Keyword AnalysisPage Activites19Single and Multiple Channel AnalysisAnalyze how your brand profiles are performing; track metrics around audience, content, and amplificationEvaluate your overall social media presence across all your social channels in one placeCompetitive Analysis and BenchmarkingAnalyze your competitors share of audience and engagementLook at detailed engagement metrics compared over time with ongoing benchmarking of all key performance metricsKonnect Social for Social Media AnalyticsInfluencer and Trend AnalysisIdentify the influencers in your network, including reach and top topicsAnalyze how campaigns are engaging your top influencers, and deep insights into the influencers who are mentioning your brandCustomer Service EffectivenessMeasure the impact of your customer service efforts on Twitter and Facebook.Track mentions, response rates, response times, and analyze trends over a single account or all your brand profiles20PublishCampaign Management4Social Media Publishing Schedule and post messages 21Social Media Publish Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Schedule messages through the toolCurrently supports Twitter, Facebook and LinkedInUnlimited profiles can be added.Advantage over other tools: The image go as an image and also in albums. In few other tools the images go as owly link. Multiple campaigns can be created. Campaigns can be paused whenever required.


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