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Kissimmee Basin Projects Jan 2005

Jan 17, 2016




Kissimmee Basin Projects Jan 2005. Kissimmee Basin Projects. Kissimmee River Restoration Project (KRR) Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Long Term Management Plan (KCOL LTMP) Kissimmee Basin Modeling and Operations Study (Model) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Kissimmee Basin ProjectsJan 2005

  • Kissimmee Basin ProjectsKissimmee River Restoration Project (KRR)Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Long Term Management Plan (KCOL LTMP) Kissimmee Basin Modeling and Operations Study (Model)EIS for Modification of Kissimmee Basin Structure Operating Criteria (EIS)

  • Kissimmee River Restoration Project Goal is to restore ecological integrity to the central region of the Kissimmee river and floodplain

    Projected cost = $578 million50/50 cost share USCOE/SFWMD Backfill 22 mi of C-38 canalRecarve/reconnect more than 40 mi of river channelRemove 2 water control structures (one has been removed)Headwaters Revitalization Project provides additional water storage from headwater lakes for river restorationComprehensive restoration evaluation program

  • KRR Comprehensive Restoration Evaluation Program ComponentsHydrologyGeomorphologyDissolved Oxygen and Water QualityPlant communitiesInvertebrate communitiesReptile and Amphibian communitiesFish communitiesBird communitiesThreatened and Endangered species

  • Kissimmee River Restoration Project StatusPhase I construction completed - 2001Initiation of next backfilling phase by 2006All construction completed - 2012 Headwaters Revitalization Project underway, will be completed in 2010Restoration Evaluation - through 2017

  • Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Long Term Management PlanPurpose: improve, enhance and/or sustain ecosystem health of regulated lakes in the Kissimmee Upper Basin while balancing basin impactsCollaborative effortSFWMD, USCOE, FFWCC, USFWS, EPA, DEP, FDACS local governments, and other stakeholders

  • 1) Assess Status Ecosystem Health / Develop Performance Measures2) Determine Baseline Conditions3) Identify opportunities for individual action by stakeholder agencies for situations where Baseline Conditions do not meet Performance Measures

  • Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Long Term Management Plan - ProductsStakeholder values surveyConceptual ecosystem modelAssessment of current (baseline) and reference characteristics of lakesAssessment performance measures that describe desired characteristics of lakesExamples: wading bird reproduction, invertebrate community composition, desired fluctuation levels, etc.

  • Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Long Term Management Plan - ProductsMonitoring planReview of existing monitoring dataAddress knowledge gapsAre performance measures being met?

    Agency action plans How can agency mandates and resources be applied to achieve unmet performance measures?

  • Kissimmee Basin Modeling and Operations Study

    Flows through the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and Kissimmee River are regulated by control structuresGoal: assess whether existing operations can be modified to achieve a better balance amongFlood controlWater supplyAquatic plant managementKissimmee Basin natural resources (KRR, KCOL)Downstream discharge area (Lake Okeechobee)

  • Kissimmee Basin Modeling and Operations Study - Approach

    Geographic scope includes entire Kissimmee BasinHydrologic/hydraulic simulation modelSimulate a suite of regulation schedules for 13 structures in the Kissimmee BasinUse performance measures to evaluate and select best operational criteria Recommend regulation changes based on operational criteria selected

  • Progress to dateCompleted Basin Assessment and model implementation strategy3 Modeling Tools will be developedScreening ToolAlternative Formulation / Evaluation ToolPerformance Measure Evaluation ToolReconnaissance and data collection efforts for modeling tool implementation are completeDesign for tool implementation is 80% complete. Tool implementation 10% completeBeginning alternative plan formulation process

  • EIS for Modification of Kissimmee Basin Structure Operating Criteria

    Parallel project with KB Modeling & Operations StudyPerform NEPA work associated with developing EIS USACE & USFWS

  • PurposeProvide a balanced approach to formulating and evaluating modifications to Kissimmee Basin operating criteriaApproach will take into account flood control, water supply, aquatic plant management, and natural resource requirements

  • GoalSeek an alternative that maximizes benefits while minimizing potential adverse impacts

  • Major ActivitiesEvaluate alternatives relative to potential beneficial and adverse effects on Flood controlNavigationWater qualityWater supplyWetlands and fish and wildlife habitats and valuesEndangered and threatened speciesHistorical or archaeological resourcesPublic use and recreation

  • KissimmeeEISGeographic Scope

  • Kissimmee EIS StatusProject Management Plan, Kissimmee Basin, Modification of Kissimmee Basin Structure Operating Criteria, USACE, July 2005Notice of Intent to Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement, USACE, July 2005Scoping Letter, Modification of Kissimmee Basin Structure Operating Criteria, July 2005Currently working on DRAFT EIS

  • Questions?

    Goal: restore ecological integrityNew regulation schedule for headwater lakes will allow water releases into the Kissimmee River to more closely mimic the historical patternRestored area will have reestablished flow in river channels and out onto the floodplainComprehensive evaluation program will ensure that responses to restoration are consistent with project goal and also provide feedback for adaptive managementEvaluation program includes physical, chemical, and biological components

    Photo: Snowy Egrets are among the wading bird species that have responded positively to Phase I Note construction end date was recently changed from 2012 to 2010Restoration evaluation will continue five years after project completion

    In photo: black-necked stilts were not observed during baseline studies but have returned to breed following Phase I