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Jul 18, 2015



Case Study

Paula perezCase StudyAnalysis

Their logo is used in their fontTo represent their company.Life is better with cake is their motto. This isIn the poster because its something that attracts peopleAnd its been used for years so people know that itsMr. KiplingThe girl is wearing pink which isThe main colour of their cakes.Theyve made a billboard out of 13,360 cakes to promote their productWhich gets the audiences attention because Its different, because it stands out and becauseIts free food!They have also used this posterTo represent their advertisingCampaign.They have chosen a little girl because it attracts moreThan having an elder for example. Kids are adorableAnd they love their product as its cake and kids tendTo love sweet things.'Life is better with cake' Poster / JWT LondonJWT created an edible Mr. Kipling poster.This entire poster was made entirely out of cakes. To be precise, 13,360 Mr. Kipling cakes, this was made outside Westfield, Shepherd's Bush on the 4th of September.This new campaign has been created to remind everyone how much happier cakes makes us, Kipling's cakes of course.2Analysing Print adverts

This is an On Brand charity.

This is a Brownstone Print Advert.Analysing Print Advert.

They have used symbolical codes such as the eyes and the different eye colour. This shows how everyone is different.They have used a child for the advert because they are young and innocent and you are automatically made to feel sorry for them.The woman is helping the little girl which gives he idea that she's helping her through and that she's not alone in this.They have added the glasses onto the shot to make sure everyone knows that they have the equipment that it requires to help people.They have also used a different font for their logo which relates tot heir campaign. This advert mainly focuses on the symbolic codes instead of the written codes and technological codes.They have used a close up of the woman helping the little girl and they have blurred everything else on the background, enough for you to know where they are. They have done that to get the reach's attention onto the main situation.Type: Print Advert.Purpose: Reach awareness of the charity.The meaning of this advert it to let people know that they can help 'everyone'. This advert has been made to help people with vision problems.The target audience for this advert is absolutely everyone.You can easily tell its a charity advert because of how simple it is and how straight to the point it is. Charity adverts often have a young person such as a child or an old person to show how vulnerable and innocent they are making the people seeing the advert (reach) feel sorry for this individual and wanting to help them.The process they went through was fairly easy as they simply took a photo of someone helping out a child and just basically added a picture with a sentence to inform you about it in a simply but clever was. All you need is that picture and the one over it to know that is a charity advert.

4Analysing Print Advert.

You can tell her hair has been dyed. Its a red tone that easily stands out which links to the text on the right 'Hair colourists' meaning they are promoting their work.Also they have added their logo onto their advert 'Stilo' meaning they have their own company and they are putting it out there for people to notice their logo.Where the written code on the rights is, they have added some lines at the top and at the bottom of the text which links to their logo.This woman, is looking straight at you making you feel like she is talking directly at you, like she is trying to get your attention.

They have added some more written code son the bottom left of the advert, which kind of looks like a small logo with again more information ''hair, products, beauty''Type: Print AdvertPurpose: To advertise their Company and attract more clients.

They have used symbolical codes, such as the use of a woman. This woman stands out because the is beautiful and because she's the main object in this advert. She has been positioned right in the more of the frame.

They have also written codes. Such as the title placed on the right. That is the second thing that catches your eye, the first one being the woman of course. This text has been put in there to inform you more about what they do 'nail treatments' , 'waxing' and so on.

''We'll make you feel good'' They have used the word 'we' meaning they are working as a group to make YOU feel good. They used the word YOU to talk directly to YOU and to make YOU feel involved.

They have used technical codes too.They have made the background black because there is nothing that you need to see on the background, not even the placement because there already enough things happening in the advert.

They chose to do an extreme close up shot of her face because she is beautiful and that is what the advert is about. Beauty. This shot also allows to see more of her, hair, make up, eyes - even though they are covered you can see she is wearing black eyeliner which is part of their advert.This advert is mainly targeted at women as they have used a woman on the advert but also to men as the have 'male grooming' on their written code at the right. Mainly to young adults/adults but also teenagers and elders.

5JWTJWT is the biggest advertising company in the world.Media Campaign Task - Print

Type: printAgency: JwtClient: Mr Kipling

Link To Advert.

Purpose: The purpose of this advert is to sell cakes.Form: This poster has been made out of real cakes.Genre: Is a food advert.Style: The style of this advert is simply cake. The whole poster has been made out of real Mr.Kipling cakes.Content: Cakes.Meaning: To attract people to the cakes and to encourage them to buy the product. The poster made out of cakes almost look like a sun shinning.Production Process: The woman that appears on the right side of the poster, Michelle Kibowo, is a world renowned sugar artist & cake sculptor. He says that the whole production process took about 7 hours to complete.8Demographic.Women tend to be the target audience for this product, usually mothers who just want to buy some cheap yet nice cakes for their kids or maybe even for themselves.People who would often tend to buy this product is people who dont have a lot of spending power. They dont go to buy an expensive snack for their kids, they look for something cheap that they know they can afford.Their lifestyle might consist of a single mum getting benefits for their kids or they might have an average paying job.

People who are more likely to buy this product would be someone who is skilled working class and maybe even working class as they tend to have less spending power and Mr. Kipling's cakes are cheap and affordable, yet they have been made to look like expensive cakes which attracts these people.9Advertising Company - JWT

This Company was founded by Williams James Carlton in 1864. In over 90 countries this agency employees over 10,00 people in over 200 offices.Ownership: JWT is owned by WPP, who is a British multinational advertising and public relations company with its main management office in London.

Operating Model: JWT's network has nearly 10,000 employees in more than 200 offices in over 90 countries, who serve over 1,200 clients.

Products: They have a different variety of products such as Nestle, Vodafone, Nokia, Kellogg's, Ford and other products such as Rolex.

Market Position: biggest advertising company in the world.10Advertising Company JWT. Previous Work

Advertising Company JWT. Competitors.

Audience Research.

The target audience for Mr Kiplings cakes are mainly mothers. And because of this more and more cakes are appearing in lunchboxes. High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. In the case of Mr Kipling, Premier Foods was targeting the main grocery shopper gatekeeper of treats for households mothers, in other words but its machines contained no way to prevent, say, penniless but patient teenagers helping themselves to a sackful13Audience research3 out of 5 people would like to buy the product.4 out of 5 people liked the advert.

Target AudienceThe target audience, judging the advert would be mothers and daughters as the colour pink is a big theme in this advert.Although from my audience research, I used my mum as one of the audience and she said that she wouldnt, whereas teenagers said that it is likely that they would go and buy the product.The target audience is pretty large as most people like cakes, therefore the variety of people is pretty large.Kids are also a main target as they love anything thats sweet, and these cakes have a layer of icing which is pretty sweet.Distribution Channels

Distributed Mr Kipling's cakesAll around England at Bus stops.

Appeared on the newspaper, Daily mailTo advertise their product. Often found on trains, metro.My chosen advert was shown at bus stops to advertise their product to people who use public transport often. I thought this was a great idea as a lot of people, specially teenagers and elder people tent to use public transport often. The focused audience is mainly teenagers because they are the people who enjoy sweet things such as cakes more than any other age group and they also tend to have more spending money as they could work and not pay taxes.The advert at the bus stop was distributed all over the UK.

The advert costs around the mark of 32,000 to 37,500 to be published on a full page. The current reader mark is around 6 million readers weakly which would come at a cost of 0.006p per person to advertise.B

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