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January 2012 Presentation

Apr 08, 2016



January 2012 Presentation

  • Project Update

    January 9th, 2012

  • Roadway Projects

  • Temporary lanes have been installed on the east side and all traffic has been shifted towards the east

    The bridge over clear creek has been partially demolished to allow work to begin on the new bridge

    Work has begun on the installation of the storm trunk along the west right of way beginning at the creek

    Cullen Parkway Phase II

  • Phase II Marys Creek Bypass to SH35 Remaining punchlist items re-

    communicated to TxDOT Streetlight installation underway

    Dixie Farm Road

  • Completed installation of the irrigation system and landscaping

    Quantity overruns on existing storm sewer removal The subcontractor completed the asphalt overlay

    segments Quantity overruns on base repairs Full opening of SH35 intersection is dependent upon

    TxDOT completion of the new signal

    Walnut Reconstruction

  • Traffic signal at Mykawa installation is complete. The signal was operational on December 9th

    Traffic switch completed last week Potentially will extend beyond mid-February

    completion date

    Orange Street

  • Cable and phone companies relocating Waiting on a proposal from WSA for

    modifications to the plans to address TxDOT comments at FM 1128 intersection

    Bailey Road (Veterans to FM1128)

  • 90% plans have been reviewed and returned to engineer

    Continued coordination with developer, County staff and CR59 designers

    100% plans will be submitted in January

    Business Center Drive

  • Work to demo existing paving in the center lane and medians began and drainage laterals will be extended to the existing northbound lanes

    Contractor is preparing to begin lime stabilization at the north end

    TxDOT working with TCEQ on intersection with FM 518

    Mitigation Ponds bid opening on December 8th

    SH35 BW8 to FM518

  • All signal poles installed Project is on schedule for completion in

    January 2012

    FM 2234 Widening

  • System has been running in full automated control since late November

    Tactics system required some debugging and went through several weeks of adjustments

    The system was determined to be Substantially Complete on Dec. 15th and a punch list was developed and transmitted to Siemens

    Adaptive Traffic Signal Improvements

  • Drainage Projects

  • Diversion Ditch DD4 continued excavation of diversion ditch west

    of CR 143 Pump Station Awarded the final design and construction phase

    services contract to Montgomery & Barnes. Issued NTP

    Re-grading of Roadside Ditches Awaiting County response regarding exceptions to

    the standard design criteria for the maintenance portion of the project

    Cowart Creek Diversion

  • Facility Projects

  • Punchlist near completion Addressing warranty issues as necessary Fuel island is functioning Working on closeout documents

    Hillhouse Road Service Center

  • January is the latest completion date Working on interior finishes

    Fire Station #6

  • Foundation piers were drilled the week of Dec. 12th

    Structural inspections complete Monument base formed and poured Architect reviewing stone and decorative

    steel submittals

    Pearland Gateway Project Stars

  • Parks

  • Trail areas around Park and along McLean

    to Magnolia are cut and ready for forms All concrete should be completed by the end

    of January Site furnishings received

    Trail Connectivity

  • Transmitted Interlocal Agreement and MOU to BDD4; approval scheduled for tomorrow

    Property acquisition ongoing Developer Agreement scheduled for next CC

    meeting USACE responded requesting more information

    and clarification on PCN for outfalls and weir to USACE for review

    Sports Complex at Max Road

  • Utility Projects

  • 30 Waterline Interconnect

    CoH flushed and disinfected the 72 line but did not pass BTs

    Re-flushed line and new tests scheduled for today HMI should begin flushing & disinfection the 30

    water line system this week if 72 line passed

    City of Houston Interconnect

  • City of Houston Interconnect

    Alice Street Water Plant Awaiting CoH water for startup of plant

  • Staff reviewed 60% submittal and returned comments

    Held follow-up meeting to discuss plan review comments for clarification

    Longwood WWTP Rehabilitation

  • Design completed Technical review meeting was held Staff is loading bid information into the E-

    Bid system Advertise for bids by the end of January

    Barry Rose WWTP Rehabilitation

  • PER is under review

    Hatfield Basin Trunk Sewer

  • 90% review underway

    Twin Creek Regional Lift Station

  • Far Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

    Design contract will be on the January 23rd agenda

  • Old Alvin 20 Waterline

    Received PER; currently in review process with staff

    Phase II ESA field work performed; contaminated soils issues identified near FM518 and Old Alvin

  • BellaVita Waterline Interconnect

    Requesting USACE to review wetland findings and environmental reports for Dixie Farm Rd Park property

    Survey work ongoing Bella Vita HOA for right of entry obtained Public Works began work at Bella Vita in mid


  • Project Update


    January 9th, 2012

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