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A translator is someone who takes written information and rewrites it in another language. An interpreter listens to what someone says and repeats it in another lang11age. Not all translators are interpreters, and not all interpreters are translators. Currano tearnea how to do both in school. English is Currano's native language. She started leaming Spanish at school, then studied in Spain and took classes in translation. Translators andinterpreters are neededinmanyindustries. Police, courts, the govemment and international businesses all use translators and interpreters daily. Most traislators and interpreters don't have extra training in the arcathey want to work in. Currano didn,t have any medical training, so when she started, she camied a medical dictionary wherever she went. She doesn't need it any more, but she still carries a bilingual dictionary to help her do herjob. "Part of what makes my job so interesting is that I get to see and leam a lot about medicine without being a doctor or nurse,', Curano said. Maria Curano works as an O. i,nte,tmretet" She works in a 1. Patients feel less stay. when she helps them during their When Currano is needed, doctors can reach her by 3. A(n) 5. translates in writing, and a(n) translates what people say. Currano translates from 6. and vice versa. In the beginning, Currano used a g. not have any training in medicine. Now she carries a 9. to help her communicate. €r) vo, A Bdtish scientist who rvas o. - making an eme John Gillatt, 55, from Bolto March 18. He was in Malal': After walking for just six m Gillatt was 4. -- hi jungle. He used his Phone wife then called the hotel I It took the rescue team five t survived with onlY an aPPle his rucksack. Gillatt was th His daughter, Claire,29, sa flve days since he disaPPea' 0. A) after 1. A) at 2, A) away 3. A) afraid 4. A) canied 5. A) and 2. into 7, because she did

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írásbeli angol érettségi feladatok
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  • A translator is someone who takes written information and rewrites it in anotherlanguage. An interpreter listens to what someone says and repeats it in another lang11age.Not all translators are interpreters, and not all interpreters are translators. Currano tearneahow to do both in school.

    English is Currano's native language. She started leaming Spanish at school, thenstudied in Spain and took classes in translation.

    Translators andinterpreters are neededinmanyindustries. Police, courts, the govemmentand international businesses all use translators and interpreters daily. Most traislators andinterpreters don't have extra training in the arcathey want to work in. Currano didn,t haveany medical training, so when she started, she camied a medical dictionary wherever shewent. She doesn't need it any more, but she still carries a bilingual dictionary to help herdo herjob.

    "Part of what makes my job so interesting is that I get to see and leam a lot aboutmedicine without being a doctor or nurse,', Curano said.

    Maria Curano works as an O. i,nte,tmretet"She works in a 1.

    Patients feel lessstay.

    when she helps them during their

    When Currano is needed, doctors can reach her by 3.A(n)


    translates in writing, and a(n)translates what people say.

    Currano translates from 6.and vice versa.

    In the beginning, Currano used a g.not have any training in medicine.

    Now she carries a 9. to help her communicate.


    A Bdtish scientist who rvaso.


    making an emeJohn Gillatt, 55, from BoltoMarch 18. He was in Malal':After walking for just six mGillatt was 4.


    hijungle. He used his Phonewife then called the hotel IIt took the rescue team five tsurvived with onlY an aPPlehis rucksack. Gillatt was thHis daughter, Claire,29, saflve days since he disaPPea'

    0. A) after1. A) at2, A) away3. A) afraid4. A) canied5. A) and


    into 7,

    because she did

  • A British scientist who was missing in the Malaysian jungle forG


    making an emergency call to his wife in the UK.five days was rescued

    John Gillatt, 55, from Bolton, England, went hiking in eas Friday,March 18. He was in Malaysia on business and took a day rk to go hiking.Gillatt wasAfter walking for just six miles, the microbiologist he was lost. Fortunately,Gillatt was his mobile phone and'was able to use it in the middle of theiungle. He used his phone call his wife, Noelene, at home in England. Hisrife then called the hotel he was staying.It took the rescue team fiv ^'llatt,who was rescued on March 23 .Herr ruoK lne rescue ream nv llatt, wno was rescued on March 2'3. Hesrrvived with only anapple, some crackers, and a bottle of water inhis rucksack. Gillatt was thirsty and exhausted, and had injuries on his arms and legs.His daughter, Claire, 29, said: "We are all very tired. We haven't really


    forfive days since he disappeared. We are glad he is safe."

    A) afterA) at

    C) thatC) onC) forC) scaredC) carryC) one

    D) andD) otherD) offD) knowD) carriesD) to

    B) thenB) in




    A)A)A)A) and







    B) out


  • Iurulta+*g+1

    C) whereC) findingC) someC) anY sleeP

    G) thereH) toI) took

    D) thatflnds


    sleep at all


    each tent, visitors listened

    - You are going to r;'-Your task is to u t'l:'

    ,,, IJS9 only one wofo'.. There is an exampi'

    Weather is all around u'

    after You walte 1' .-- ir 9o outsloca.


    D6. A.) m7. A) find8. A)a9, A) slePt















    A BigBookFair

    onSeptemlrer26,okloversdidn'tmindtherainyweatherand went to meet s and illustrators' The fans

    were at the

    National Book Fe

    public libraries offcr across 5'

    United States.6. wcre eleven big tents on the Mall' Inside7, authors and illusirators talk about their works'








    7.A)B)c) 8.


    D)-thanE) theF) their

  • ther may be one of re flrst things you notice. If it is cold and snowing, you,ll *.u, whenit's hot and sunny, you may wear shorts. Bui what aboutclimate?

    weather ather?Weather outdoors a given place at a given time.

    . The we er can change a lot within avery short time. For example, it may rain for hour an n it may become$nny and clear again. weather is what we hear uu.rt * t.tevision --

    night.climate, however, describes the total of all weather condit over a period of years inI given place. Climate tells us what the weather is usually in a place. SanT"to --- got a mild climate, New orleanm rrUia climate, Buffalo a snowyclimate, and Seattle a rainy climate.




  • =.1g-

    -?' .--=-''


    lfis!.ire+i';+gj,ie.firgI'*J.Jerqk llysl



    The writer of the letteA) is deadB) is over 70C) is in hospital

    postmaster at tlexplained hou' tsent her some Ioffered her fi'ec

    ii: In this section you are going to hear about a woman lvho got a letter.e-= Your task is to write the letter of the correct answer in the corresponding box (1-6).* First, you will have some time to study the task, and then we r,vill play the tvhole

    recording in one piece.'i Then, after a short pause, you will hear the recotding again, but this tirne we will play

    the text in shorler sections to give you enough time to write down your answers.."= At the end, you will have some more time to check your r,vork.-;': Tlrere is an exanple (0) at the beginntng.

    0. Brita Loevaas lives in,{) Denmark.B) Norway.C) Sweden.

    1. Last week she receivedA) one thing.B) two things.C) three things.

    2. The letter was.A) sent to her in 1975.B) 15 years late.C) more than 50 years late.The letter was from herA) mother-in-law.B) mother.C) son.






    * In this section Yo-* Your task is to fil First, you will b-,

    recording in one:Then, after a sho:the text in shott;-At the end, Yor.lThere is an ex3,

    Matty Sallin desisics class. He fout:'

    1.Sallin's gadget is .

    3.The machine turn:it turns on, it statr,The smell come)animal.Sallin's gadget

    7.Many people u'r'machine.



    4, lettercontained an invitation.was written for her birthday.was about family matters.

  • 6. The postmaster at the post officeA) explained how the letter had got lost.B) sent her some flowers in compensation.C) offered her free service for a year.

    5. The writer of the letterA) is deadB) is over 70C) is in hospital


    0. d'a.rvw dn&'many people would like to wake up

    of the box throush the 6.useful, because

    what is inside.

    " In this section you are going to heal about an Your task is to fill in each gap (1-8) in the sentences below with one or two wor.ds.t First, you will have some time to shrdy the task, and then we will play the u,hole


    Then, after a shoft pause, you will hear the recording again, but this time rve will playthe text in shofter sections to give you enough time to u,rite down your answer-s.At the end, you will have solre more time to check

    recording in one piece.

    There is an example (0) atthe beginning.

    '.1arty Sallin designed a(n):s class. He found out thatt.

    gadget is a box made of 2.-:e machine turns on: :urns on, it starts 5.-e smell comes out::imal.>'llin's gadget7.

    It shows a face of a

    minutes before the set time. Wheninstead of makins a sound.

    of the

    you can not only smell but also

    for the electron-to the smell of



    ls very''1any people write to him because they would like to 8.--:chine.


  • -)--

    '\ -: i$;$rsE$4.y1 iet+d:r$ ul guJ nytlv b6l



    In tliis sectjon you are going to ireal about a pi1ot.Yollf task ivill be to circle tbe letter'(s) of the correct ansu'er(s) in the boxes belou,.Please note that iri this Iaskboth anyrers may bg correcl. Howe\rer, there is al-ways at least one con'ect answer. This means )/ou might have to circle one or trvoletters.First, you u,ill have some time to study the task, and then r,ve u,ill play the u,holerecolding in one piece.Then, after a short pallse, you rvil1 hear the recording again. but this time u,ervrll play the text in shorter sections to give 1,ou enough time to rvrite doun youranswers.

    At the end, you r,r,ill have some lrore time to check your rr,ork,There rs an example (0) atthe beginning.

    0. As a ehild, Sidney Clark,{) spent Sunday afternoons watching airplanes.B) wantcd to bc a pilot.

    When he started to take lessons in flying,A) he was 16 years old.E) his parents paid for the first ten lessons.

    Filots have to


    .A) speak English.B) understand dill'

    Professional Pilot.A) never wear gllr'B) can we?r colltir '

    In his bag, Clark :,{) some money.E) a photo of his ,


    Write her art e-tnail of .ask about hcr healtrtell her a fcw word'tcll her about a gifrpromise to show ltgive her Your best

    Begin your e-mail like

    :m I n/rr(,:

    Hi Juliet,

    t^ ^--lt@)@)l



    t[-ts ]

    t^-E I



    2. Hc had his private pilot's lieeneeA) at the age of 17.E) before hc went to eollcgc.

    At that timc, for a private pilot's,4) people had to fly 14 hours.B) cvery lesson cost $12.


    4" After college, Sidney Clark.4) eontinued flying in the military.B) deeided to gct a liccnce to fly passenger planes.

    5. Clark hasA) worked for the same airline for thirly years.B) ncver had problems finding a job because hc was black.

  • 6. Pilots have toA) speak English.B) understand different accents of Enslish.

    7, Professional pilotsA) never wear glasses.B) can wear contact lenses.

    F, S:l= In his bag, Clark always hasA) some money.B) a photo of his sons.

    \l'rite her an e-mail of about 50-60 words. Include the following points:r ask about her health and say sorry that she couldn't come:r tell her a few words about the party;r tell her about a gift you liked very much;r promise to show it to her when she gets better;r give her your best wishes.

    Begin your e-mail like this:








  • Fff,\{,,af

    ,.1 .:_ r ..::-.r-.._

    :l: ::: 1'.::.1.:: l::'1 ::: :1.:-.:1'.:



    Your English friend has sent you the following e-mail:

    Hi,Guess what! I've found t'o summer jobs that I like: one is pickingfruit on a fann, and the other involves anslvering phone calls in anoffice. The payment is the same.I really don't know which one to choose. Can you give meadvice?Bye for norv,Daniel

    Write him an e-mail of about 100-120 words and give your opinion. Include the followinopomts:. say how you like the idea of working in summer;

    give your opinion about the two jobs considering the following:r; health,!; people you work with,:- working indoors/outdoors;give advice on which one to choose.

    Begin your e-mail like this:D ri::-';.



    Hello Daniel,

    R.ead the following text abou.-rf the sentences have been re\\iite the letters (A-K) in th::rample (0) has been given I



    nvironmentally-friendly''.m the environment. Ther. t,:-r'cling, saving energy, us 'l

    Lew small changes in You, ,1ing a green li[e is 2.

    -Buy "natutal" or "orga,'Ifyou take cotton or cl-Recycle as much of yc-Switch off the lights tTurn off the running t'. -Plant a few outdoor 1r.,Take showers 8.a;,

    !r Drive less and 9.

    \ ) paper waste as pos:B ) to help clean the a.-i- ) take public transpr -D) not expensive ol c: ) buying lessF ) instead of bathsrl) when you leave 1.,H) you don't have tc :

  • -Environmentally-friendly" is a modern word 0. , action or lifestyle that does nothrm the environment. There are hundred. of *uyr to liue an,,eco-friendly',life. such as

    recycling, saving energy, using natural cleaners, or simply _

    anj reusing more.A few small changes ryday life can lead to great prot."tioo for our planet.Living a green life is

    . we can all.take the following simple changes:I Buy "naturaI" or "organic" food that was not treated,by chemicals.r Ifyou take cotton or cloth grocery bags for your shopping,r Recycle as much of your plastic, glass and l.r Switch off the lights! Turn off the running water when you brush your teeth or

    Plant a few outdoor trees 7.Take showers 8.Drive less and 9.


    paper waste as possibleto help clean the airtake public transport morenot expensive or difficultbuying lessinstead of bathswhen you leave the roomyou don't have to throw away plastic bags


  • J) wash the dishesK) saves a lot of energy






    Somebody from the casting director's offiie in London came to see me in a play.Then he asked me to come in for an audition and then a screen test. That,s how Iwas chosen.

    Yes. I read the books when I wasold copy of the book. I had writtenBarnes."

    about 8 years old. I have recently found myin the front, "This book belongs to Benjamin

    I had to do a few weeks of horse trainins. Ia day. Then I had to do a lot of swordfi-shtbattles.

    was on a horse for five or six hourstraining so I could look cool in the

    Not really. I did a lot of different sports at school but not much since then. Some-times I go to the gym or do a bit of boxins with friends.

    Probably when I had to throw myself off a cliff. That was one of the hardestthings.


  • 5.


    rt was. And very hot as well. we were firming in the middle of summer. But Ididn't complain. When I looked around, I always saw someone more uncomfort-able than me.

    Yes, in Prague, where we did the studio stuff. we went to Slovenia just for the riverscene at the end of the film.


    Well, I didn't have much time. Ifascinatins.

    explored New Zealand a little bit, which was iust

    I go to the movies, I read books, and I'm a huge music fan. I play the piano and thedrums.

    Too many to mention. I like the Beatles, the Rollingbands. But I'11 listen to anything, even,hip_hop.

    Stones and a lot of newer

    Scholastic News OnlineD-rI




    what kind of training did you have to do to prepare for the part of prince caspian?Did you shoot the film anywhere else besides New Zealand and slovenia?Was it hard to walk around in the heaw armour?

    What was the most challenging part of shooting for you?what did you do for fun when you weren't shooting? Did you have time for anythingfun?By the way, what do you do in your free time?Any favourite bands?Were you a fan of the Narnia books as a child?What do you like about reading?Are you naturally sporty?


  • ' .',',1't!riil

    ir.\ ;u I a ti')ar;i i a I ""r d""-r ti u f u

    tJ' i I I I ij u I I I li'-: tScletltttit

    -ttrtlk '''

    Scientists decicl: -

    Tire fluto w&s lltr

    Seientists loelier




    r I ii-r''It r:li

    ' : l:i' i 'I' r'

    lLi' i llllLL rr!', , ;, rlr'l


    1o choose A ot B

    ) \ras beetr g1\ert'

    First Fltrte liJlf*oureal instrurnent

    SeiLentists r iseovet the rvor:lds

    oloe t "^*

    -^*^.., Thcy boliovc the flute is

    te in Gcrmany' Thc

    "Tii;one ereateci l:tjtr.$qq ihe llonc rrtt'"'

    fft'fi"ilo 'ears

    old" ItdeveloP

    ereativitY lr s helPed


    utu tooo scholasticNews


    :" Seientisrs have novcr .:":*.u;X'r3-:"umont

    than the flute'

    '. " An international

    tcam of seienttl

    /1" The loarn found thc flu-to in the

    south of GormanY'

    3" Tho flr-rte was found in a rivcrbod'

    4. whon cy found it, thc flutc was

    in perfeet eondttron they found it.

    !t' The rc oatehcrs eouldn't play musie

    on the fluto w


    i',i ii ---


    .w teehnology lrtat '.:

    '- ^ "tlectioll ol t'

    lLrfe 5 d Jv'-


    Wirh new techtt'

    rnake Your owtr

    euts oul ]ouf uc.




    and reercate it i

    Sk'rPPing sehoc

    Piutt Yoot nns'

    i.1u1s" rnark'lf You ?r0 11oI


    Phonc Jou{ Pa1 I

  • IIeach





    Scientists took photos of the flute after they unburied it.

    Scientists decided to make a wooden copy of the flute.

    The flute was not the onry art object the scientists found at the same place.Scientists believe that early humans were quite creative.

    in an exhibition in London.


    Read this arlicle about smart machines. The headings have been removed fiom the:evt Ynrrr fccL io tn '*o+^t +L^ L^^l:--^ .- .1:ert' Your task is to match the headings to the paragraphs. write the appropriate letters

    ,-\-G) in the boxes (1-5) as in the example (0. Remernber that there is an extra letter:nat you do not need.

    Schools'.:tv technology that's coming to UK schools ls now on show--:re's a selection of what may come to your school soon:


    With new technology you don't have to wait to be 17 years old to drive. you canmake your own racing car and race it against your classmates. The new machinecuts out your design of a racing car, done on a computer, in balsa wood.

    Imagine if your printer produced a three dimensional object made of plastic. wellthat's what the 3D printer can do.You can also place a real object inside the 3D scanner, and it will copy the objectand recreate it in plastic.

    Skipping school will be impossible with this technological invention. If you don,tp_lace your fingertip on the screen during registration, lou will automatical ly get a"late" matk.If you are not in class, the school office will know in two minutes and staff willphone your parents to ask where you are.



  • =-





    :..rljfi:5r +ii$ 1i i :.|".t r.l.r s ur uJs


    The same seanners can be used in the dinner queue. After collecting your food, yonscan your fingerlip and the computer knows how much money you owe. This canbe paid later, which means you don't have to carry cash on you.

    Interactive white boards with web cams can be linked up together by video. Thismeans you could wateh a lesson talcing place in another school. If you want to studya course which isn't offered at vour school iust flnd out where it is offered and linkup.Some people think future students won't need to go to sehool at all!

    Have you ever dreamed of having all the gadgets in a recording studio? Well nowyou can, with the latest in school music equipment.It's the same quality as the equipment used by professionals but much more easy touse.

    http : //news. bbc,

    A) Fingerprint scannersB) Cashless canteensC) Press a button to answerD) 3D scanners and printersE) Video link-upsD-*aemg-ahradG) School of rock

    You are going to rea;IEXI.Choose the most aPP:the text.Write the letter of the

    , There is one examPle


    Children who live in citie'Leport has found.1.

    _-- kids were aske -

    TV for uP to four hours a d'clon't 4. =--Io schooactive 6,



    lunchtime.This is 7, =-becaus'or ill when You get older'The British Heart Foundai''alarming" and that sometl.

    O. A) that B1. A) Lots of B2. A) watched thc B3. A) when B4. A) like5. A) some6. A) for7, A) angrY




  • l i rl.,!rlr ft r'1 Itr clrr t:.;i,.r "t,,,


    Yolt are going to read an article about children. Sorne rvords are missins fi'otn thetext.choose tire most appropriate answer from rhe options (A-D) for eacir gap (1-10) inthe text.Write the lettel of the appropriate ans\\'er in the box.Tlrere rs one example (01 at the beginnin-u.

    Children Don t Exercise Enough

    -hildren who live in cities aren't getting as much exereise o. they shoulcl, a:port has found.1. kids were asked, and they said they played computcr games and z.

    . V for up to four hours a day, 3. rarely did anything active. \4any kids in citieson't 4. to sehool or don't do s. cxcrcisc in break times. Girls arc less.tlve 6.


    boys. Only about one in ten girls said they did any lcind of exercisc at,Lnchtime.. his is 7. beeause ifyou don't do enough exereise it L make you fatr rll when you get older.

    -tie British Heart Foundation, 9. carried out the study, said tho results wcre'alarming" and that something 10" be done to get kids to be acttve.



    0. ,{) that1. A) Lots of2, A) watched the3. A) when4. A) likc5. A) some6. A) for7. A) angry

    E) butE) A lotE) saw theE) becauseB) walkE) manyB) theE) worrying

    C) asC) MuehC) sawc) ifc) goC) anyC) thanC) unhappy

    D) thanD) EachD) watehedS) butD) wantD) at allD) thcnD) wonied

  • 8. A) can9. A) they10. A) should


    C) certainlyc) itC) soon



    You are golnsYottr task is toUse oniY one iThere is an exa'--

    B) is D)D)D)










    have to

    4 10

    -,i You are going to read an arlicle about a schoolboy. Some u'ords are missing fromthe text.Your task is to choose the most appropriate word from the list (A-K) for each gap(1-9) in the text. write the letter of the appropriate rvord in the box.There is one extra word that you do not need to use'There is one exatnple (0i) atthe begirming'

    "I Designed a New School'Dinner Meal"

    12-year-old Joshua won a competition to design a new school dinner meal' This iso.


    it hapPened.,,A few months 1. _I entered a competition to design a new menu for our schooldinners. I love competitions 2,


    started to think about different food and how

    to make it healthy, tasty and 3. ! I also like watching cookery plogrammes4.

    _TV so my head was full of ideas! The ingredients I chose were fish' pasta,avocado, carrots, corrr and low fat yoghurt' I love flsh so I really wanted 5' _- tobe on the menu. In school we learrr a lot 6'


    eating'Then I found out I'd won the competition and Phil the chef eame to my school7.


    my menu, It was just so exciting!Because I won the competition, I had over 50 photos taken at dinnertime' I felt like

    lrnagine that You o' -

    the kitchen floor' Is 1Some PeoPle would t'Iloor For 3.


    ri ith a dirtY floor fot'ibacteria to make YoLt 'But scientists saY th '5. five6, examf

    on a dirtY surface coll'can make You sick'The surface that Youtbe safe, go get a fresli



    film star!Phil the chef used all mYsalad. For dessert 9,

    ingrcdients and cooked the flsh served with avocado and pastawas a yogurt muffin. A11 the students loved it'"









    A)aB) aboutC) agoD) but

    E) deliciousFHrowG) ltH) on

    I) soJ) thereK) to