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Internship Report 1

Oct 28, 2014



Summer Internship Report

Organizational Study A study conducted at Facil Internet Technologies Private Limited


Prasanna B III SEMESTER, MBA 11MB8607

Guide Name NSB

Summer Internship Report

Project Report Submitted to the University of Mysore in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements of III Semester MBA Degree Examination 2011-13 NSB School of Management Studies Bangalore - 560068


Summer Internship Report

NSB School of Management Studies Bangalore-560068



This is to certify that Prasanna B student of III Semester MBA course has prepared this report entitled Organizational Study , Mysore in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of MBA Degree examination of 2011-13.

Summer Internship Report

Azam Illiyaz Placement Director

NSB School of Management Studies Bangalore-560068Date:-


The project report titled Organizational Study is submitted by Student Name under my guidance. This report is submitted to the University of Mysore in partial fulfillment of the requirement s of III semester MBA Degree examinations of 2012.


Summer Internship Report



I ,Prasanna B student of II semester MBA,NSB School of Management Studies Bangalore, hereby declare that this project Report, entitled during the year 2012 has been prepared under the valuable guidance and supervision of Prof. ,toward the fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Masters Degree in Business Administration, University of Mysore.

I further declare that this project report is a result of my own efforts and that it has not been submitted in part or in full to any other University or Institution for the award of any degree or Diploma. Place: -Bangalore Date: Prasanna B 11MB8607

Summer Internship Report


Summer Internship Report

Introduction:Organizational Study is done in order to know about the operations of an organization structure, vision , mission and services/products offered by a organization. Also organization should also cover the various departments of an organization. This is because in order to know about an organization. It helps to see how theoretical concepts are applied practically and this report also gives a significant importance to market research since the main part of focus is market research on payroll process which is also a comparative analysis. Market Research is done in order to find out the potential market for a companys product or services. This is mainly to find out whether the product or service will be able to gain a part of market share. Also market research helps the company to find out the expectations of consumer from a service. A research is done in order to acquire knowledge similarly market research is done in order to find out the consumer behavior, macro and micro environmental factors that Influence the success of a service. Generally a Research has different steps namely Identification of research problem Literature review

Summer Internship Report Specifying the purpose of research Determine specific research questions or hypotheses Data collection Analyzing and interpreting the data Reporting and evaluating research Similarly here A Study on Comparative Analysis of Market Research Payroll process is market research that helps to in order to get complete knowledge about industry structure, market potential, Consumer behavior and segments to focus on future. Generally research is based on a hypothesis. This market research is based on the hypothesis of a payroll process. . variables. There are two kinds of hypothesis namely A hypothesis is a testable statement that gives the relationship between two or more

1. Null Hypothesis 2. Alternative Hypothesis

A null hypothesis is a statement that is given to prove that there is no statistical significance between two different variables. The following is an example of null hypothesis Mr VB sees that his investment strategy produces higher average returns than simply buying and holding a stock. The null hypothesis claims that there is no difference between the two average returns, and Chuck has to believe this until he proves otherwise. Chuck sees that his investment strategy produces higher average returns than simply buying and holding a stock. The null hypothesis claims that there is no difference between the two average returns, and Chuck has to believe this until he proves otherwise.

Summer Internship Report The alternative hypothesis for the following statement is the investment strategy gives him the maximum return. Alternative hypothesis (or maintained hypothesis or research hypothesis) is the opposite of the null hypothesis. It is the main thing that is useful to conduct research. Hypothesis testing is done on the basis of both null and alternative hypothesis. market research the following is the hypothesis given Objective: To find out whether there is a market for payroll outsourcing Null Hypothesis: There is no market for Payroll Outsourcing. Alternative Hypothesis: There is market for Payroll Outsourcing. Here in this

Summer Internship Report


Summer Internship Report

Industry ProfileA company is small unit of the economy. An Industry is a combination of two or more companies. Here a simple example can be given Maruthi Udyog Limited is a company that manufactures cars. The entire Industry is known as Automobile Industry. Similarly Facil Internet Technologies is a company. It comes under the Human Resource Services Industry. The industry name itself shows the function of this industry. This industry has gained more reputation because of increasing business complexities and growth of various industries and business enterprises. There are different services offered by HR services these are mainly classified into Temporary Recruitment Permanent Recruitment

Summer Internship Report Other Segments

Temporary Recruitment consists of three different sub categories namely Professional Staffing General Staffing White Collar General Staffing Blue Collar The first category is Professional Staffing skilled professionals in the IT and Engineering. General Staffing White collar is a category which provides skilled labor On the payroll of large companies in ITES, Retail and Telecom Sectors. General Staffing Blue Collar is a category which provides employees to various Factories and plants. The following is the different players in the temporary recruitment market. Key players Team Lease Manpower Adecco Mafoi Ikya, Kelly Allegis WDC and Future Focus it is particularly for technically

The market worth of temporary recruitment is INR 172 billion which consists of professional staffing market which has a value of 59 billion INR and General Staffing which has a value of INR 113 billion .

Permanent Recruitment consists of two different categories namely

Summer Internship Report Search Recruitment Search is done in the levels of CXO and top management and recruitment is done for middle and junior level employees of an organization. The following are the key players in the search market o Egon Zehnder o Heidrick &Struggles o Russel Reynolds, o Spencer Stuart, o Korn Ferry and o Transeacrh Amrop

The following are the different players in the recruitment market

Key players: o ABC Consultants, o Mafoi And o Kelly

The market value of Search is INR 6-7 billion in Financial Year 2011 The market value of Recruitment is INR 23-25 billion in Financial Year 2011 The following are the other services that are provided by different companies in HR Services industry namely o Payroll Administration o Employee Training o Resume Writing o Back Ground Interviews and Benefit Consulting o Online Job Portals

Summer Internship Report

The other segments contribute only to a small percentage of HR Industry Growth exactly 14% of the whole industry

Summer Internship Report

14 Temporary

13 Permenant 73


Summer Internship Report

73% of Market size is occupied by Temporary Recruitment 13% of Market size is occupied by Permanent Recruitment 14% of Market size is occupied by Other Services. The majority of market size is occupied by temporary recruitment. This is because of the global economic slow down many companies wanted to have minimum bench strength in order to maintain its competitiveness.

Growth rate of HR Industry:The next thing that is to be considered while analyzing a industry is to have a idea of growth rate of the industry. Similarly here the growth of the HR services Industry is analyzed in a

brief manner. This is because the particular segment of payroll process falls under this industry. And also the analysis of the industry also helps to find the growth level along with the potential of the market.

Here in this market research this analysis of industry is much useful because the growth of an individual company depends on the growth of the entire industry. To Have a clear understanding of growth rate generally diagrams and graphs are used to depict the growth . Because symbols and pictures are much more effective in communicating results to the end users. So here a line graph which shows the growth of the industry.

Summer Internship Report250



228 100 170 202

127 50

0 FY 08 FY 09 FY 10 FY 11

Note: In this Graph the X axis denotes the financial year and the Y axis denotes the market value in Billion Indian Rupee

Summer Internship Report

The following diagram shows the market growth of HR services Industry. The market size of HR S