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International Patient Safety Goals-Souzan 23 March2009[1]

Nov 27, 2014




IPSG#1- Patient Identification Committee King Abdulaziz Medical City-Riyadh National Guard Health Affairs

Goal # 1

Identify patients correctlyJCIA Requirement:

Use at least two ways (MRN and patients full name) to identify a patient when giving medications, blood, or blood products, taking blood samples, and other specimens for clinical testing; or providing any other treatments or procedures. The patients room number cant be used to identify the patient.NGHA Relevant PoliciesAPP: QMHA-00-06APP: QMHA-00-06-10 :PATIENT IDENTIFICATION

It is the policy of NGHA to ensure that all patients are properly identified prior to any care, treatment/service provided using

Two Unique IdentifiersMedical record number and the Patients full name

Do We Often Face This??

Use the patients room and bed number for identifying patients Conduct treatment/service when the patients identification can not be verified Keep the patient without Armband. Defective or missing Armband shall be replaced immediately with new oneRemove the Armband. However, in some situations where it cant be avoided (e.g. the band is interfacing with medical test or procedure), the person removing the band must reapply it to another extremity.

Stamp the Patient Demographics on the Armband. Preprinted labels shall be printed from QuadraMed System

Ask the patient to verbalize his/her full name before rendering any treatment/service Match verbalized details to ID band In the event of death, keep the band on the patients body during transfer to the morgue Stamp Each page of patient specific documentation with the stamp which contain the Two Unique Identifiers If treatment or any procedure or service given to the wrong patient , the attending physician must be immediately notified and an OVA Report must be completed Educate Patients and Families about the patient identification process, and the importance of wearing the Identification Armband

Attach the The Two Unique Identifiers directly to:

Medications Prescriptions Inpatient orders Blood products Appointment slips Specimen labels

Emergency Settings Confirm names with patient, relative or sitter Issue and Affix the identification Armband upon patient entry to (Adult Care Unit, Critical Care Unit, Pediatric Care Unit, or Urgent Care Center) Unconscious & unidentified patients will be issued with a temporary MRN & named UNKNOWN until formally identified. Disaster patients will be issued with pre-printed registration cards with Unknown name & Temporary MRN

Inpatient Settings: The Patient Registration Technician shall issue the patients Identification Armband upon patients admission to the hospital, following initial identification of the patient The Receiving nurse in the inpatient units will affix the identification armband upon patient entry to the units

Ambulatory Care Settings:(Ambulatory Care Clinics, Adult & Peds day care units,hemodialysis, chemotherapy suites, cardiac cath, endoscopy, In-Vitro Clinic, Medical Imaging, Laboratory services)

Pre-printed Armband must be issued for all patients undergoing Specialized Diagnostic Procedures by unit assistants.

It is the responsibility of the Staff Member havinginitial contact with the patient to Affix the patients Armband before rendering any treatment or procedures.

For the newborn ID bracelets are placed on both ankles of the infant This identification is applied in the delivery area prior to separation from the mother. The mother/father or significant other should have a matching numbered-bracelet applied also at this time on their wrist for identification. The ID bracelets will be compared each time the infant is returned to mother/father or significant other

Unresponsive Patients Ask the caregiver or guardian to verbalize the patient's full name Where the health care provider "knows" the patient, one of the identifiers can be direct facial recognition (e.g. ICU), Home Healthcare Patient)

Patient Identification process is the responsibility of ALL Healthcare providers:

Nurse Physician Pharmacist Nutritionist Radiologist Physiotherapist

Right or Wrong? To correctly identify my patient, I should ask him Are you Mr. Mohammed Qahtani? I should identify my patient each time Iam giving him a medication? In the event of death, I should remove the band from the patients body during transfer to the morgue? The Identification Armband shall be applied to the patients in the IVF clinic?

Select one of the best answers?1- The staff member having initial contact with the patient shall affix the patients Identification Armband. This is applied for the following areas: a) Adult Day Care Unit, Pediatric Day Care Unit, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory b) Hematology/Oncology units c) Endoscopy d) Haemodialysis e) All of the above f) A and C only

Select one of the best answers?2- One of the TWO identifiers can be direct facial recognition with the following type of patients:a) b) c) d) e) Home Health Care Patients ICU Business Center patients All of the above a and b only