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Integrating Libraries and Electronic Publishing

Jan 24, 2016




Integrating Libraries and Electronic Publishing. The DART Project at Columbia University David Millman and Kate Wittenberg. Educational Mission. To help undergraduate students gain insight into the way in which anthropologists conduct research and draw conclusions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Integrating Libraries and Electronic PublishingThe DART Project at Columbia University

    David Millman and Kate Wittenberg

  • Educational MissionTo help undergraduate students gain insight into the way in which anthropologists conduct research and draw conclusionsImprove information literacy of undergraduate anthropology students through use of structured yet unfiltered digital resources

  • E-Publishing MissionTo develop a digital library infrastructure that will store digital resources so that they can be used in flexible waysTo catalogue digital assets embedded within complex learning tools so that they can be used for broader research and/or teaching goals

  • Case 1:The Ethnographic ImaginationThe teaching module contains a digitized selection of authors field notes and published bookStudents read both sets of materials and write about the process of transforming the notes into an ethnographyIncreasing understanding of how knowledge is created from data

  • Case 2: Intro to South Asian CultureOnline syllabus that links to catalogued digital assets (primary texts, maps, photos, video)Teacher builds class assignments around these assets (response to questions, essays on readings, and full research paper)Increasing levels of interaction with library materials throughout the semester

  • Digital Teaching Tools and Research Library ResourcesFocus on the relationship between the closed world of the classroom and teaching tools, and the open world of the WebCan students explore freely the vast array of research tools available through the Web, while still having an appropriate level of guidance concerning how to select and evaluate the sources that they find?

  • Unlimited Information as Benefit or Obstacle to LearningHow do we make information meaningful to users with diverse skills and needs?Future work will explore how to find the right balance between directed and unfiltered presentation of digital teaching and research materials in electronic publications

  • TechnologyAccommodate different styles for teaching fall 04 (South Asian History & Culture): web browser focus (syllabus navigation)spring 05 (Ethnographic Imagination): digital resource focus (primary source navigation)fall 05 (planning): considering mobile device in DL discovery & retrievalWeb services import/exportAccess managementMetadata: versions revisited

  • Syllabus web navigation

  • User Experiencecourse web sitecatalog viewslocal holdingsremoteholdings

  • Catalog View

  • Primary Source Navigation

  • Link idiom in browser

  • Navigation tool in browser

  • Primary source reference db

  • AcquisitionDART catalogDART contentlocal workflowDART facultyDigital South Asia LibraryDSAL @ U ChicagoCambridge Univ Libraryinstitutional repository(proposed)Tibetan-Himalayan DLthdl @ U of VirginiaOAIDSpaceFedoraPublishers& Archivesmapping

  • AccessDART catalogDART contentOAIMETSSakai/OKIIMS/CPbrowserhtmlJSR170library & repository environmentscollaborative & learningenvironmentsMPEG21/DIDZ39.50openURL

  • Access Managementbi-lateral Shibboleth federation with LSE

    technology ok, though evolving

    federation scalability challengesprocess documentationpolicylegal

  • Mobilefront-end assumptions

    back-end assumptions

  • VersionsLots of metadata moving around

    Identifiers back in the forefront?

    Evolution of OAI-PMH ?

  • Simple OAI record 2004-09-20T14:50:13Z cam cam:aa Interview of Professor Haimendorf by Alan Macfarlane A long interview of the many fieldwork ... Nepal DSpace at Cambridge No rights to the use of these metadata are granted except by prior agreement.

  • Exposure via OAI provenance 2004-10-08T18:50:13Z dsal dsal:hensley Gate into Taj grounds ... The University of Chicago Library No rights to the use of these...

  • Implicit Derivative 2004-10-08T18:50:13Z dsal dsal:hensley Photograph of Gate Into Taj Grounds image Hensley, Glenn S. ...

  • Explicit Derivative ... Photograph of Gate Into Taj Grounds ... This image was resized to 700 by 800 pixels, and cropped around a sketch at the corner of a notebook... org/dsal/images/hensley/ta013 2004-10-07T06:05:04Z

  • Next StepsExport to local course management system (pilot Sakai-based)Experiment with non-html tools for content viewing / navigationWider discussion of versioning issues