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Important Roles of Creativity in Multimedia of Learning Art Education

Sep 16, 2014





CHAPTER 1:INTRODUCTION21.0 Introduction21.1 Background of the Study31.2 Statement Of the Problem41.3 Research Objective41.4 Research Question51.5 Operational Definition5 1.5.1 Education5 1.5.2 Creativity6 1.5.3 Art6 1.5.4 Multimedia61.6 Limitation Of The Study71.7 Significant Of The Study7CHAPTER 2:LITERATURE REVIEW82.0 Introduction82.1 What is art?82.2 Defining creativity102.3 Elements of creativity11 2.3.1 Fluency11 2.3.2 Originality13 2.3.3 Elaboration132.4 Multimedia Software13 2.4.1 PowerPoint14 2.4.2 Prezi14 2.4.3 Flash152.5 Conceptual Framework16CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY173.0 Introduction173.1 Research Design173.2 Population and Sampling183.3 Instrumentation183.4 Data Collection203.5 Data Analysis21

CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION 1.0 IntroductionCreativity is one of the greatest qualities any of us can be blessed with. Creativity in nature of the success you build for yourself, or something that many look beyond and don't even think of as something of importance in the world of business. Although creativity is important process from learning and teaching, teachers or educators need to be more creative to share with their students and produce creative generation in the future. The purpose of art education for Lowenfeld was to develop creativity so that it could transfer to other subjects and spheres of human activity (Efland,1990)Art education is different to other ways of learning and teaching because it's about experience rather than outcomes, self awareness, imagination rather than logic and collaboration rather than competition. Although that, creativity is a way of thinking and being of finding and a new relationship between ideas or indeed of having new ideas. In art education, creativity is most often linked to the art: the arts are perceived as expression of creativity(Atherton,2011)Art also has the distinction of fostering creative self-expression and unlocking creative potential, self-discovery and productivity (Harris, 2001, p. 189). Creativity is an important roles in art education through the learning and teaching, be creative in art class can change the mood and environment in the class to be more interesting and interactive with students. He viewed the role of art education ultimately as a means for development of student's creative self-expression and not necessarily as an end in itself. Teachers and students need to be risk-taker and allow bodies of work to evolve overtime through self-directed learning because this is where true creative self-expression can be supported and valued.In new era of technology, art student should be more creative through the idea with their own speciality with using multimedia as a tool because of development multimedia in education is increased with technology. There are many advantages to art student become creative with multimedia, as example multimedia as a new subject to art student can help their improve the skill of creativity thinking and will become more interesting in art education.1.1 Background of the Study This paper is focuses on the creativity in multimedia of learning in art education, in 21th century technology was evolve in all country and Malaysia develop through technology in our economy system, industry, and also in our education system. Nowadays, we need to compete with each other because of higher competition in job opportunities and also in education in all subject also in art education. Students and teachers need to proficient using material of multimedia as a tool in their learning or teaching such as power point, flash, prezi and etc.Although that, the important thing is students and teachers need to be creative in multimedia because nowadays all people knows use multimedia in their learning or teaching such as using a power point as a tool for presentation in a class, all people knows about the basic function, and we can be more creative by explore the software for example, we can use hyperlink in our power point because it can be more easy, interesting, and comfortable. On other hands, learn and explore in other software for presentation such as prezi and sparkol can helps becoming more creative in multimedia of learning art education and then for interesting presentation, we can put an audio or video as alternative to attract audience. Thus, this paper provide an overview creativity in multimedia of learning and teaching in art education.

1.2 Statement Of the ProblemWhat is different of art student and other students? actually art student used creativity as imagination to produced an artworks, totally different with science students who always used a logic, an order and strategic in their learning, but it will become more interesting with add on some creativity.In school actually limits our creativity more than anything else because is solely focused on how well you can memorize things you will forget right after the fact, Creativity should be more concern in the classrooms, schools, communities, and society, because creativity growth is influenced by happens in classroom and beyondFurthermore, the seed of creativity live in everyone, some individual are fortunate their imagination and grown into strong creative thinking abilities, parents and teacher fostered them with creative experiences and confidence building responses to their attempts, throughout their childhood, in education it will be waste, if creativity not to be praised and used in the best way.Art students and multimedia is a new things they have to learn and actually it will help them to be more creative through art in education, because of process learning of art is more complex than other course.

1.3 Research Objective

The research objectives of this study are:i. To identify important role of creativity in multimedia of learning in art education.ii. To investigate level of student's knowledge of creative in art education.iii. To identify ways of learning used creativity and multimedia in art education.1.4 Research QuestionThe research questions of this study are:i. What is the important role of creativity in multimedia of learning in art education.ii. What is level of student's knowledge of creativity in art education.iii. What is best ways to learning used creativity and multimedia in art education.

1.5 Operational Definition 1.5.1 Education

In any subject open the students to learn and explore something new yourself in other areas and might have never considered. Education is the most important in our life, because to get a job we need education, to be knowledge and intelligent Knowledge is necessary, according to Hayes, to make an informed creative contribution in any domain. (qtd. In Lubait & Sternberg, 27) Lubart and Sternberg, creativity is needed in all career fields as a much larger investment in time, theory approach, after that education is personal investment for the future. However, there are benefit is knowledge gained, will educate us to think critically and then we can prevents from something re-inventing ideas and renew our ideas to produce new high quality work For the purpose of this study, to know the important of education is to gain a knowledge as intelligent person in the future. 1.5.2 Creativity

According to Eisner (2005), boundary pushing, inventing, boundary breaking and aesthetic organising are key features of the development of creativity. Yet the issue of creativity is multi-faceted and open to disparate and often contradictory definitions. In fact, Sternberg (2006) argues that creativity as a problem of study is large, unwieldy, and hard to grasp (3). Creativity has often been viewed as a somewhat mystical phenomenon consider the visitation of the muse or serendipitous inspiration (Haring-Smith 2006). Yet, our understanding of it has grown through systematic study over the past 50 years. For the purpose of this study, creativity is not gifted, all people can be creative if they think critically. 1.5.3 Art Human activities is diverse range of art and the products of those activities likes primarily on the visual art, art always define with painting, but is not just a painting there are so many of art likes sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media such as computer digital art. From early 17th century the term of art is always referred to any skill or called mastery and there are no different from crafts and sciences. After that, aesthetic were considerations are primary, fine arts are separated from acquired skills, such as the applied arts. For the purpose of this study, art is something we can learn and appreciate the values of their aesthetic by our basic knowledge of art, because it will be different the value from people who not understanding the real term of aesthetic of art. 1.5.4 Multimedia

Vaughan (2003) defined multimedia as presenting information through processes including but not limited to text, audio, graphics, animation, and video. In art education, need use multimedia through the subject as time based media and visual art multimedia itself because when use multimedia is more efficient and dynamic, to maintain their interest and meet their learning needs. Students can control when and how often they access content (Bruce & Hwang, 2001). In learning process it not just a textbook, such as presenting with multimedia will affect audience perception and makes thing will be more interesting in their learning like PowerPoint presentation and latest the application likes Prezi and Corel presentation with interactive and visual support. Nowadays there are so many learning material application with the online course and easy to students can access anytime and variety of settings will suitable with their interest. In 21th century, le

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