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STEFANIE LETHBRIDGE AND JARMILA MILDORF: Basics of English Studies: An introductory course for students of literary studies in English. Developed at the English departments…

Slums of Mumbai
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Mumbai's Shadow City Some call the Dharavi slum an embarassing eyesore in the middle of India's financial capital. Its residents call it home. By Mark Jacobson…

Go-Go Live by Natalie Hopkinson
Documents Go-Go Live by Natalie Hopkinson

A social history of black D.C., told through go-go, the party music that emerged in inner-city Washington in the 1970s, generating a distinct local culture and underground…

Reference Guide
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Reference Guide Raymond Hickey English Linguistics Essen University Feburary 2009 §1 1 Introductory Works The purpose of this guide is to make some recommendations for further…

Althusser-Reply to John Lewis
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310 MARXISM TODAY, OCTOBER, 1972 peoples of Indo-China to decide their own future, without foreign interference, will be ensured and so that this part of the world will achieve…

Mega-Whats 2011 Answer Key
Entertainment & Humor Mega-Whats 2011 Answer Key

The complete set of questions & answers from Mega-Whats 2011 conducted by Karnataka Quiz Association on December 11, 2011.

Model Curriculumn Guide
Documents Model Curriculumn Guide

Contacts Karachi HEAD OFFICE/DISTRIBUTION CENTRE: No. 38, Sector 15, Korangi Industrial Area, P.O. Box No. 8214, Karachi-74900, Pakistan. UAN: 111 693673 (111 OXFORD). Tel.:…

AP World History Curriculum Framework
Documents AP World History Curriculum Framework

Ap World History Curriculum Framework 88 Key Concept 6.3.IV. C. Believers developed new forms of spirituality and chose to emphasize particular aspects of practice within…