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May 13, 2015


thanks to Compfight i have found excellent pictures for my slide show.

  • 1.Stop Drunk Driving it will save lives By: Andre Smith Friday, October 11, 13

2. Hook/Attention grabber: August 16,2013 in Portola Valley, California it was a fatal party bus crash near the sanford campus after the police arrived one man was dead and the driver was missing with no witnessess around. The bus struck a tree then rolled down an embankment as they found the driver he was either unable or unwilling to communicate what happened after the investigation the driver was faced with three felonies, hit-and-run, DUI, and manslaughter. "" Hook/Attention grabber: August 23,2013 in Toms River, New jersey. The owner of the restarant Tiffany's for giving alcohol to three visibly intoxicated patrons the owner has to give up the alcohol license because this was not the rst time in 2010 of may a woman was killed when the car she was riding struck a pole after drinking at the bar for 90 minutes and 3 months after that another woman was drinking there for 3 hours and died when her car collied with a bus. Friday, October 11, 13 3. . The big Idea:The parents need to form an alliance on drunk driving in order to keep any other innocent kids or teens and adults out of harm and this alliance will be all the families that have lost loved ones and families that do not want anything to happen to their loved ones they work together and they travel across the world spreading the word that drunk driving needs to stop and to get more to join the alliance to make it strong and strong. Friday, October 11, 13 4. . What's in it for your audience? This topic is very serious it is not a joke it has been to many innocent people being killed because a driver thinks they are ok to drive home after having a few drinks. It only takes a few drinks,that can be your loved one's looking at speeding head lights maybe you and it is still people with DUI's doing the same dumb stuff they did to get their self in that mess andfamilies that think it is not enough being done with drunk driving so neighbors call neighbors and friends call friends they all get together in a community to talk to people that are tired of the drunk driving issue looking to gather as much help to raise money to travel to spread the word and as they get more and more known for what they are trying to do. Friday, October 11, 13 5. . The audience should listen to me because I lost a friend to this drunk driving it was hard to see her face in the newspaper and on the news it brought heartache to the ones that she was so close too. She went to college, had a job, and a good head on her shoulders and it was all taken away just like that. Friday, October 11, 13 6. . Many lives can be saved if we put a stop to all this, if you are at the bar and you see someone to drunk and the person has keys and is ready to walk out the door tell the bartender or the manager to make sure they do not leave with out some one picking them up or call them a cab because it seems like bars do not do that enough. Friday, October 11, 13 7. . The three main points that will support your big idea: let the bartenders or mangers know to watch out for an intoxicated person. 1) call someone to come get the person and take them home.2) help start a stop drunk driving support group and help spread it needs to stop across the world.) Friday, October 11, 13 8. - Be cautious at all times, watch you surroundings when you are on the road driving if you see something wrong call the police Friday, October 11, 13 9. If you are at a party with friends and your friend is drunk and he or she is the driver take the key's and call a cab because they will try to convince you that they are ok to drive and they really are not and if you let the drive and you get caught you better hope you do not get caught. Friday, October 11, 13 10. My friend was at the bar in Annapolis she was under age and the bar did not card her she got on a motorcycle with someone that was drinking they crashed the site was to gruesome to put every detail on the news. Friday, October 11, 13 11. After her death happened just like that i would be the smart person and call a cab or a family member to come pick you up from where there is a lot of drinking going on. Friday, October 11, 13 12. In 2010, there were more than 10,000 fatalities from drunk driving(Drunk Driving Fatalities- National Statistics) Friday, October 11, 13 13. I know a boy that I graduated with was injured in a car crash his leg was crushed and the others in the car had minor injuries and this is because of Drunk driving. Friday, October 11, 13 14. The boy I know is still in the hospital because they are trying to save his leg from being cut off because he thought he was good to drive after drinking a little. Friday, October 11, 13 15. It was two other people in the car and both of them did not have sense to stop him from driving now they are ok but he is not and it could have been a lot worse. Friday, October 11, 13 16. There were no lives taken that day but it could have been their lives taken because none of them did not think they would get into that accident. Friday, October 11, 13 17. Now almost every weekend in Annapolis police sets up check points because it has gotten to the point where it is out of control so if you drink and you drive you better hope you do not run into a police check point because you are going to jail for the risk of your self and others. Friday, October 11, 13 18. . Not drinking and driving can help save lives 1.) it will keep you from injuring or killing someone 2.) it will keep you out of jail for manslaughter 3.) control your ways to drink and drive. Friday, October 11, 13 19. together we can stop drunk driving by helping each other because we are the ones that are killing each other and injuring each other this would not happen if we stop the drunk driving. Friday, October 11, 13 20. Telling people today that drunk driving needs to stop is serious to many people have lost their life because of carelessness and because they thought nothing was going to happen to them if they drive home or anywhere drunk Friday, October 11, 13

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