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I profile to apply a job

Nov 22, 2014



iProfile to Apply a Job

  • 1. iProfile to Apply a Job
  • 2. When looking for a job you use a CV, but is the traditional CV really effective ?
  • 3. After you post or email your CV it is difficult to know whether a recruiter received it, liked it or put it forward to any jobs.
  • 4. It is also impossible to change the information once you have sent the CV. Therefore, the information held by the recruiters quickly goes out of date.
  • 5. You may spend hours to craft a beautiful looking CV. Sometimes your effort is in vain as the recruiters turn the information into data that their IT systems can read. Critical details can be lost in the process.
  • 6. iProfile can give you a better way to apply for jobs. Its an online CV that one can set up for free.
  • 7. You can either create a new CV or upload your existing CV which is then automatically converted. You have to build it once and there is no fear of losing it.
  • 8. With an iProfile there is no need to post or email CV to recruiters. You need to share web link with trusted recruiter and they will connect with you.
  • 9. You can update it while looking for a new job, when you do something great at work or when you cleared a training course.
  • 10. Tagging your iProfile with key skills or experiences can help match you to right openings more easily.
  • 11. You can control who can look at your iProfile; track how many jobs you are shortlisted for; check competition when applying for a job.
  • 12. You can block or remove access any time when you are no longer looking for a job.
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