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How to make boring presentation interesting :)

May 13, 2015



  • 1.How To Make Boring Presentations Interesting For The Audience By: Sidra Liaqat Anam Talat Mirza Ambreen Parvaiz Sidra Shakoor

2. All the Worlds a Stage William Shakespeare 3. Introduction Good Communication Skills How To Make A Boring Presentation Interesting Steps Towards An Interesting Presentation Examples Of Certain Famous Presenters Of The World Conclusion 4. Presentation??? It is practice of showing and explaining any specific topic to audience Presentations are done in business world, teaching professions, technical fields, political forums, for entertainment etc Presentation must have a clear and focused purpose 5. Audience 6. Importance Of An Audience They are the listeners They are important in achievement of presentational goals Knowing any audience Judge the audience Present according to the audience 7. Presenter 8. Who is a Presenter??? A presenter, or host, is a person or organization responsible for running a public event He makes use of postures, gestures and have voice control during his presentation through which people gain the information or knowledge regarding it 9. GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS 10. Effective Communication Ineffective Communication Good Communication Skills Are Needed For A Good Communication 11. Elements Of Communication Message Clarity Know Your Audience Express The Key Points Assess Your Medium 12. Channel Structure Consistency Medium 13. Relevant Communication Verbal And Nonverbal Techniques Communication Model 14. LISTENING 15. Maintaining Congruent Nonverbal Communication 16. Professional 17. FEEDBACK IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF COMMUNICATION 18. HOW TO MAKE BORING PRESENTATIONS INTERESTING FOR THE AUDIENCE 19. There are only two kinds of presentations in the entire world: interesting or boring T. J. Walker Boring Presentations are Formal 20. Interesting Presentations are Informal & Unpompous Inspiring the audience is TOTALLY TECHNICAL 21. STEPS TOWARDS AN INTERESTING PRESENTATION- CERTAIN TACTICS & TECHNIQUES 22. Make Mesmerizing Slides!!! Use Eye-Catching Images & Backgrounds. 23. Tell The Audience What You Are Going To Tell Them In Your Talk 24. Select A Topic That Interests Your AudienceCan You Tell The Doctors How To Operate A TV By Opening It Up??? Duh!! 25. Speak Less Than The Time Allotted 26. Give Breaks During Long Presentations 27. Emphasize Key Words 28. Use Numbers, And Emphasize Them 29. Remind Your Audience Of The Benefits Of What You Just Told Them!!! 30. Add Some Emotion Or Humor To Your Talk 31. Tell a story that interests your audience Say these words: You, Your 32. Do Something Unexpected 33. Give People Brain Food 34. USE THE 9 Ps Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance of the Person Putting on the Presentation 35. Ask questions designed to get a verbal response Ask for a show of hands in response to your questions Give them an outline before the presentation 36. Handle Your Nerves 37. Project Your Voice 38. Speeches Are About Stories Slow Down Have A Welcoming And Open Gesture 39. Eye Contact 40. QUALITIES OF GOOD PRESENTERS 41. Confident 42. Passionate 43. Provides A Clear, Simple Content In The Presentation 44. His Visuals Compliment His Words 45. Provides A Clear, Memorable Message 46. Promotes Action Or Reaction From The Audience 47. EXAMPLES OF LIFETIME PRESENTERS OF THE WORLD 48. MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH 49. Man of a great personality Persuasive and impressive personality Perfect posture Always welcomed his audience Credible leader all over the world. 50. STEVE JOBS 51. Best presenter in the world No bullet points Breaks up Dress well Less words in slides Practice Used zippy words 52. SETH GODIN 53. Key message Link back and repeat your key message at every opportunity Use evidence Ensure you link each example to the point youre making Examples for each point 54. CONCLUSION 55. Types Of Presentations Basic Components Of The Presentation Communication Skills Tactics To Be Followed To Give An Interesting Presentation