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History of computers

Jan 24, 2015





  • 1. Abacus - calculation toolAbacus was invented in between 1000 BC - 500 BC inMesopotamia and China. An abacus is a calculation tool,constructed as a wooden frame with beads sliding onwires. The first abacus was based on a flat stonecovered with sand or dust. Words and letters weredrawn in the sand, eventually numbers were added andpebbles used to aid calculations.

2. Antikythera mechanism The Antikytheramechanism is anancient mechanicalanalog computerdesigned to calculateastronomicalpositions. 150-100 BC The device is about33 cm (13 in) high,17 cm (6.7 in) wide,and 9 cm (3.5 in)thick, made of bronzeand originallymounted in a woodenframe. 3. 1801: punched card technology 4. 1820s Charles Babbage1820s CharlesBabbage, in Englandmade a "differenceengine". 5. Yr 1939 - 1946 Dr. Howard Aiken ofHarvard completedthe basic plans for asequential, digital,electromechanicalcomputer - Fatherof all moderncomputers 6. ENIAC The Worlds First Electronic Computer 1949 - 1952 7. Electronic Numeric IntegratedAutomatic Computer - ENIACweighed nearly 30tons and occupied It was the major15,000 square feetinstrument for theof floor space. computation of allcontained more than ballistic tables for19,000 vacuum the U.S. Army andtubes which wereAir Forceused to perform5,000 additions persecond 8. BINAC 9. EDVAC 10. Altair-8800b-MITS- 1974 first marketed Computer 11. Thank You