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The History of Computers By: Chandler Jones The History of Computers

The History of Computers By: Chandler Jones The History of Computers.

Dec 24, 2015




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  • The History of Computers By: Chandler Jones The History of Computers
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  • 1939 Bill H ewlett and David P ackard founded the Hewlett- Packard company in a California garage. Their first product was HP 200A Audio Oscillator. This became hugely popular and helpful for engineers. It also became popular for Walt Disney in making their special effects for their movie Fantasia.
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  • 1946 ENIAC was a machine built by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert. They created it 1,000 times better by creating plug board and switches, inside of the input and output creating lights, cards, switches and plugs. This process took over 3 years!
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  • 1957 The Engineering Research Association group was created by Bill Norris that was presented as brand new corporation. Later it released its new model the 1604 computer.
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  • 1963 Flecker and Harris program TRADIC was invented in a AT&T Bell Laboratory. It became the first fully transistorized computer.
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  • 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen collaborated to create the licensed BASIC as the software language for Altair. The same year Ed Roberts invented the 8800 which was sold for $297 or $395. From then on they called it the personal computer
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  • 1986 The University of Colorado researchers created the all-optical computer which was capable of being programmed and of manipulating instructions inside.
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  • 1994 Yahoo was founded by Stanford graduates, Jerry Yang and David Filo. Yahoo was originally supposed to be called Jerrys Guide to the world wide web. It was originally operated on two machines Akebono and Konishiki which was named after a famous sumo wrestler. From then on it became the most popular search engine of its time!
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