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Green packet-wimax-modem-case studies-2012

Nov 30, 2014



a collection of Green Packet's case studies for the modems used in various scenarios and countries, leading to the success of the wimax service providers there.

  • 1. Foreword ContentsBroadband deployment is a centralpreoccupation of most, if not all, Building A Successful 4G WiMAX Visioncountries. Mobile broadband plays 4G WiMAX Portfolio Building Blocks for Successa signicant role in realizing thevision of a connected society in Communicating 4G WiMAX Success Storieswhich people have timely access Packet One Networks (P1), Malaysiato other people, information and How Adopting Quality Performance Helped P1sservices they desire. Next Stage of GrowthThe mobile Internet is rapidly Qubee, Bangladeshevolving and users today demand Delivering Broadband Internet to the Massesfast next-generation mobilebroadband services. The Maximali, Georgiaemergence of 4G standards have Finding a Niche in Small-Medium Businessesbecome the development trend of vividwireless, Australiathe whole telecom industry. Embracing MultiplayInnovation is the essence forconstant progress. Swift Networks, Africa Fast Tracking 4G in NigeriaGreenpacket is a leading innovatorproviding both 4G devices and Telemax, MongoliaSmart Connectivity Solutions. Over 4G Data and Internet Risingthe past 3 years, Greenpacket has wi-tribe, Pakistancollaborated with over 40 Delivering Better Broadband Experienceoperators providing mobile WiMAXdevices and 35 operators onsoftware solutions globally. Duringthe evolution process, we have Greenpackets Global Deploymentcome to understand the goals,needs and challenges ourcustomers are facing and tosupply innovative solutions that t Enabling Successful &them individually. Meaningful ConnectivityIn this edition, we will share Software Solution Portfoliostories of how Greenpacket workshand-in-hand with operators in Communicating Software Solutions Success Storiesdelivering innovative 4G products PCCW, Hong Kongand software solutions that brought Converging 3G and Wi-Fi; Best in Service and Connectionbusiness success to the operators.This booklet is segmented into Time Warner Cable, USA2 sections that highlight Unifying Mobile Broadband Access in a Single,Greenpackets portfolio of 4G Easy-to-Use Interfacedevices and Smart ConnectivitySolution success cases. By sharingthese signicant achievements,we believe that our portfolio will Behind Every Successcreate a value to you for future About Greenpacketcollaborations. Awards & Accolades Contact Us
  • 2. 4G WiMAX Device Portfolio Portable USB Indoor Outdoor Details Simple Wi-Fi High Gain Simple Multi-Port Simple Simple Pocket USB USB USB IAD IAD Outdoor Modem Router Modem Modem Modem Modem Modem 2.3GHz 2.4GHz Frequency 2.5GHz 3.5GHz Wideband Support Personal Broadband Shared Broadband Usage Home Networking SME Networking Enterprise Networking Urban Coverage Suburban Recommendation Rural Data Service Voice USB 2.0 Wi-Fi Connectivity Ethernet POTS 25dBm - 28dBm Tx Power* 23dBm - 24dBm 14dBm 14dBi Antenna Gain 5dBi 2dBi Series Name Pocket Modem WN Shuttle UT Tower DV OX* Tx Power stated does not include diversity gain. Diversity gain of 2dBi is conventionally observed across all Greenpackets products & subject to eld environment. Please refer to individual Greenpacket product brochures for details. Subject to eld environment variation of +-1.5dBm.Building Blocks for SuccessCompetitive Advantage of GreenpacketTechnology Expertise Wideband Support IEEE 802.16e (Mobile WiMAX) Wave 2 Standard One device to access W iMAX in the 2.3GHz to compliance. 2.7GHz or 3.3GHz to 3.8GHz frequency range. Advanced antenna technology implementation (MIMO, High Transmission Power Beamforming) for exceptional performance. Above industry average high transmission power to Strong strategic alliances & IOT track record with major combat technological uplink performance limitations WiMAX ecosystem players, including Huawei, ZTE, resulting in greater range performance, reduced Motorola/NSN, Samsung, Purewave, Airspan, Alvarion, network re-connects and dropped packets for a Alcatel-Lucent, Mediatek, GCT, Beceem and Sequans. consistent service coverage. Plug n PlayHigh Antenna Gain Instant Internet connection minus the complication. Advanced antenna design with higher antenna gain, radiates and receives WiMAX signals from any direction Stylish Design for great exibility in modem placement. Strong aesthetic values to appeal to style conscious users.
  • 3. vividwireless, AustraliaEmbracing MultiplayThe Tower modem cleverly combines WiMAX and Wi-Fi in one, allowing users to share broadbandconnection on-premise. Its stylish design will help us increase user adoption. Martin Mercer Chief Executive Officer vividwireless vividwireless Challenges with Fast, Affordable 4G Broadband vividwireless launched its wireless broadband services during a period of rapidly growing demand, stimulated initially by the iPhone and the iPad, and subsequently by the growing number of Android smartphones and pads. The scramble to sign up these new broadband accounts has seen a rapid fall in data plan charges across the country. Operators are now seeking to provide more services to improve protability and share in what has become a competitive market, with Telstra, Optus and VHA all claiming 98% or better population coverage with 3G networks. How can vividwireless win market share from the ISPs and 3G/3.5G incumbents? Low entry price plans and product bundling are insufcient to sustain long term growth. vividwireless must distinguish itself through a strategic service and product positioning in the market, monetizing multimedia rich content and VoIP services. It is, in fact, well placed to do so, being a wholly owned subsidiary of Seven Group Holdings Limited.
  • 4. A key differentiator in the market proposition, performance, is highly dependent onthe target market sector and infrastructure investment. vividwireless WiMAXnetwork has currently the most advanced technology, offering superior performanceto all the other 3G networks. The performance of vividwireless network launched inPerth in March, 2010 has been excellent, with smaller networks launched inmetropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra & Brisbane.vividwireless business objectives are rooted in delivering exceptional customerexperience & service quality, with better and faster wireless services at valuebased price points. WiMAX technology has an advantage in its time to market,without the complexity of pits and pipes, xed DSL services or cell site build-out(in 3G with spectrum constraints). Being able to take your service with you toanother location within the coverage area (nomadic services), is a greatadvantage against DSL and HFC services in homes and ofces. vividwireless hasalso been creative in offering customers the ability to run multiple devices on theone account, instead of requiring separate broadband accounts for home, ofce,kids and mobile needs. vividwireless pty ltd was incorporated in 2009 and has ofces in Sydney and Perth, Australia. vividw