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By Chloe White, Tori O'Mara & Jake Phillips CONVECTIONS OF SOAP OPERAS
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  • 1. CONVECTIONS OF SOAP OPERAS By Chloe White, Tori OMara & Jake Phillips

2. GENREIn Soaps there are various genres that directors try to get across to the audience. Here are some for example: Romance, Thriller, Conflict, Love, Sexuality, Fights.The genre of a scene chosen chooses whats going to happen in a episode. The whole episode is chosen around the genre. By Chloe White 3. CONVENTIONS OF SOAP OPERAS I think the biggest audience for soap operas is women aged 20-40 mainly because the time they are shown and the storylines that the use. These early radio series were broadcast in weekday daytime slots, usually fivedays a week, when most listeners would be housewives this was to target the right sort of audience they are trying to attract.By Tori OMara 4. REPRESENTATIONSRepresentations are used to stereotype and countertype. Gossip is used tocreate conflict, based in real life but with more tragedy. They have a range of characters to get a wider audience. The name of the soap will help with theconnotations of its themes, lifestyles and conflicts.By Jake Phillips 5. Based around The whole soap will be19-25 year based around uni and theolds (Chloe) clubbing scene (Tori)The soap will be set in a All of the characters will bestudent village. (Jake) interlinked (Jake)Our new soapidea. All of our story lines will be The soap will alsocontroversial including: Gay be based around relationships, sexual exams (Tori)harassment, jealous twins, heartbreak and murder. (Chloe) 6. MAIN CHARACTERS Simon Bird-LucasLacey turner- Steph (bitchy) (geek)Brooke Vincent-Georgie Porter- Lucy (Promiscuous)Jess (Lesbian) Channing Tatenum The veronicas- Courtney and Chase (Hot guy)Charmaine (twins) 7. Plot for our soap operaSteph (is in a relationship with Chase) goes to the club with Chase andthey meet up with the other main characters. They all start drinking andLucy takes advantage of Chase and starts kissing him passionately.Although Steph is looking on from the corner with the twins she decidesto get revenge by kissing Lucus. Then Jess sees the jealous kiss andpunches Steph which breaks out into a fight, that ends up as a streetbrawl. This continues down the street back into their houses.