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Gamification presenation

Nov 29, 2014


Social Media

Gamification presentation by Ashley Sprain and Cheyenne Sexton from Penn State's Social Media boot camp. #PSUsocialpros

  • 1. Ashley Sprain and Cheyenne Sexton
  • 2. What is Gamification? [gay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn] Engage and motivate Turns extrinsic rewards to intrinsic rewards Game mechanics include: Points Levels Challenges Leaderboards Gifts
  • 3. Gamification Campaign by Kohls
  • 4. You dont have to be a gamer! Gamification only works if content is compelling enough to engage members repeatedly, consistently and with the right frequency. How? o provide real time rewards o encourage participation and competition o create leaderboards Results? o Increase member motivation o Happier when working hard, doing meaningful and rewarding work o Quick feedback
  • 5. What do you want?
  • 6. Gamification Elements: Proof! Mobile app: Proof! Download and compete against others to win challenges Document it with PROOF!
  • 7. Proof!
  • 8. Proof!
  • 9. Team up: Set a goal to team up with a restaurant to create awareness, increase donations or interact with your members. To do list: Create and send out to do list to your members that they can share around. Tips: Add informational tips about the organization and link you website to the tip. Gain insight: Link with other social platforms and see how your members interact with the organization.
  • 10. Gamification Elements: Badges Badges, Mayor and points allow you to see who is most interactive and completing their goals. The person with most goals receives badges. Digital tokens that appear as icons to award individuals and signify accomplishments such as completion of a project, mastery of skill or marks of experience.
  • 11. Gamification Ashley Sprain Cheyenne Sexton @ashleysprain [email protected] @CheyenneNSexton [email protected]