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Fundraising and the internet - PERRY STYLE

Jun 19, 2015




hi guys

  • 1. TRADITIONAL FUNDRAISING Tangible expression of anorganizations mission Supporters donate time,money and talent Helps NPOs drive revenue,create awareness andacquire new supporters

2. MAKE A WISH FUNDRAISING 1. Adopt -A-Wish 2. Kids for Wish Kids 3. Third Party Events 4. Items for Sale 3. UNICEF FUNDRAISING 1. Team UNICEF at theScotiabank Marathon 2. Trek to Machu Picchu,Peru 3. National UNICEF Day(October 31) 4. LIMITATIONS TO TRADITIONAL FUNDRAISING High costs Resource intensive Time consuming Lack of creativity & innovation Limited reach 5. FUNDRAISING & THE INTERNET- BENEFITS Extends reach No restrictions Personalization Donors- Payment methods & frequency CHEAP! Fast results 6. FUNDRAISING & THE INTERNET: WEBSITES Everything in one place! Convenient & easy to use Innovative/Personalized Reach Cheap means of promotion! 7. FUNDRAISING & THE INTERNET: SOCIAL MEDIA Reach Cheap Connect with donors/individuals on a dynamic level Build a network of supporters 8. TRADITIONAL FUNDRAISING 9. TRADITIONAL FUNDRAISING 10. TRADITIONAL FUNDRAISING 11. TRADITIONAL FUNDRAISING 12. HOLD ON! Need to engage Need to give yoursupporters a reason to stay! Dont just ask for money! Need to persuade them onWHY they need to care andsupport you 13. Now its time for YOU to put your agent skills to the test!

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