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Freddie krueger

Mar 19, 2017



Freddie Krueger

Freddy KruegerBy: Courtney House

The Making OfFreddys mom, Amanda Krueger, was raped by the insane criminals she cared for in an asylum.9 months later. ITS A BOY!!Because of the way he was brought into the world, his mother hated him.

ChildhoodBorn Frederick Charles Krueger, he was placed in foster care.Freddy was moved from one home to another throughout his childhood. Hatred was all he knew. He was constantly ridiculed for his brutal conception. This was the start of his killing. His first victims were animals, later, his stepfather after suffering from many years of abuse.

AdulthoodLater in life, Freddy finally returned to his hometown of Springwood.He became angered by the picture perfect scenery he saw there, and started plotting his revengeFreddy gets a job maintaining the boilers in an old steam-plant, Freddy settles down and has a happy family of his own!

Happy FamilyFreddy got married and had a little family of his own in his hometown of Springwood.Though during his happy marriage he continued to plot revenge upon life itself. During his marriage and plotting, he constructed his infamous bladed gloves; made from four razor sharp blades.

His Weapon of Choice

The Serial KillerFreddy became known as the Springwood Slasher, as no one knew his true identity.He kidnapped and murdered 23 children between 1975 and 1977.

His Downfall...His wife eventually discovered the bladed glove and multiple newspaper clippings of the Springwood Slasher.

His wife reassured him she wouldnt go to the police about what she knew.

Despite her reassurance, Freddy would go on to kill her, in front of his horrified daughter.

Busted!Soon after the murder of his wife, Freddy was caught and charged with the murders of his wife and the 23 other children.During the arrest, police officers forgot to read Freddy his rights, and was unexpectedly released on a technicality.

His Great LossAfter seeing that he is a danger and a threat, the courts decided to place his daughter in an orphanage, forced to live the same kind of childhood he had.

The VigilantesAfter Freddys release, the parents of the children who had been murdered took the law into their own hands. The parents followed him to the place where he took his victims.They doused the building with gasoline and set it on fire with Freddy still inside.

The MonsterFreddy died that day in the fire.Though his soul was so corrupt, it lived on.Freddy was promised eternal life in the world of dreams.Freddy took revenge on the parents by stalking their other children through their dreams.

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