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Four Dragons in mesopotamian legends

Jul 31, 2015




1. Dragons in mesopotamianLegendsHere Im going to talk about four dragons whoappear in some mesopotamian legends. 2. Tiamat Tiamat is a dragon who symbolizes the ocean water , thebeginning of the life with the god Apsu who symbolizessweet water .It has got two figures; an snake or a dragon,with two or four limbs, wings and horns. The legend of Tiamat says that from her (whosymbolizes the chao) were created the sky, the land andafter that with Apsus help the first gods.But the legendtells us that this gods broke the peace and their mother,Tiamat, was worried about them. One of her children killed her.When she was dying shecry and with her tears the Tigris and Euphrates riverswere created. 3. SIRRUSH It is a dragon who takes care Isthar portal.He hasgot an snake body , re-covered with hardsflakes,with six legs( four cats legs and two birdslegs), and his head has got a forked tongue and anstraight horn. 4. HUMBABA It is a dragon who spits fire by mouth , and it wassent by the storm god, Elil, to terrorise humans andget revenge on humans because they disobeyedElil. 5. Azhi dahak It was created by an evil and destructivespirit,Ahriman, to challenge the supreme god,Ormuz. Azhi Dahak had two figures: a dragon and asnake who flies in the sky and who had got threeheads.He was created to destroy humanity withpain and dead . The fire god fought against him until locked himinside a mountain.But before that Azhi Dahakhad already killed half of the humanity.