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Food etiquette around the world

Nov 29, 2021




People around the world have developed unique traditions of table manners and dining etiquette. Much like any other form of etiquette, it’s incredibly important to respect and follow these customs when you’re travelling abroad. Dining abroad can often make people feel uneasy, with the host of unfamiliar rules and foods. Here are some extremely specific do’s and don’ts from around the world that you should brush up on before you travel. 

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Anyone who's ever had a great-aunt smacking at their elbows for resting them on the dinner table knows just how important etiquette can be. Our etiquette — and the reasons behind it — are so ingrained in us that we might not think twice about it, but head to any one of a number of countries and you'll find some different and often baffling bits of dining etiquette.