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Fighting for Independence WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE. WARM UP

Jan 21, 2016



War for Independence

Fighting for Independence War for IndependenceWarm Up After the lesson, students will be able to List in chronological order the major battles of the Revolutionary War Describe the events and outcome of each major battle of the Revolutionary War. Map out the British and Colonial routes Notes on most important battles Objectives Complete Time Line events Complete map of Battles Follow directions given to you in the packet. Pick out 2 colors representing the Continental Army and the British Army. (Example: Red: Continental Army Blue: British Army) Todays Goals April 19, 1775 1st battle in the American Revolution 700 British soldiers sent to destroy military supplies in Concord. Met 70 armed militia met at Lexington. Pushed to Concord. Continental Army got supplies out before they reached Concord. Americans Won

Battle of Lexington and ConcordMay 10, 1775 Meets in Philadelphia PA Took powers of central govt. Voted to ask the colonies for Supplies Named George Washington commander-in-chief

Second Continental CongressJune 17,1775 British Attacked American Troops. Do not shoot until you see the whites of their eyes Americans turned back the British 2 times before running out of ammunition British Won. Battle of Bunker HillDecember 26, 1776George Washington crossed the DelawareSurprised drunk Hessians on December 26th Killed & captured over 1,000 men in 45 minutes. Victory for Americans. Battle of Trenton General Howe brought British forces from Nova Scotia to Long Island. British won and took control of NYC Battle of Long Island Written by Thomas Jefferson Signed July 4, 1776

Declaration of IndependenceOctober 1776 Howe overwhelmed the continental army in NY and easily took control of NYC. British Occupy nYC October 1777General Burgoyne defeated by American forces by General Horatio Gates Win got France to ally with the Americans. Battle of Saratoga Winter 1777-1778 Fell at Battle of Brandywine and Germantown

British Occupy Philadelphia Winter 1778 Harsh winter for Washingtons menReading on Winter at Valley Forge Winter at Valley Forge1778 French Money, Soldiers, and naval power Essential to American Victory Alliance with France1779 General Bernardo de Galvez Ship supplies Defeated British at Baton Rouge Made British divert troopsSpain Enters War May, 1780 6 week siege Americans Surrendered

Siege of Charleston1780Attempted to turn over Fort at West Point to the BritishMessage was intercepted Benedict Arnolds Treason French blocked entrance at Chesapeake Bay French and British battle in Chesapeake Bay Oct 1781 French fleet prevented British from rescuing Cornwallis Surrounded on all sides at Yorktown and under bombardmentsCornwallis Surrenders Siege of Yorktown/Cornwallis SurrendersTreaty of paris What do you think was the most significant battle in helping Americans win the war? Cool Down

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