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FIFA World Cup 1998

Dec 30, 2015



FIFA World Cup 1998. By: Haya Abu Issa. FIFA World Cup 1998. Choose a FIFA World Cup Competition to research and communicate when and where the competition was held. Communicate this in your introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

FIFA World Cup 1998

FIFA World Cup 1998By: Haya Abu Issa

FIFA World Cup 1998Choose a FIFA World Cup Competition to research and communicate when and where the competition was held. Communicate this in your introduction.FIFA World Cup 1998 was held in France. It was the 16th FIFA world cup. It was from 10th June 1998 to 12th July 1998. There were 32 teams, and 64 matches in total.

The Final GameWho were the finalists, who won, include the score. The final was between France and Brazil. France won with a good amount of goals. The final score was 3-0 for France. They didnt get to the point where they play penalty shots.

The FinalWhat was the scoring sequence and who scored?

In the final, France won against Brazil. The score was 3-0. 2 goals were scored in the first half of the game. Zidane scored in the 27th minute of the game. It was a corner, a player passed the ball to him above the head, and he scored a header. Then he scored again in the 45th minute, the last minute of the first half. It was also a corner. A player passed it too far, then the defender shot it out. So they had another corner, a player shot it high, and Zidane jumped to it and gave it a header and it went into the goal. Right before the game ended, in the 90th minute, Petit scored a goal. A player attacked the defender, then passed it to Petit because he was open, then the goal keeper ran up to Petit and Petit shot it to the left of the goal keeper into the goal.

Last goal of the CompetitionChoose 1 of the goals and describe using Football terminology the sequence of play leading up to the goal.

The last goal was really nice. A player got the ball from behind the middle line, ran about 30 meters to just in front of the middle line, passed it to an open player that was right between the middle line and the goal, to the side of the field, and passed it in front of Petit. There was a player marking Petit, but he made a great run and took a shot and scored it.

Heres a link to a video of all the goals in the final match:

The DefendersWhat could the defense have done to more effectively try and stop the goal being scored?The defenders could have helped stop the ball if they were closer to the goal. Also only two defenders were in the box, and they were next to each other, and they ran in at the same time as the attacker did. Which means that there were no defenders in the penalty box before Petit ran in with the ball.

AttackersUsing the same scoring sequence what individual skills have been used by the attacking team? The attacking team did very well passing the ball to open players. The player that passed it to Petit to score had no choice but pass it to Petit because there was no other attacker there to help him, and Petit had 2 defenders marking him, so it was quite a lucky goal. Next time they should have another attacker to help Petit incase he needed it.

Off the BallWas there any movement off the ball by other attackers to draw defenders away from the goal scorer? If yes what happened and what was the effect of this?There was off the ball movements by the attacking team. Petit had two players on him and he ran really fast and took the ball. The player that passed the ball to Petit tried finding space so that the defenders dont attack him so that he is able to give Petit a perfect pass.