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Brazil Fifa World Cup

Jan 15, 2015





  • 1. Brazil FIFA World Cup Business Opportunities

2. Introduction

  • The FIFA World Cup has become the driver for infrastructural changes around the world.
  • This event is about more than four weeks of soccer, it is also about the impact that it will have on all business sectors, pre- and post the event.

3. Important

  • The financial benefits to Brazil will be significant, yet difficult to quantify.
  • Media coverage has and will expose Brazil to the world with the consequential benefits of incalculable tourist spend.

4. Business Opportunities

  • Plenty of opportunities will arise for many sectors, which will lead to significant profits to be made.
  • The upcoming years will offer amazing possibilities for all the citizens of Brazil and will allow us to leave a legacy for our future generations.

5. Business Opportunities Accomodation

  • There will be a great need for accommodation and there are two ways to get involved:
    • The Official Route
      • Benefit: you will get access to the visiting tourists via FIFA websites.
    • The Unofficial Route:
      • Benefit: higher rates and commission.

6. Business Opportunities Food & Drink

  • There will be a huge demand for food & drink
    • Probability 04 weeks of World Cup:
      • Sausages - 3.5 million.
      • Beer - 3.4 million liters.

7. Business Opportunities Security

  • Security is a vital part of the World Cup and therefore creates a great demand.
  • In the Germany World Cup there were over 25 000 media and VIP's, many of whom will want a bodyguard to assist them while they are in Brazil.

8. Business Opportunities Logistic & Transport

  • The World Cup will be under severe strain to move goods around on a daily basis.
  • Careful planning for the movement of people and goods will be necessary with storage planning in order to get goods in place before the world cup starts.

9. Business Opportunities Language

  • In Germany they were able to provide various people who could speak up to 45 different languages.
  • With that in mind, anyone who can speak other languages should be able to make themselves a good income during the world cup.

10. Business Opportunities Human Resources

  • This world cup will provide Brazilian companies with a wonderful opportunity to create great team spirit within their businesses.
  • It might also necessitate the upgrading of skills (especially in the service industry) and a general improvement in productivity standards .

11. Business Opportunities Insurance

  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal and Public Liability
  • Insure new B&B's
  • Security of team buses
  • Cover for Stadiums, Event, Fan parks, Infrastructure.

12. Business Opportunities General

  • Brazilian gifts: Arts and Crafts
  • Entertainment: Music & Dancing
  • Waiters, Chefs
  • Brazilian style snacks, wines
  • Memorabilia: toys, city items
  • Clothes: caps, T-shirts, Jackets etc

13. Business Opportunities General

  • Cleaning materials
  • Maps, booklets
  • Football items for locals
  • Dcor for new B&Bs: carpets, curtains, furniture
  • Promotional gifts, visual branding, point of sale materials

14. Conclusion

  • We are aware that the answer to success lies in training.
  • And we need to define clear rules and strategies to forecast possible problems and obstacles.

15. Lico Reis Consultoria& Lnguas Roberto Lico Reis [email_address] E-books: Linkedin: Twitter: @licoreis