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The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place December 21, 2011

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Jan 19, 2015


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Presentation to members of the Historic Triangle Senior Services Coalition.
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  • 1. The Farley Center at Williamsburg PlaceDecember 21, 2011

2. Seniors & Substance Abuse 22 Million Americans currently sufferingwith abuse or dependence 15.7% of Users 9.2% of Population Studies show that substance abuse of allkinds is higher among baby boomers(individuals born between 1946-1964) thenthe preceding generation. 3. National Trends The percentage of adults 50 and older requiringtreatment for substance abuse will increase from4% in 1995 to 17-34% by 2020. An increase of 2.7 million older adults will beusing: Opiods Sedatives Tranquilizers & Stimulants 4. Prescription DrugsCommonly misused class of medicationBenzodiazepines typically used to treatAnxiety, insomina, agitation, seizures anmuscle spasms.Opiates morphine and codeine for painmanagement. 5. 1 in 10January, 2012 6. ADDICTION Is Not: Misunderstanding and MythJudgment/ Moral Implications ADDICTION IS: A Brain Disease 7. OVERVIEWWhat is the Farley Center at Williamsburg Place? Partial Day Hospitalization Program. (Varying length of stay with a treatmentexperience averaging as short as a few days to 12 weeks) Treat Adult Alcohol and Drug Addiction and/or Dual Diagnosis patients. (18 yrs andup) 72 bed capacity FC/WP is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of HealthcareOrganizationsWhere is the Farley Center at Williamsburg Place? Located on 10 acres outside of Historic Colonial Williamsburg, VA. (MooretownRoad) 40 minutes from Richmond Airport (International) 8. Our mission is to provide the very best possible care to patients and their families. 9. Treatment EligibilityAdults male or female, 18 + from all backgrounds who have a primarydiagnosis of addiction and/or a dual diagnosis.Including: Individuals who are entering treatment for the first time. Individuals with a history of chronic relapse. Individuals with substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatricdisorders. Individuals whose disease is complicated by physiological andpsychological problems 10. We Treat FamiliesNot Just the Addict/Alcoholic 11. Intake & AdmissionsAdmission to the Farley Center at Williamsburg Place requires thepatient to be medically stable with a willingness to be alcohol/drugfree.An admissions coordinator can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 800- 582-6066 Prior to admission to the FC/WP, each patients medical history is reviewedand approved by a member of the Medical Team. Once approved and financial arrangements are made, patients will bescheduled for admission. This process occurs in less than 24 hours. Patients can be admitted 24 hours a day/seven days a week. 12. Financial Investment The cost of addiction treatment continues to be abarrier to recovery for people struggling with thisdisease. The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place strivesto offer avenues for increased access totreatment. Our program has contracts with a series ofinsurance providers and can assist in accessingfinancing for treatment services. 13. Contracts Cigna ComPsych Blue Cross/Blue Shield Value Options Consol Energy Managed Health Network Southern Health USPHS Tricare 14. Williamsburg Place 15. Multi-Disciplinary TeamUpon admission each patient is assigned: Attending physician Case Manager 12-Step peer group 16. Treatment Services Detox & Stabilization Medical Supervision Assessment & Treatment Planning Primary Treatment Case Management Family Program Mirror Image Continuing Care Planning 17. Farley Center Program 18. Programs Offered Addiction Treatment/Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment/Chronic Pain In-Resident and Outpatient Evaluations Family Program Addicted Professionals Physicians Dentists Attorneys Pharmacists Business Executives 19. The Addicted ProfessionalFarley Center has a rich history in treating health care professionals aswell as other professionals who have sophisticated defensemechanisms that render them incapable of coping without the use ofalcohol or other drugs.We strive to blend the professional patient into a treatment settingthat minimizes the sense of uniqueness while recognizing thepatients concerns regarding their professional status, which mayinclude: Licensure Issues Career Management Professional Re-entry Problems 20. Addiction Treatment Components Individual therapy (attending physician,therapist, family counselor) Family therapy Peer Support Mirror Image Continuing Care 21. Addiction Treatment Components 12 Step Oriented Core Groups: Cognitive Behavioral therapy Therapeutic Community Women & Mens Groups Grief & Loss Trauma Relapse Prevention DBT (EMDR) Psychodrama 22. Villages of Williamsburg Place(Therapeutic Community) Semi-private accommodations in comfortabletwo bedroom apartments. Located on campus of Williamsburg Place. Four (4) patients per apartment. Daily community process groups Share and decide on responsibilities,assignments and group activities. Full time community manager. 23. Peer Groups Physicians Dentists Attorneys Pharmacists Nurses Psychologists 24. Continuing Care Planning Begins at admission- involving the referral source inconstant communication. State/legal requirements Impairment or work specific issues Evaluation of family and 12 step support Patients desires, requests and needs Return to work plan Relapse Prevention plan Identified 12 step home group and sponsor Monitoring Continued therapeutic support in step down level of care. 25. Professional EvaluationsComprehensive in-resident and outpatient evaluation services aredesigned to assist healthcare professionals in determining the need foraddiction treatment or other appropriate levels of care that may not beaddiction related. The evaluation consists of the following: Addiction Assessment Full Psychological Assessment with Neuropsychological Screening Psychiatric Evaluation Bio/Psycho/Social History Evaluation Family Evaluation Complete Medical History and Physical Examination Clinical Laboratory Profile 26. Other Resources Locally CEAGH SBIRT Program CBH IOP Program Individual Providers Sentara Behavioral Health 27. For More Information: Gina de Peralta Thorne, MSDirector of Business