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Tier 1 (Post study Work) Visa & The Future By Adrian Farley Farley & Associates.

Dec 28, 2015



  • Tier 1 (Post study Work) Visa & The FutureBy Adrian Farley Farley & Associates

  • In an attempt to encourage Overseas Students educated in the United Kingdom to apply their skills to the labour market here the previous government established a number of work schemes aimed at simplifying the application process by introducing the points based system. With a down turn in the UK Economy the recent government has systematically closed most of the schemes with the current exception of Tier 1 - Post Study Work

  • Post Study Work VisaCurrently you need a total of 95 points to be able to apply.

    75 points for your attributes

    10 points for English Language

    10 points for Maintenance

  • AttributesQualification - 20 Points. Awarded for a UK recognized Bachelors or Masters Degree, Post Graduate Certificate In Education (PGCE) or PhD.

    Institution - 20 Points. Awarded for applicants that study at a UK recognized Institution or listed body, or holds a sponsor license under Tier 4 of the points based system. Institutes can be found on the following web site

    Immigration Status - 20 Points. Awarded where individuals had leave as students, student nurses or dependents.

    Date of Award of Qualification - 15Points. Awarded for applications made within 12 Months of awarding date.

  • English language

    10 points for English language. You will automatically score 10 points for English language if you score 75 points for your attributes.

  • Maintenance (funds)

    10 points for available maintenance (funds). If you are applying from within the United Kingdom, the balance must show that you have had at least 800 in your account at all times over the last three-months prior to application. Dependants require an additional 533 to support each dependant as well as the funds needed for the main applicant. (If dependants have been in the United Kingdom for less than 12 months maintenance must be 1,600 each).

    If you are applying from outside the United Kingdom, the balance must show that you have had at least 2,800 in your account at all times over the three-month prior to application. (Documentation cannot be more the 28 days old). Dependants require an additional 1,600 to support each dependant as well as the funds needed for the main applicant.

  • Essential documents required to obtain the PSW visa are:-

    Completed Application Form Home Office fee Passport 2 Passport size photographs Police registration certificate (certain nationalities) University Degree (original) &/or letter from University confirming details of applicant, course undertaken and that qualification has been awarded. Contact details of tutor Bank statements for the last 3 months (originals)

  • Visa Processing Fees

    In Country applications. 594 by post (Approximately 4-6 weeks to receive a response). 918 for a one day service.

    Out of Country applications. 474 (Processing times will vary from country to country).

  • SwitchingOnly the following categories are permitted toswitch In Country into Tier 1(Post Study Work):

    Student; Student Nurse; Student Re-Sitting examinations; Student writing up a thesis.

    All other categories must apply from overseas.

  • The Advantages Of The Post Study Work SchemeApplication is individual generated. It enables individuals to apply for jobs without the employer needing to apply for a work permit.

    It enables the individual to obtain relevant experience within the 24 months.

    Leading to further long term employment opportunities. Switching into Tier 2 (Skilled Worker)

    Where you have worked for a Registered Tier 2 Sponsor for more than 6 months, they can issue a Sponsors certificate without the need for resident labour checks

  • What Next for Tier 1 (Post Study Work)

    Following the Government review into the Points BasedSystem that ended on 31st January 2011 it was suggestedthat up to 30% of graduates from overseas who weregranted Tier 1 (Post study Work) visas were in factemployed in low skill occupations. It was decided byMinisters.

    The scheme will be closed in April 2012

  • The Replacement of Tier 1 (Post Study Work) Visa

    The closure of Tier 1 (Post Study Work) visa is to be compensated bythe fact that any Registered Tier 2 Sponsor can allocate a Certificate ofSponsorship to any individual who has recently graduated at Under Graduate level or above from a Recognised UK University. No residentlabour market tests are required and the post on offer must be of agraduate level as described in the UK Border Agency Codes ofPractice.

    As long as the applicant is applying inside the United Kingdom theseCertificates will be unrestricted in number and will not effect theSponsors quota with the UK Border Agency.

  • Implications for StudentsUnder the new proposals any student qualifying for a UK Degree, masters or PhD can obtain sponsorship under Tier2 for graduate level posts. There are no limits on the number of Certificates at present and any Company Registered as a Sponsor under Tier 2 can issue a supporting Certificate of Sponsorship.

    In principle it is an ideal solution to allow industry to employ the brightest students in skilled positions within their sectors. In reality it is likely to take time to persuade and educate industry as to the processes and benefits.

    It is down to the Universities to educate these potentialsponsors as to how simple the process will be.

  • Attracting SponsorshipUniversities & Careers Officers need to start promoting the simplicity of the new Tier 2 (General) Unrestricted Certificates process to their business partners throughvarious mediums such as

    Graduate FairsWork ShopsInformation on web sitesOpen discussion with major employers

  • OISC registeredFarley & AssociatesUK Immigration Specialists


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