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Everyday Tips to Cope With Anxiety

Feb 09, 2017


  • Everyday Tips toCope with Anxiety

    H E R R I C K L I P T O N

  • Write it Down

    Try to figure out exactly what is making you feel anxiousand write it down in a journal. Journaling on a daily basiscan improve your mental and physical health because ithelps you define your internal thoughts and put them on


  • Limit Cafeineand Alcohol

    Alcohol and coffee can bothexacerbate the effects of

    anxiety. It doesnt mean youhave to cut out either

    entirely, but use them both inmoderation. Try not to havecaffeine in the afternoon, asthis can cause you to be uplater than normal and affect

    your sleep schedule.

  • Exercise

    We all know exercise hasmany health benefits, but itcan also dull the intensity of

    anxiety. A good exerciseregimen that includes acouple hours a week of

    moderate exercise can helpyou keep your anxiety in


  • Practice GoodBreathing

    Oftentimes when faced withstress, we will hold our

    breaths. When you feel veryanxious, take a moment to

    focus on your breathing andtake a few deep breaths. Try

    your best to bring yourattention to your breathing

    and not think about anythingelse to give your mind a quickbreak and make sure youre

    breathing properly.

  • Try Not toDwell on the


    Maybe you said or did something embarrassing or madea mistake. Try not to dwell on what has happened anddefinitely dont let it keep you from enjoying the things

    you love.

  • Everyone has experienced theoverwhelming feeling of anxiety. When

    you were in high school it may have beena big test that you stressed about the

    night before, or when you start a new job.

    The anxious feelings you have before anybig life event are felt by most people,

    however when you experience anxiety ona regular basis, steps should be taken in

    order to ease these feelings ofhelplessness and panic.

    Luckily, there are several things you cando each and every day to lessen the gripanxiety has on you and gain more control

    of your emotions.

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