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ENTERPRISE AND COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT Alaev Management as a Transferable Technology. ... Vra Bevov SMEs Growth in the ... ENTERPRISE AND COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT

Mar 12, 2018






    Campus of the Mendel University in Brno,

    Faculty of Business and Economics,

    Zemdlsk 1, Building Q, Plenary Room Q01


    Registration of participants

    9:00 - 10:00, Foyer, Building Q, Ground Floor

    Plenary session

    10:00 - 12:30, Room Q01, Building Q, Ground oor

    Welcoming Remarks: Assoc. Prof. Svatopluk Kapounek (Vice Dean, Mendel University)

    Professor Milan Sojka Award and Tom Kotrba Award:supervised by Assoc. Prof. Arnot Motyka (Dean, Mendel University)

    Keynote Address:Roman Horvth (What Type of Finance Matters for Growth? Bayesian Model Averaging Evidence)Werner Hlzl (High growth rms and economic policy: what do we know?)Gerta Mazalov (Enterprise and business environment from the consumer point of view)

    th5 March


  • Werner Hlzl is a senior economist at the Austrian institute of Economic research (WIFO) in Vienna. He holds a degree in Economics and Computer Science from the Technical University of Vienna and a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Vienna in 2004. Before joining WIFO in 2005 he was a lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. His main research interests are in the eld of industrial economics, entrepreneurship and industrial policy as well as business tendency surveys. He is scientic coordinator of the WIFO business tendency surveys. Werner has published in international journals such as Small Business Economics, Industrial and Corporate Change, Applied Economics, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics or the Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade.

    Roman Horvath is a Deputy Director and Associate Professor at the Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Previously, he worked at the Czech National Bank at various positions including Head of Research Unit and Advisor to the Board. He serves as the president of the Czech Economic Society and chief editor of Czech Journal of Economics and Finance. He published more than 50 articles in journals including Journal of International Economics, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, International Journal of Central Banking, Journal of Financial Stability, and Journal of Comparative Economics. His research interest concentrate on monetary policy, nancial stability and political economy. Economics, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics or the Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade.

    Gerta Mazalov is the president of Association of consumer protections. She is involved in the area of consumer policy more than 12 years and her mission is to help consumers and to enforce their rights. The Association of consumer protection is the largest consumer organisation in the Czech Republic which runs personal consumer counselling, provides internet and telephone consultations, solutions of consumer disputes. The Association participates on the creation of legal environment in the area of consumer protection in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and others.

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    THFRIDAY, 6 MARCH 2015

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    th6 March

    th5 March

  • Session 1: Competitive Environment and InformaticsThursday, 5th March (Q15)

    Chair of the Session: Edward Kasem

    Language: English

    Authors Paper Discussant Time

    Adam Jaboski Development of Business Models of the Enterprises Creating Cluster Networks in Poland Marian Holienka


    0 -1


    Joanna Cygler, Wodzimierz Sroka

    Coopetition Disadvantages, i.e. the Other Side of the Coin: The Case of the High Tech Companies Operating in Poland

    Marian Holienka

    Jarmila ebestov, Martin Klepek, rka emerkov,Pavel Admek

    Regional Entrepreneurship Culture and the Business Lifecycle: Patterns from the Moravian -Silesian Region

    Viera Kubikov

    Monika Krolkov, Viera Kubikov, Miroslava ukanov

    Existence of Young, High -Growing Companies, Gazelles, in the Service Sector Jan Rehak

    Jan Rehak, Anna Pilkova Regional Aspects of Inclusive Entrepreneurship of Seniors in Europe Jarmila ebestov

    Marian Holienka, Jana Holienkov, Peter Gl

    Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Students from Various Fields: Challenges for Entrepreneurship Education

    Wodzimierz Sroka

    Marian Holienka, Anna Pilkov

    Evaluating the Entrepreneurial Environment: a Comparison of Selected International Initiatives Adam Jaboski

    Coffee Break

    Andrea Iacobuta, Ion Pohoata

    Path Dependence in Romania s Transformation: Implications for Entrepreneurship Development Viktor Vojtko

    Viktor Vojtko, Ladislav Rolnek, Petra Solarov

    System Dynamics Perspective on Crises in Small and Medium Enterprises Andreea Iacobuta

    Ladislav Ba, Katarna Valenteov High-Growth Enterprises and Policy Implications Vlasta Dolealov

    Vlasta Dolealov, Darja Holtov

    Development and Education of Employees in SMEs in the Region of South Bohemia Ladislav Ba


    0 -1


    Heinz Hille Framework for Automotive Quality Management Georgy Alaev

    Jan adil, Karel Mironk, Ludmila Petkovov

    Impact of R&D Subsidies on Enterprise Performance in Czech Republic Heinz Hille

    Georgy Alaev Management as a Transferable Technology. Karel Mironk

  • Session 1: Competitive Environment and InformaticsFriday, 6th March (Department of Informatics Meeting Room, 2.52)

    Chair of the Session: David Prochzka

    Language: English

    Authors Paper Discussant TimeZdenk Motlek, Pavlna Matjov, Dana Martinoviov, Sylvie Riederov

    Inuence of Components of Net Working Capital on Performance of Companies Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment in the Czech Republic

    Edward Kasem




    Kamila Novkov, Jose-Maria Garcia-Alvarez-Coque, Raul Compes-Lopez

    Ethical Certication: Between Competitive Advantage and New Enterprises Values Rena Krninsk

    Rena Krninsk, Markta Adamov

    Globalization Trends of the New Economy and the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

    Kamila Novkov

    Pavel Kolman, Josef Holoubek

    Analysis of Maximal Temperature during Wave Soldering Process Martin Pokorn

    Lucie Jelnkov Communication Process and its Role in Performance Management System Zdenk Motlek

    Edward Kasem, Oldich Trenz, Ji Hebek, Oldich Faldk

    Key Performance Indicators Analysis for Czech Breweries Lucie Jelnkov

    Coffee Break

    Jan Pichystal, Vclav Telensk

    Collaboration of Users Creating Documents in the Application TeXonWeb Jan Turnek


    0 -1


    Jan Turnek, Oldich Trenz

    Information System for MSE Based on Provision of Enterprise Services Jan Pichystal

    Jan ika, Arnot SvobodaCustomers Opinion Mining from Extensive Amount of Textual Reviews by Windowing and Decision Trees

    Frantiek Hortai

    Frantiek HortaiLow-Cost Data Mining Application Via Unused Smartphone Devices Using Computer Vision and Relevant Data Security Issues

    Jan ika

    Petr Zach, Martin Pokorn, Ji Balej Voice Quality Estimation in Wireless Networks Tom Koubek

    Karel Zdek, David Prochzka, TomKoubek, Marcel Vyteka

    Architecture of Assistance System for Trafc Signs Inventory Petr Zach

    Martin Pokorn, Petr Zach Cost Savings with Software Dened Networks Pavel Kolman

  • Kateina Ryglov, Ida Vajnerov, rka Stojarov, Martin Proke, Eva Sklov

    Importance-Performance Analysis an the Context of Quality Management of Tourist Information Centres

    Ines Milohni

    Eva Sklov, Martin Proke, Kateina Ryglov

    E-shop as a New Distribution Channel of Wine Business Enterprises Ida Vajnerov

    tpn Kala, Kateina Kuralov, Klra Margarisov, Martin Vavrla, Lucie Vokov

    Marketing Management: Monitoring The International Environment Factors Using Global Maps

    Eva Sklov

    Venelin Terziev, Ekaterina Arabska

    Opportunities of Establishment of Destination management and marketing organizations in Bulgaria

    Stanislav Mokr

    Ida Vajnerov, Kateina Ryglov, Jakub cha, Pavel iaran

    Using the Cluster Analysis and the Principal Component Analysis in Evaluating the Quality of a Destination

    tpn Kala

    Stanislav Mokr, Ida Vajnerov, Ondej Dufek

    Czech Republic in Photographs: Quantitative Content Analysis Kateina Ryglov

    Ines Milohni Exploring Entrepreneurial Characteristics in Rural Tourism: A Case Study of Croatia Venelin Terziev


    0 -1


    Coffee Break

    Hana Pokorn, Pavel iaran, Renta Kuerov

    Modesty and Self-Esteem, a New Model for Leadership: Using In-Class Simulations to Generate Managerial Theories

    Josef Dobick

    Andrej Mentel, Pavel iaranIs it Possible to Predict Managerial Decisions under Ethically Problematic Conditions from Personality Traits?

    Bogna Kazmierska-


    Bogna Kazmierska-Jozwiak

    Dividend Bahavior of Companies - Evidence from Polish Market

    Petra Pupak Waldnerov

    Petra Pupak Waldnerov

    Network of Company Stores as a Marketing Tool Klra Margarisov

    Jan Huml, Kateina Kuralov, Ji erkasov, Pavel Kulfnek

    Inuence of Printed Leaets on Consumer Purchase Behaviour

    Ildiko Kemeny, kos Varga

    Klra Margarisov, Vclav Kala, Jan Huml, Ji