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due 11042011

Sep 19, 2014



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Account Number 521777863-00001 Invoice Number

Date Due 11/04/11 6641678624

Quick Bill SummaryKEYLINE

Sep 10 - Oct 09

/2090452602/FELICITY LEE 2216 BLUE VALLEY DR SILVER SPRING, MD 20904-5260 Previous Balance (see back for details) Payment - Thank You Balance Forward Account Charges and Credits Monthly Access Charges Verizon Wireless' Surcharges and Other Charges & Credits Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees Total Current Charges $108.80 -$108.80 $.00 $1.00 $273.28 $83.08 $15.36 $372.72

Important News About Your BillBeginning next month there will be changes to your bill. Please see the Need-To-Know Information section on the back of the bill for more details.

Total Charges Due by November 04, 2011


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VE Bill Date Account Number Invoice NumberFELICITY LEE 2216 BLUE VALLEY DR SILVER SPRING, MD 20904-5260

October 09, 2011 521777863-00001 6641678624

Total Amount Due by November 04, 2011Make check payable to Verizon Wireless. Please return this remit slip with payment. $372.72

$P.O. BOX 25505 LEHIGH VALLEY, PA 18002-5505Check here and fill out the back of this slip if your billing address has changed or you are adding or changing your email address.



6641678624010521777863000010000372720000372723NOTICE: Bank account and routing numbers will be retained to enable future payments by phone or online. To opt out, call 1-866-544-0401.

Invoice Number Account Number 6641678624 Get Minutes Used #MIN + SEND Get Data Used #DATA + SEND 521777863-00001

Date Due 11/04/11

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Get Balance #BAL + SEND

Explanation of ChargesVerizon Wireless' SurchargesVerizon Wireless' Surcharges include charges to recover or help defray costs of taxes and of governmental charges and fees imposed on us, including a Regulatory Charge (which helps defray costs of various regulatory mandates, including government number administration and license fees) and a Federal Universal Service Charge (and, if applicable, a State Universal Service Charge) to recover costs imposed on us by the government to support universal service, and may include other charges also related to our governmental costs. It also includes an Administrative Charge, which helps defray certain costs we incur, currently including (i) charges we, or our agents, pay local telephone companies for delivering calls from our customers to their customers, (ii) fees and assessments on network facilities and services, and (iii) certain costs and charges associated with proceedings related to new cell site construction. Please note that these are Verizon Wireless charges, not taxes. These charges, and what's included, are subject to change from time to time.

PaymentsPrevious BalancePayment - Thank You Payment Received 10/04/11 Total Payments

$108.80-108.80 -$108.80

Balance Forward


Account Charges and CreditsMD State 911 Surcharge Montgomery Cnty 911 Surchg Subtotal Account Monthly Access Charges Nationwide TLK&TXT Share 1400 $100.00/mo / 20 days on new plan Nationwide TLK&TXT Share 1400 (month in advance) Subtotal Total Account Charges and Credits 09/20 - 10/09 10/10 - 11/09 66.67 100.00 $166.67 $167.67 .25 .75 $1.00

Taxes, Governmental Surcharges and FeesIncludes sales, excise and other taxes and governmental surcharges and fees that we are required by law to bill customers. These taxes, surcharges and fees may change from time to time without notice.

Late Fee InformationA late payment applies for unpaid balances. The charge is the greater of $5 or 1.5% per month, or as permitted by law.

Verizon Wireless' Other Charges and CreditsIncludes charges for products and services, and credits owing.

Correspondence Address: Verizon Wireless 20 Alexander Drive PO Box 5029 Wallingford, CT 06492-2458Automatic Payment Enrollment for Account: 521777863-00001 FELICITY LEE By signing below, you authorize Verizon Wireless to electronically debit your bank account each month for the total balance due on your account. The check you send will be used to setup Automatic Payment. You will be notified each month of the date and amount of the debit 10 days in advance of the payment. I understand and accept these terms. This agreement does not alter the terms of your existing Customer Agreement. I agree that Verizon Wireless is not liable for erroneous bill statements or incorrect debits to my account. To withdraw your authorization you must call Verizon Wireless. Check with your bank for any charges. 1. Check this box. 2. Sign name in box below, as shown on the bill and date. 3. Return this slip with your check for this month's payment.

Changing your billing address for Account: 521777863-00001 FELICITY LEE Use this space or sign in to My Verizon at to change the mailing address where we send your bill. If we do not have your most recent email address, provide it below and we'll use it to tell you important information about your Verizon Wireless service. Allow 2 billing cycles for the address change to take effect. New Address City State/Zip Daytime Phone Email Evening Phone

PLACE OF PRIMARY USE (PPU)The home or business mailing address indicated to the left is for the person using the phone(s) and is the person's residential street address or primary business address ___YES ___ NO If "NO" or for multi-line accounts with more than one PPU address, please contact our Customer Service Department or visit our website to change the user's PPU address.

Invoice Number Account Number 6641678624 521777863-00001

Date Due 11/04/11

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Overview of Lines Your Account's PlanPlan from 09/10 - 09/19 Nationwide Talk FS 1400 $80.00 monthly access charge $9.99 per additional line (totaling $89.99 monthly) 1400 monthly allowance minutes $.40 per minute after allowance Plan from 09/20 - 10/09 Nationwide TLK&TXT Share 1400 $100.00 monthly access charge 1400 monthly allowance minutes $.40 per minute after allowance Unlimited Nights and Weekend Unlimited National M2M Friends & Family Unlimited calling to 10 numbers Unlimited Messaging

Breakdown of ChargesAccount Charges & Credits 240-413-0365 Felicity Lee 240-644-2210 Felicity Lee 240-888-2220 Felicity Lee 240-899-1545 Felicity Lee pg 2 pg 4 pg 7 pg 12 pg 18 $167.67 $108.76 -$31.74 $19.26 $108.77

Total Current Charges


Breakdown of MinutesPrevious Calling Plan 240-644-2210 (P) 240-888-2220 Total Minutes SharePlan Allowance - Partial Month Overage Minutes SharePlan Minutes Used 09/10-09/19 46 64 110 467 0

Breakdown of Shared UsageSharePlan Minutes Used 09/20 - 10/09 240-413-0365 240-644-2210 240-888-2220 240-899-1545 Total Used Shared Allowance Overage Total Shared Usage Charges 23 115 133 34 305 1,400 0 $.00 SharePlan Messaging Used 09/20 - 10/09 2 145 71 1,629 1,847 unlimited 0 $.00

Invoice Number Account Number 6641678624 521777863-00001

Date Due 11/04/11

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Summary for Felicity Lee: 240-413-0365

Your PlanNationwide TLK&TXT Share 1400 (see pg 3) Plan from 9/20 - 10/9 Data Package/2GB $30.00 monthly access charge 2 monthly gigabyte allowance $10.00 per GB after allowance M2M National Unlimited Unlimited monthly Mobile to Mobile UNL Night & Weekend Min Unlimited monthly OFFPEAK

ChargesMonthly Access Charges Line Access 09/20 - 10/09 $9.99/mo / 20 days on new plan Line Access 10/10 - 11/09 (month in advance) Data Package/2GB 09/20 - 10/09 $30.00/mo / 20 days on new plan Data Package/2GB 10/10 - 11/09 (month in advance) 6.66

9.99 20.00

30.00 $66.65

Usage ChargesVoice SharePlan (09/20 - 10/09) Mobile to Mobile (09/20 - 10/09) Night/Weekend Total Voice Messaging Text, Picture & Video (09/20 - 10/09) Total Messaging Data Gigabyte Usage (09/20 - 10/09) Total Data Total Usage Charges Verizon Wireless' Surcharges + Fed Universal Service Charge Regulatory Charge Administrative Charge Montgom. County Line Surcharge Other Charges and Credits Cellular Service - Activation gigabytes 2 1 --$.00 $.00 minutes Allowance 1400 (shared) Used 23 126 125 Billable ---Cost ---$.00

minutes unlimited minutes unlimited

Have more questions about your charges? Get details for all your Usage Charges at Sign into My Verizon and go to My Bill and click on Usage Details.

messages unlimited




2.45 .32 1.66 7.00 25.00 $36.43

Taxes, Governmental Surcharges and Fees + MD State Sales Tax

5.68 $5.68

Total Current Charges for 240-413-0365


+Percentage-based taxes, fees, and surcharges apply to charges for this line plus this line's share of account charges.

Invoice Number Account Number 6641678624 521777863-00001

Date Due 11/04/11

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Detail for Felicity Lee: 240-413-0365

VoiceDate 9/20 9/21 9/21 9/21 9/21 9/23 9/24 9/24 9/24 9/25 9/25 9/26 9/26 9/27 9/27 9/27 9/27 9/27 9/27 9/27 9/27 9/27 9/28 9/28 9/28 9/28 9/28 9/28 9/29 9/29 9/29 9/29 9/29 9/30 9/30 9/30 Time 10:18P 8:26A 5:51P 7:49P 8:02P 6:57P 12:13P 12:13P 6:58P 11:46A 12:56P 8:36P 8:37P 1:36P 2:30P 4:06P 4:09P 4:42P 4:43P 4:44P 7:16P 8:44P 1:48P 2:02P 2:06P 4:27P 7:15P 7:24P 6:18A 7:11A 3:47P 8:56P 10:30P 7:38A 9:08A 7:02P Number 240-899-1545 301-875-9876 614-434-9886 240-899-1545 240-899-1545 Unavailable 703-928-2528 703-928-2528 240-899-1545 703-928-2528 240-644-2210 240-644-2210 240-644-2210 301