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Dress The Mannequin

Mar 10, 2016




Spring/Summer 2014 Abu Dhabi Fashion Days Dress The Mannequin Exhibition/Auction 26-2-2014 Ghaf Art Gallery Abu Dhabi- UAE
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  • Dress The Mannequin The Auction

    Part of Abu Dhabi Fashion Days

    Curated by Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

    Supported by

    Abu Dhabi Festival

    20 Creative Emiratis recreated our miniature mannequins into masterpieces of unique

    installations translating beliefs, thoughts and ideas into reality!

    Brief: A unique concept to celebrate art and fashion in a

    manner or an angle that has not been taken before in the

    UAE. An exhibition that celebrates Emirati creativity while

    supporting the underprivileged who unfortunately were

    used for human trafficking women and children. Dress The

    Mannequin plays a vital role in enhancing the creative

    scene in the UAE and giving back to the community.

    Venue: Dress The Mannequin exhibition and auction

    was held at Ghaf Art Gallery. Abu Dhabis first

    contemporary art gallery that is known for its exquisite art


    Date: 26-2-2014

    Proceeds: 38,100Dhs were donated to support Ewa'a

    Shelters for women & children victims of human trafficking.

    Amal Murad

    Feryal Al Bastaki

    Dr. Maitha Al Hameli

    Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

    Alia Al Shamsi

    Madeyya Al Mazroei

    Wafa Al Qassemi

    Noor Shamma

    Noora Ramah

    Sumaya Al Miskari

    Roudha Al Awadhi

    Yasmine Al Khajah

    Dimah Shamma

    Eman Al Raeesi

    Aisha Al Harmoudi

    Sara Al Mazrouei

    Ameena Al Hammadi

    Jalal Luqman

    Hamdan Al Shamsi

    Saoud Al Dhaheri

  • Alia Al Shamsi My Life


    Buttons. My fashion phases in


  • Sara Al Mazrouei Roll it all in

    one. It goes back to my

    passion in mixing cultures, fabrics

    and whole eras in one dress. This

    Mini dress describes one of the

    mixtures: You will feel the 16th

    century along with the luxurious Lace that came from 15th century

    Keep your eye on the 1923 volatile

    long fringes with pointed herm in a

    dress that linked the draped skirt with

    the passion of wearing short dresses

    in the twenties, finally wrap it with an

    elegant Spanish fringed scarf which

    was hit in 1830. You rolled the world

    between your hands while staring at

    this mini dress.

  • Noora Ramah The SEVEN

    Deadly Sins


    Queen*. Being a

    human is complicated.

    Unexplained Combination of

    feelings, both positive and

    negative. Its all about our sins

    and how we can change such

    behaviors/habits into virtues.

    The Mannequin is stating the

    SEVEN sins which are: -Pride -

    Envy - Gluttony - Lust - Anger -

    Greed -Sloth, Each sin has a

    color, which is presented in the

    Mannequin through colored

    gems conveying the idea of the

    inner soul of humanity.

  • Hamdan Al Shamsi Lady in

    Red. Addressing the role of colors in our

    life especially the red

    color, which plays on

    both side of our positivity

    and negativity depending

    on the status that we are

    dressing and most of the

    time on our senses

    without being aware of it.

  • Saoud Al Dhaheri Venetian. My artwork is about

    Venetian Mask and the

    idea bad judge to

    people, The masks gave

    the wearer the

    opportunity to enjoy

    without being concerned

    about who was watching

    or judging them.

    Anonymity allowed

    people the freedom to

    interact with whom they

    wanted no matter what

    class or sex they were.

    Masks put everyone on

    the same social level.

  • Feryal Al Bastaki Thehban. The traditional dress.

  • Aisha Al Harmoudi The Mad


  • Ameena Al Hammadi Within. The concealed beauty within our

    identity. The inner flow of

    grace revealing the

    inspirational elegance of our

    identitys shadow that

    encircles our character.

  • Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

    Nested Love. Nested Love is taken from the concept of tree of life which has been used in science, religion, philosophy, and mythology. A tree of life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and

    philosophies. It alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common descent in

    the evolutionary sense. It is also known as the tree of knowledge, connecting to heaven and the underworld, and

    connecting all forms of creation.

  • Noor M. Shamma Lady

    Aurum. Inspired by a genuine

    love of couture, 'Lady

    Aurum' is the latest

    Noor M Shamma

    creative product

    adding to the growing

    Emirati art scene.

    Typically elegant in

    design, the


    showcases a striking

    dress, embroidered

    entirely by hand with

    high quality DMC

    threads and

    shimmering golden

    beads; and finished

    with an exquisite

    pearl necklace.

  • Sumaya Al Maskari Blossoming

    Bride. A Girl who blossomed into a beautiful

    earthy blossoming bride.

  • Amal Murad The Black

    Victory. The Black Victory is where innovative

    and historical fashion vision

    all set in one piece of textiles!

    As a passionate designer

    about the history of fashion, I

    have profiled many dresses

    from the Victorian and

    Edwardian eras; I thought

    that they are only fitting to

    feature some royal gowns

    and dresses from earlier

    times! But what if Abaya was

    invented during the 17th and

    18th centuries? At that time,

    women wore a dress known

    as a mantua for formal

    occasions. The mantua was

    an open-fronted silk or fine

    wool gown with a matching

    petticoat. The Black Victory is

    Amal Murads mantua of the

    21st Century.

  • Dimah Shamma La Rose

    Rouge. La Rose Rouge was

    created from delicate

    red petals wrapping the

    figure of the transparent

    mannequin, to create a

    beautiful couture dress

    that portrays a feminine

    and romantic look.

  • Madeyya Al Mazroei

  • Eman Al Raesi Lace. the aim of this design is to

    capture the beauty

    and elegance of a

    cool midsummer

    night breeze, through

    the use of a romantic

    elegant fabric such as

    lace, I chose white as

    my theme color

    because it

    symbolizes purity and

    summer, used pink

    crystals to symbolize

    a summer night stars

    and to add a touch of


  • Wafa Al Qasimi Priceless

    Treasure. Wafa Al Qasimi is a

    poet and a calligrapher.

    Inspired by her poem

    about the priceless

    beauty of the Femininity

    and the gentle tender

    quality found in a

    woman's appearance,

    manner and nature. A

    feminine woman gives

    the impression of

    softness and

    delicateness. In spite of

    her softness she can

    carry the weight of the

    earth on her shoulder.

    She has a spirit of

    sweet submission, and

    a dependency upon

    men for their care and

    protection. Nothing

    about her appears

    masculine, normal


    competence, efficiency,

    fearlessness, strength,

    or the ability to kill her

    own snakes.

  • Dr. Maitha Al Hameli Poetry of

    Harmony. When love conquers all.

  • Roudha Al Awadhi The Fierce

    Bride. The Gown of the fierce Bride tells the

    story of a glamorous lady

    who has gone through a lot

    of experiences in life. The

    fierce Brides character is

    shaped by her experiences

    resulting in a combination

    of her calmness and

    sweetness represented in

    the flowing chiffon, and her

    wild and eager side shown

    through her dazzling

    metallic pinned ornaments.

    The Dress of the fierce

    bride is a celebration of the

    Roughness and sweetness

    of a fierce brides journey in


  • Yasmine Al Khajah The Little

    Mannequin. My concept behind dressing my

    mannequin is to keep it simple

    and original. I created a dress

    using ordinary buttons, ribbons,

    sequins and zippers. From far it

    looks like an evening gown but

    once you take a closer look you

    realize its the ordinary objects

    that add or give it this glamorous


  • Jalal Luqman The


    Side of

    Beauty. The artwork

    symbolizes the not

    so beautiful side of

    fashion and beauty,

    the pain of being

    beautiful and

    accepted, the

    animals killed, the

    sweat shops that

    produce some

    fashion items

    etcyet we are

    blinded by the

    beauty that wears

    the jacket or the fur,

    we choose not to

    look at what makes

    the model thin and

    accepted as an icon

    of accepted beauty.






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