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Death Penalty

Dec 14, 2014





2. The oldest death Penalty was stoning 3. A custom still Used today inParts of India, The Middle East And Africa 4. In biblical times and During the Roman Empire crucifixion Was used against Enemies, criminals And Christians - Jesus Christ 5. Christians being fed to the lions for Roman Entertainment at the games 6. Being hung,Drawn andQuartered wasa favourite ofthe Middle Ages 7. Being burnt at the stake was the fate of witches or people of the wrong religion 8. Beheadings were Used for hundreds of years during the Middle Ages, then again by theJapanese during WW2and still in todaysworld by China 9. AnotherMedieval way to inflict death wasthe IronMaiden mostlyused in Germany 10. The French Revolution used the Guillotine on its Enemies - the rich 11. Hangings again have beenAround for over 500 years, It was also NZs last one In the 1950s and is stillUsed - Saddam Hussein 12. Blood sacrificewas used by theAztec, Incan and Mayan cultures of Central and South America 13. Firing squads were used From the late 1800s, inwar-time for deserters and still today in various partsof the world 14. The electric chair was the replacement for hanging inAmerica and wasused in the 1 st part of the 20 th century 15. 16. Lethal Injection 17. Lethal injection is the method used now In the USA with 1059 executions in the last 30 years - 1/3 of them in Texas 18. 68 countries use the death penalty around the world In 2005 94% of deaths were in China, USA, Iran and Saudi Arabia 19. 20. Amnesty wants to end the death penalty 21.