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Datalogic Industrial Automation presentation

Jan 19, 2015





  • 1. Smart moves

2. 2Datalogic at a Glance Global leader in Automatic Identification with a specificfocus on Automatic Data Capture and IndustrialAutomation markets World-class total solutions provider inretail, manufacturing, and transportation & logisticsindustries and producer of bar code readers, datacollection mobile computers and vision systems 2011 Revenues at 425.5 M Euro of which 72% in the ADCMarket and 23% in the Industrial Automation Market Founded in 1972 in Bologna, Italy and listed on the STARSegment of the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001 Over 2,400 employees Direct presence in 30 countries worldwide selling to +100countries +1,000 partners worldwide 3. 3Global Clients Global Clients More than 1,000 partners worldwide Longstanding relations with the biggest retailers, couriers and automotive manufacturers inthe world Over 400 installations of Self Shopping in Europe Over 1,000 reading stations installed in more than 100 airports worldwide 4. 4History of Growth through AcquisitionsGlobal Clients4 Copyright Datalogic 2007-20132001 2002 20052004 2008 2010 2011Established inBologna1972 1988 1997Listing on theMilan StockExchangeAcquisition ofEscort MemorySystems Inc.(CA, USA)Acquisition ofIDWare MobileComputing &Comm. (Italy)Acquisition ofMinec AB(Sweden)Acquisition ofLaservall SpA (Italy)Acquisition ofInformatics Inc.(TX, USA)Acquisition of PSC Inc.(OR, USA)Acquisition ofDatasensor SpA(Italy)Acquisition ofEvolution RoboticsRetail (CA, USA)Acquisition ofAccu-Sort SystemsInc. (PA, USA)Acquisition ofPPT Vision Inc.(MN, USA) 5. 5Our Leadership1974 1st grocery store scanner in the world1978 1st industrial bar code reader in Europe (M10)1984 1st airport application in Europe (Milano-Linate Airport, LS4100)1994 1st 360 scanner/scale (Magellan)1997 1st industrial high speed bar code reader designed for sortingapplications in the Material Handling sector with electronicauto-focus and no moving parts (DS8100)1999 1st RFID post office application in the world 6. The Four Strategic Drivers To Create ValueGlobal ClientsSTRATEGICPOSITIONINGINNOVATIONINTERNATIONALEXPANSIONEFFICIENCY ANDPRODUCTIVITY Invest 7% in R&D to launch new products and platforms Become a value-added solutions provider Focus on Vision and Imaging technologies 25% of sales from new products Strengthen development through a new Technology Platform (IP Tech) Focus on two major markets, both through organic growth and acquisitions Automatic Data Capture (ADC) Industrial Automation (IA) Expand emerging market (BRIC) presence through strategic alliancesand foreign investments Increase penetration in large mature markets in North America andWestern Europe addressing High-End products/solutions and highertechnology businesses World class performance through the global adoption of best in classSupply Chain Management Improve operational efficiency and leverage industrial global footprint Activate scale economies6 7. 7A Wide Geographical FootprintDirect presence in 30 countries worldwide7 Manufacturing Sites 10 R&D CentersEUROPE 34%ITALY 9%NORTH AMERICA 39%ROW 8%APAC 10%Note: Breakdown by area based on 2011 revenues (Datalogic + Accu-Sort Systems) 8. A Broad Local Presence22%29%23%26%EuropeItalyNorth AmericaAPAC2011 Associates % by Geographic Area19%8%1%12%54%6%Mktg & SalesG&AOtherR&DOperationsCustomerServices & Tech.Support2011 Associates % by Functional AreaOver 2,400 employees in 30 countries8 9. Relentless InnovationGlobal Clients Continuous investments in R&D provide new fuel to enhance reference market growth Focus on Vision and Imaging technologies Develop breakthrough innovation in Self Checkout and Automatic Scanning solutions Research & Development investments around 7% on sales +32 new products in 2011 A large and growing portfolio of over 1.000 patents 10 Research & Development Centers Performed two acquisitions in US, Accu-Sort Systems Inc. and PPT Vision, doubling Datalogicpresence in the Industrial Automation market, improving technology and R&D platform in theT&L solutions and Machine Vision applicationsPRODUCT INNOVATION PATENTS PORTFOLIO104129201269832172322251185621451136107 721010132404030231317 162214 131623352733 32 321998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011PRODUCT UPDATE NEW LINE OF PRODUCTSBREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION TOTAL DEVELOPMENTS264 283328 342682761 789867 885 8981,003 (*)2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011(*) including patents from acquisitions9 10. Customer Solutions in Reference MarketsGlobal Clients Copyright Datalogic 2007-2013 1010TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS HEALTHCARERETAIL MANUFACTURINGDATALOGIC + ACCU-SORT:66% IN THE ADC MARKETAND 34% IN THEINDUSTRIAL AUTOMATIONMARKET10 11. ADC Market: Datalogic Automatic Data Capture Copyright Datalogic 2007-2013 1111Source 2012 (base year 2011)MOBILE COMPUTERS#4 in EMEA, 7.6% mkt share#5 Worldwide, 4% mkt share DATALOGIC ADC PROVIDES SOLUTIONS FOR APPLICATIONS IN SEVERALSECTORS, INCLUDINGHEALTHCARE, HOSPITALITY/ENTERTAINMENT, MANUFACTURING, RETAIL, SERVICES ANDTRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICSPOS RETAIL SCANNERS#1 Worldwide, 37.4% mkt shareHANDHELD READERS#1 in EMEA, 31.6% mkt share#3 Worldwide, 17.4% mkt shareSOLUTIONSEnterprise Business SolutionsSelf Shopping Solutions#2 Worldwide, 16.5% mkt shareEvolution Robotics RetailOver 1,500 grocery stores today11 12. Complete Range of Easy-To-Use BarcodingSolutions for SMB Copyright Datalogic 2007-2013 1212 BARCODING SOLUTIONS FOR THE MILLIONS OF SMALL MEDIUM BUSINESSES INCREASINGPRODUCTIVITY AND PROFITABILITY BASED IN THE US, SERVING OVER 275 THOUSAND SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESSES12Source 2012 (base year 2011) 13. Industrial Automation13 14. 14Industrial Automation Highlights Global leader in Automatic Identification with a specific focus onTransportation & Logistics and Factory Automation verticalmarkets World-class total solutions provider of track & trace, process andquality control systems thru laser, machine vision andoptoelectronic state-of-the-art technology combined withadvanced software tools Revenues 131 M Euro in 2012 Key Partner of top Factory Automation Customers inElectronics, Healthcare, Automotive and Packaging Industries Key Partner of top Transportation & Logistics Customers inParcels, Postal, Retail, Automated Warehousing, AirportIndustries as well as of key System Integrators Over 800 employees Direct presence in 12 countries, +700 Partners worldwide 15. 15IA: Leading Player in FA and T&L1515Transportation & LogisticsFactory AutomationONE WORLD-CLASSPROVIDER OF PRODUCTSAND SOLUTIONS FORMATERIAL HANDLING,TRACK& TRACE ANDQUALITY CONTROLAutomotivePharmaceuticalFood & BeverageElectronics & SolarGeneral ManufacturingParcel & FreightsAirportsPostal & CouriersWarehousing SystemsParcel & Freights 16. 16Datalogic Positioning IA: 6% Market Share16162011 IA Available Market including Industrial Barcode Scanners, Imagers, Photoelectric Sensors, Safety Light Curtains, SmartCameras/Vision Sensors, Laser Marking and Dimensioner segments (Postal Material Handling and Integrated Solutions Groupnot included)Source (*) VDC 2012 (base year 2011) - Market Researches and Managements Best EstimateINDUSTRIAL STATIONARY SCANNERS :#1 WW 33.3% MKT SHARE#1 IN AMERICAS 43.8% MKT SHARE#2 IN EMEA 30.5% MKT SHARE 17. 17Customer Solutions in Reference Markets1717Source 2012 (base year 2011)SENSORSMACHINE VISION LASER MARKINGIDENTIFICATION SYSTEMSA wide range of cutting edge solutions helping industries streamline processes in industrial and logistics applications:more than 200 patents; hundreds of applications for the major logistics operators; exceeding 1,000 reading stationsinstalled in over 100 airports Worldwide17 Copyright Datalogic 2007-20135 BUSINESS UNITS: 5 COMPETENCE CENTERSINDUSTRIAL STATIONARY SCANNERS :#1 WW 33.3% MKT SHARE#1 IN AMERICAS 43.8% MKT SHARE#2 IN EMEA 30.5% MKT SHARE 18. 18IA: Business ModelOPERATIONSBUSOWNEDFUNCTIONS Territory Managers KAM Product SpecialistsGTMEND USERSID SENSORS VISION LASER MARKING SYSTEMSBUSALESORGMKT Product management Industry management R&D Application Engineering Technical supportWORLD WIDE SALES & MARKETINGPARTNERS, CUSTOMERS, SYSTEM INTEGRATORSNORTH AMERICA EMEA GREATER CHINA & KOREA ROW 19. 19Worldwide Market Trend: IA The Accu-Sort Systems acquisition has allowed to approach three new markets: Dimensioner, Postal MaterialHandling and Integrated Solutions Very fragmented IA industry with potential addressable markets worth $3B in the Inductive Proximity andASMV Systems Growing technology convergence (laser and vision based technology) expected to set the tone for futureinvestments Increasing demand for traceability of processes and goods as well as new regulations3.42 4.013.082011 2014EIA Available Market IA Addressable Market7.0957%43%CAGR 5,4%63%37%ASMV-SYSTEMSINDUCTIVEPROXIMITYSource (*) VDC 2012 (base year 2011) - Market Researches and Managements Best EstimateIA Global Expected GrowthIA 2014 Expected Breakdown43%17%8%6%7%9%0%3% 7%POTENTIAL ADDRESSABLE MARKETS SENSORVISION IDENTIFICATIONSAFETY LASERMARKINGDIMENSIONER INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS GROUPPOSTAL MATERIAL HANDLING 20. Sensors & Safety Business Unit20 21. 21Sensors & Safety A Photoelectric Sensor was the first product developed byDatalogic in 1972 Over 40 years of experience One of the largest manufacturers worldwide Market leader in Italy for photoelectric sensors and safety lightcurtains and ranking among the top-10 manufacturers inEurope by market share (source: VDC) Sensors and Safety Product range is focussed on solvingCustomer applications in Factory Automation, particularly inProcessing and Packaging machinery, and AutomatedMaterial Handling in all the main industries: Automotive Electronics Pharmaceutical Food & Beverage General Manufacturing 22. PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORSUNIVERSALFUNCTIONM18 TUBULAR SE