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Collaboration beyond borders

Jun 27, 2015



  • 1. Copyright 2014 Cognizant 1 Agile collaboration without borders Bestprac*ces&Lessonslearned Ovidiu Pitic Agile Center of Excellence 23 July 2014

2. Copyright 2014 Cognizant COGNIZANTOVERVIEW 20,000+Projectsin 40countries Foundedin1994 (CTSH,Nasdaq) Headquarters Teaneck,NJ 1133ac*vecustomers 54+GlobalDelivery Centers MarketCapitalOver$25billion 25+Regional salesocesRevenue $8.84Bnin2013(up20.4%YOY) $10.3Bnguidancefor2014(16.5%YOY) 171,400+ employees(December2013) RevenueMix NA:77.3%,Europe:18.0%,RoW:4.7% NO.1FORCUSTOMER SATISFACTION KPMGsurvey RANKEDAT6TH-BESTTECH CONSULTINGFIRMSTOWORKFOR VaultMagazine ForbesFastTech25 OnlyCompanyfor10years Fortune500 Rankedat#352ontheF500List ListedonNASDAQ FirstITProviderLeveragingIndia TOP 5 OF MOST ADMIRED COMPANIES Fortune Magazine 2 3. Copyright 2014 Cognizant AND PARTNERTORABOBANKSINCE2004 1OUTOF3STRATEGICPARTNERS DELIVERINGITSERVICESTOGROUPICT: APPLICATIONDELIVERY SUPPORTSERVICES BUSINESSCONSULTANCY ARCHITECTURE DELIVERINGFROM CORPORATEFUNCTIONSTO FRONTEND/ONLINESERVICESTO COREBANKINGSERVICES BASEDONDISTRIBUTEDAGILE(AMONGSTOTHERS) 3 BRINGINGONSITE/OFFSHOREDELIVERY INTHEMIX 4. Copyright 2014 Cognizant OURWORLDISCHANGING 4 5. Copyright 2014 Cognizant AGILE:BEYONDTHETEAM ANDBEYONDIT 5 INNOVATIONINAGILE 6. Copyright 2014 Cognizant DISTRIBUTIONHASEVOLVED INTHEPASTDECADES Team Team(Local) Team(Remote) Local Remote Team Solo Distributed Integrated 6 7. Copyright 2014 Cognizant 7 AGILEMEETSDISTRIBUTION 8. Copyright 2014 Cognizant CHALLENGE:TIMEZONESDIFFERENCE 8 +3.5h +6h -5h -9h!-6h 9. Copyright 2014 Cognizant CHALLENGE:LANGUAGE 9 10. Copyright 2014 Cognizant CHALLENGE:(LOCAL)CULTURE 10 ONETEAM? Our EUROPEAN colleagues THEY are always They are always WE needto s

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