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Apr 10, 2015




In this volume that honours one of the outstanding educators of present-day India, Dr P S Jacob, one finds excellent resources on Philosophy, Faith And Higher Education, written from various perspectives both national and international. Several critically important issues for us- religious, philosophical, cultural and social, are discussed by well-known authors.

Beyond B orders

C hallenging B oundaries of P hil osophy, Faith & E ducationA Festschrift Celebrating Five Decades of P S Jacobs Career in Education

Beyond B orders

Editors: G r aC E JaC o B & Pau l s o n P u l i ko t t i l

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Bangal ore, india

Beyond Borders Challenging Boundaries of Philosophy, Faith & Education A Festschrift Celebrating Five decades of P S Jacobs Career in Education

Copyright 2010 The Union Biblical Seminary Published 2010 by Primalogue Publishing Media Private Limited #32, II Cross, Hutchins Road, Bangalore, 560084, India Website: Email: [email protected]

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Interpretations and opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the editors or The Union Biblical Seminary

Dedicated to former, present and prospective students of Plamthodathil S Jacob

ContentsPreface Introductionix x

I. Philosophy and Religion1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Reflections on the academic study of religion - Paul B Courtright Humanism and Religion: The Emerging Dialogue Jesudas M Athyal Colonial Construction of Religious Identities in India: A Critique Brainerd Prince Ramanuja and Kierkegaad on the Concept of Faith (Bhakti) : A Critique Gabriel Merigala Bhakti in Maharashtra Sadanand More Tracing the Volitional Contours of the Self in the Hindu Context Varughese John

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II. Faith and Society7. 8. 9. Christianitys Contribution to Marathi Language & Literature Gangadhar Morje Pandita Ramabais Quest for Mukti: The Struggle to Be an Indian Christian Sebastian C H Kim ReVisioning God in the 21st Century: A Dalit Pentecostal Perspective V V Thomas

7981 105 119 139

10. A Christian Response to Genderbased Domestic Violence: Some Perspectives Elizabeth Leelavathi Manasseh 11. Apologetic Challenges in India C V Mathew


III. Higher Education12. ScienceLibrary Partnership Nitya Jacob and Andrea Heisel 13. Higher Education: Perceived Role, Overriding Concerns, Changing Scenario and Evolving Form K B Powar

161163 167

IV. Tributes1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Monty Barker Mani Jacob Thomas Barnabas and Satish Barnabas Yeager and Louise Hudson Mary Clark Seelye Alice Clark Reny Ninan Smriti Jacob

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he idea of doing a Festschrift for Professor P S Jacob, Jake or PS as he is also called at the Union Biblical Seminary was originally expressed by a close friend, Alice Clark when she was visiting India in 2003. Alice felt that this was long due. Jesudas Athyal, a former student of PS had some good suggestions and helped to list out possible contributors to cover the various academic contexts of PSs work and associations. At the same time, the Management Council of The Union Biblical Seminary felt the need for honouring Professor P S Jacob who has been associated with it since 1973. Dr Samson Parekh who was Principal of the Union Biblical Seminary took the initiative in materializing the idea by getting the official nod from the Governing Board in 2008. Professors Paulson Pulikottil and Grace Jacob were appointed as editors in order to bring out this volume by the end of 2009 to commemorate Professor Jacobs fifty years of teaching. We are grateful to all the writers who were related to Professor P S Jacob as students, colleagues or associates for contributing to this volume in honour of him. George Korah and his team at Primalogue deserve special thanks for taking up the publishing at a very short notice. Special thanks to the Governing Board of Union Biblical Seminary for their earnest support and to God for his sustaining grace throughout project. It is our prayer that this book which celebrates five decades of PSs teaching career beyond borders will accompany many students and scholars in their learning and teaching as PS himself continues to teach. We wish him many more years of happy teaching!

IntroductionThis volume celebrates Plamthodathil Samuel Jacobs fifty years of teaching, a lifetime achievement. Professor Jacob began his career at Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar in Maharashtra in 1959 after his MA in Psychology at the University of Pune. Dr Thomas Barnabas was the Principal of the college at that time. Earlier, he was an undergraduate student at Ahmednagar College at the invitation of Rev Dr B P Hivale, the founder principal, who stimulated his thinking, teaching interests and a wider academic outlook. Dr Manorama Barnabas, who was head of the Department of Psychology was a close academic associate, friend and counselor to him from his undergraduate days. Over the years his academic interests expanded beyond Psychology to include the fields of Education, Philosophy and Religion. As an educator, he actively contributed to a number of innovative programmes and projects which included the National Service Scheme which was pioneered at the Center for Studies in Rural Development (CSRD), Ahmednagar College in 1966. Dr S K Hulbe who was the faculty advisor of the Student Christian Movement of India (Ahmednagar chapter) and the director of the CSRD was inspirational for his involvement in social work. As a young teacher he always led his students beyond the prescriptions of the curriculum, exposing them to field study through camps, site visits and independent study projects. He also contributed to the administration of the Remedial Education Programme of the University Grants Commission (UGC) which was initiated in the 1970s at the college. He served on the UGC Standing Committee on the College Improvement in Humanities and Social Sciences Programme. He was also a resource person at the National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi and jointly authored a volume on Teaching Methodologies in Colleges. His thoughts and ideas on education are reflected in a number of academic presentations and publications in the field of Higher Education. He was associated with the growth and development of the All India



Association for Christian Higher Education and was its president from 19901993. Jacob served as the Principal of Ahmednagar College from 1982 until his retirement in 1993. All along his teaching career, he nurtured a keen interest in Philosophy. After his MA in Philosophy from the University of Pune in 1964, he proceeded as a Fulbright Scholar to teach Philosophy courses at Colby College, Waterville, Maine (USA), at the invitation of Professor John Clark who was also a Fulbright professor from the United States at Ahmednagar College. John Clark was a great inspiration for Jacobs teaching and research. He had also worked with Professor Yeager Hudson another Fulbright professor at Ahmednagar in publishing a pioneering volume of selfstudy of the college titled Profile of a College. While Jacob was on the Fulbright programme, he joined the Ecumenical Fellows Programme in Advanced Religious Studies at The Union Theological Seminary, New York in association with Columbia University New York. During this time, he was privileged to take courses offered by the famous theologian, Paul Tillich. At Columbia he also served as an instructor for the Peace Corps Volunteers who were coming to India. Interestingly, during this programme he associated with Lillian Carter the mother of President Jimmy Carter, who was a Peace Corps volunteer and they maintained communication during her volunteer work in Mumbai (then Bombay). While he was in New York in the Columbia University programme, he met V S Naravane, professor of Modern Indian Thought at the University of Pune, who encouraged him to return to India to pursue his doctoral research. His thesis titled Christian Influence in Modern Indian Thought: A study in the Philosophy of Religion was completed under the supervision of Professor S S Barlingay and was awarded the Gurudev Ranade Damle prize by the University of Pune for the best doctoral thesis in Philosophy during 19721973. He was a contributory teacher and a research guide in Philosophy at the University of Pune. In 1996, he worked with professor Barlingay in organizing the World Philosophers Meet in Pune. One of the significant contributions he made to the field is his philosophical analysis of the religious poetry of Narayan Vaman Tilak, the well known Marathi poet. Jacob returned to teach in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Colby College in 1976. During 19901991 he served as visiting professor at Columbia Theological Seminary (CTS) in Decatur, Georgia. He recalls with great pleasure his friendship and


Beyond Borders

association with the well known Old Testament scholar, Professor Walter Bruggemann at CTS. He served as visiting professor in the Department of Religion at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia during 19931994 at the invitation of professor Paul Courtright, who has been a long term friend and academic associate. During this visit he also taught courses at Agnes Scott College, Decatur and later taught full time at the college during 1995. While he was at Ahmednagar College, he was visiting professor at Jnana Deep Vidyapeeth (JDV), Pune teaching courses in experimental psychology during 19791982. His associates at the JDV included John de Marneff, the well known philosopher at the Pune University and Fr Hans Staffner. Fr Mathew Lederle