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Cold Chain Packing ® Case Study

Feb 08, 2017




    Active Container Management ServiceEnvirotainer RAP t2


    Shipper: Dublin, IrelandConsignee: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Shipment specification: 4 pallets at a total of 1650kgsLoaded into 1 x RAP t2 Envirotainer

    Temp range: +2C to +8C

    Route: Dublin (DUB) Manchester (MAN) Jeddah (JED)

    Airline Selected: Saudi Airlines

    Product: Pharma2World Active

    Shipment details


    Pharma compliant SOP put in place withall stakeholders : ColdChain Packing, Forwarder, consignee,broker, airline (SV), GHA (SACC), prior to handling shipment

    Regular conference calls with shipper build up and prepto go live date

    Meeting held Thursday 5th February 13:30hrs at forwarder officein Jeddah with all stakeholders to agree upon defined roles &responsibilities (Moderator & Project Lead: Nabil Awan)

    Shipment Handling Process


    Shipment arrived as booked :

    SV124/22 FEB 2015, MAN-JEDATD 12:00, 22 FEB 2015ATA 21:00 22 FEB 2015

    Booking Saudi Airlines Cargo


    ColdChain Packing Jeddah representative present atairport at time of arrival, contacted consignee brokerwith update of manifest entry completed by SV at 21:30hrs

    Consignee broker confirmed he will be at the airportin the morning in order to start clearance process

    Envirotainer was transferred from aircraft to thewarehouse - arriving to storage location at approx22:24hrs

    Transfer time approx 1hr 30mins



    Ambient temperature in storage location was approx 29C

    Envirotainer Alert 1/1 visible at first inspection due tolow battery (below 9.5V) level at 22:30hrs

    Envirotainer container temp reading 4.7C

    Battery Circuit A: 9.3V Battery Circuit B: 9.4V

    Inspection Upon Arrival


    Re-icing & battery change pre-ordered as a pro-activemeasure for planned re-icing & battery change upon arrival

    ColdChain Packing team on the ground prior to Envirotainerarriving into the storage area

    Re-icing & Battery change process started at approx 23:00hrs

    Re-icing & Battery Change


    Ambient temperature in storage location was approx 29C

    No alarms visible at second inspection at 23:30hrs

    Envirotainer container temp reading 3.6C

    Battery Circuit A: 11.3V Battery Circuit B: 11.3V

    Inspection After Re-icing & Battery Change


    ColdChain Packing team in constant contact withconsignee broker

    Monday 23rd Feb at 07:30hrs : Notification sent to allregarding SFDA inspection delayed till 11:00hrs

    ColdChain Packing at the airport for Envirotainerinspection and release

    No alarms visible at third inspection : 10:31hrs

    Envirotainer container temp reading 4.9C

    Battery Circuit A: 10.5V Battery Circuit B: 10.5V

    Additional Monitoring


    Consignee broker was present during SFDA inspection at14:00hrs (within the warehouse)

    Container was opened and SFDA removed 1 small sample andclosed Envirotainer immediately.

    Envirotainer was open for 2 mins and 20 secs.

    SFDA did not check temperature data loggers for thisparticular shipment

    14:45hrs SFDA confirmed release of shipment

    15:00hrs SACC transferred the Envirotainer to be positionednext to the Temperature controlled truck for offloading/loading

    SFDA & Customs Clearance


    Loading & Release Prior to loading ColdChain Packing rep check the

    temperature inside cold truck was +7 degrees Celsius.

    Cargo was exposed to ambient temperatures of approx 28Cfor 5mins and 29 seconds during loading

    After Envirotainer was offloaded, it was moved back to thebreakdown area and handed over to SACC to return to origin

    Truck was given the release by Airport Security at 15:15hrson Monday 23rd February


    A total lead time of 18 hours & 15 mins from the momentthe shipment arrived up to the point it was released

    from the airport







    Journey: DUB-MAN-RUH4 x Pallets loaded inside 1 x RAP t2 Envirotainer

    Lowest Internal: - 5.6C20/02/2015 06:15:51 PM

    Highest Internal: 9.9C20/02/2015 03:15:51 PM

    Arrival to JED Approx release from JED

    * Product release temperature -6 C

    Product release temperature - 6 C

    Temperature Reading


    Data logger readings retrieved with a positive result!

    The Shipper: Logistics Planning Director Europe, Africa & Middle East sent email onMonday 2nd March confirming successful trial shipment !!


    Hi Nabil,

    Firstly, can I just say a huge thanks and well done for expertlymonitoring our shipment through the importation process withoutthis close attention, I am certain it would have gone the same way asthe dummy shipment failure!

    Confirmation of successful trial!!

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