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The Colas Group of Companies

ColasCanada Natural Resources - Introduction

Dec 31, 2016



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  • The Colas Group of Companies

  • The Group

  • Breakdown of business at Colas in 2012

    Road construction Sales of building materials(1)


    Civil engineering,Pipes and mains

    Safety, Signaling Waterproofing Building Railways

    67% 15%


    Specialized activities

    2% 3% 5% 3% 5%

    in billions of


    (1) including sales of refined products (excluding bitumen)

  • Geographic breakdown of revenue

    2011 2012

    Mainland France North America Europe (excluding France)

    Rest of the world








  • Breakdown of Colas Worldwide Revenue

    in billions of

    in millions of

  • Worldwide Presence

  • Oil & Gas and Mining References

  • Safety: Safety is a top priority in all of the Colas companies and our targetalways remains the same, zero accidents. Subsidiaries are constantlyresearching and testing new approaches to workplace and transportationsafety and modifying their accident prevention systems using riskevaluation, action plans, safety audits, toolbox safety talks on worksites,accident root-cause analysis, inter-company safety competitions,coordination of communication and management tools, safety induction forrecently hired personnel, training courses dedicated to accident prevention,training days and awareness raising for road accident prevention.

    Safety is, and always will be, one of the utmost important aspects of the Colas culture.


  • Environment: Respecting and protecting the environment are inherent inColas responsible attitude in all aspects of our business. Colas iscommitted to being a responsible organization and we constantly look toimprove our business activities to ensure that our companies areresponsible stewards of our natural resources. Ensuring energy efficiencyand maximizing the use of recycled products is fundamental in each of oursubsidiaries, each of which have their own policies and targets that theyuphold.


  • Colas in North America

  • Group Structure in North America

  • North America -2012

    Revenue: $3.3 billion

    States, Provinces, Territories where Colas operates

  • Presence in the United States

  • Oil and Gas Examples in USA

    Pennsylvania shale gas projects infrastructure

    Colas is operating as a local contractor in the USA since 40 year and the subsidiary HRI in Pennsylvania since 1947.

    Clients: Shell, Chesapeake, Anadarko, Williams

    Services: Construction of access roads, well pads (18,000 square yards in average), water impoundments (9,5 m gallons capacity in average), water intake structures, public roadway repair and reconstruction.

    Amount: 100 m USD per year

  • Presence in Canada

    Over 120 profit Centers Over 5000 employees

  • Oil and Gas Examples in Canada

    Road works and supplies to Oil Sand projects

    Canada Colas operates in Canada for more than 50 years and is a local contractor in Alberta since 30 years.

    Clients: Shell and CNRL since 2005, Suncor since 2007, Statoil, Syncrude, Kearl, ConocoPhilips, Devon Canada, Cenovus Energy.

    Services: Airfields, pavement, underground services, site development, road works and supply of concrete, asphalt and aggregates, design build, long term maintenance contracts, public private partnerships.

  • ColasCanada

  • Our Key Activities

    The groups core business is in road construction and maintenance including:



    Roadway preservation and maintenance


    Pavement and Bridge Preservation

    Ports and Intermodal facilities

    Airport Runways

    Design Bid Build

    Design Build

    Long Term Maintenance Contracts

    Public Private Partnerships

  • Construction Services

    General Contracting and Project Management

    Roadway construction and maintenance

    Underground utilities installation and maintenance

    Granular Base Construction

    Asphalt Paving

    Soil Stabilization

    Industrial Site Services and Construction

    Signage, safety and traffic management systems

    Civil engineering structures and pipelines

    Railroad infrastructure construction, upgrading and maintenance

    Design build and design build maintain services

    Durable Road Marking (Paint and Thermoplastic)

    Recycling of Materials

  • Aggregate Supply and Delivery

    Hot Mix / Warm Mix / Cold Mix Asphalt

    Ready Mixed Concrete

    Roller Compacted Concrete

    Pre-Stressed Bridge Girders

    Liquid Asphalt Terminals

    Asphalt Emulsions

    Polymer Modified Binders

    Road Marking Materials

    Environmental Protection Products

    ColasSolutions - Specialty Products

    Construction materials and products

  • Industrial Markets we serve

    Natural Gas Producers

    Heavy Oil Producers

    SAGD Producers

    Electricity Producers

    Waste Management Facilities

    Forestry Product Producers

    Mining Producers

  • Oil & Gas and Mining References

  • Why Choose Colas as Your Partner?

  • To Reach Our Canadian Companies

    ColasCanada Inc.(Western Canada)Suite 1560 Weber Centre5555 Calgary Trail NWEdmonton, AB T6H 5P9Phone: (780) 989-1112 Fax: (780)

    ColasCanada Inc.(Eastern Canada)4984 Place de la SavaneBureau 150Montreal, QC H4P 2M9Phone: (514) 807-8282 Fax: (514)

    ColasSolutionsTMWestern RegionSuite 1560 Weber Centre5555 Calgary Trail NWEdmonton, AB T6H 5P9Phone: (780) 989-7710 Fax: (780)

    Terus Construction Ltd.#201, 5550-152 StreetSurrey, BC V3S 5J9Phone: (604) 575-3689 Fax: (604)

    Standard General Inc. Calgary9660 Enterprise WayCalgary, AB T3S 0A1Phone: (403) 255-1131 Fax: 403-212-4755

    Canadian Road Builders Inc.Suite 1540 Weber Centre5555 Calgary Trail NWEdmonton, AB T6H 5P9Phone: (780) 435-0643 Fax: (780)

    Standard General Inc. Edmonton23 Bellerose DriveSt.Albert, AB T8N 5E1Phone: (780) 459-6611 Fax: (780)

    Wapiti Gravel SuppliersBox 608 County Industrial ParkGrande Prairie, AB T8V 3A8Phone: (780) 532-1790 Fax: (780)

    E Construction Ltd.10130 21stEdmonton, AB T6P 1W7Phone: (780) 467-7701 Fax: (780)

    Sintra Inc.4984 Place de la Savane Montreal, QC H4P 2M9Phone: (514) 341-5331 Fax: (514)

    Consolidated Construction Company Ltd.Unit 100, 303 Wheeler PlaceSaskatoon, SK S7P 0A4Phone: (306) 249-9570Fax: (306) 249-3381

    ColasSolutionsTMEastern Region4984 Place de la SavaneBureau 150Montreal, QC H4P 2M9Phone: (514) 302-6960 Fax: (514)

  • If you have any question please contact:

    Darrell Stone, C.E.T.Natural Resources Manager

    ColasCanada Inc.

    (780) 989-1112(780) 910-4157