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Jan 20, 2015



Marketing and Information Technology Executive Officers when working together generate business value that equal Chief Digital Officer responsibilities.

  • 1. Presenters: Mike Fleming, M.A. and Christine Leja, CDP/CCP *

2. * *Marketing Overview *Marketing Maze (2X), Size matters (2X) *MIE and ITIE (P-D) *Gap, TGIF, Water 3. * *Why Were Here *Universal IT-access is doubling the knowledge base exponentially *Universal IT-access has inverted the business-to- consumer (B2C) relationship *Where youve been can help predict where you are headed *We hope this presentation produces dialogue and forethought 4. * *Marketing 1.0 *Kotler: Product centered and transaction based.; Downhill B2C *Product: New/Improved, New Coke, Push, Value= Quality *Price: Birth of three-tier; a function of place *Place: Sears/Catalog, 7-Eleven, Coors Mystique 5. * *Marketing 1.0 (Cont) *Promotion: *AD 4 out of 5 dentists, 1 Million Sold, Ethos/Logos *SP Free Cigarettes, Disco Night, Les Nessman *PR Born academically; one-way symmetrical model *IT Tools - Tansportables, bag-phones, SAT-FAX (Ironman/Ireland) 6. * *Information Technology *Ma Bell, Western Electric and IBM *Telecommunications and LANs (ARCnet and StarLAN) *Hardware Mainframes, Minicomputers and Personal Computers *Software *Accounting *Manufacturing MRP, MRP II and Just-In-Time (JIT) *Word Processing and Spreadsheets *Operation System - Unix *TCP/IP Standard 7. * *Marketing 2.0 *Kotler: Customer-based and relationship-oriented *Product: Mega-segmentation, Push-to-Pull, Value= Volume (Super-sized) *Price: Multi-tiered, Ultra to Dirt Cheap *Place: Catalogs/Warehouses morph into websites 8. * *Marketing 2.0 Continued *Promotion: *AD MTV-era shift to emotional appeal (pathos) *SP The emergence of strategic alliances *PR Approaching two-way symmetry *IT Tools - Laptops and cell phones 9. * *Information Technology *Internet Browsers *1990 - First Browser: WorldWideWeb (later NEXUS) *1993 - First Graphical Browser: Mosaic (later Netscape) *1995 Microsoft Internet Browser *PANs, LANs, CANs, MANs, and WANs *Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Term first used in 1990 by Gartner for software going beyond manufacturing *Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 10. * *Marketing 3.0, a.k.a. Consumerization *Kotler: Interlinked, collaborative and value-based, Even Steven! *Product: Full-Pull, e.g., postsecondary-ed *Price: Blurred versus tiered, Value= Convenience (at any price?) *Place: Campus, Online, In your PJs 11. * *Marketing 3.0, a.k.a. Consumerization *Promotion: *AD Diluted/Buyers market; low-cost (viral) options *SP MIE and freebies abound; free-trial predators *PR Level, Rebirth of WOM, New Journalism (BND) *IT Tools - Have Cell, Can Deliver 12. * *Information Technology *eCommerce *Mobile Platforms Tablets and Smartphones *Web Apps *Search Engine Optimization (SEO) *Analytics *Consumerization *Real Time Interaction 13. * *Marketing 4.0 Future-Casting *4.0: Pendulum-swing past symmetry/equilibrium? *Product: Full-Pull to Customization *Price: Groupon, eBay, Bidding Gone Wild? *Place: As You (the consumer) Like(s) It? 14. * *Marketing 4.0 Future-Casting Continued *Promotion: *AD Consumer: I only want ads about *SP Consumer: Give me extra convenience. *PR Will reflect The New Journalism *IT Tools - Pricey Advice (Samples) 15. * *IT 2012 Tools *Web Development Software *App Development Software *Cloud Services *Mobile Platform Software *Social Media *Social Networks *Blogs *Bandwidth 16. * *IT and Marketing Relationship Management *Content Management *Designing Artistic and Technical *Drawing in the Consumer *Keeping the Consumer *Surveys on What Next *Consistency of Message *Selling the Organization *Consumerization 17. * *IT Challenges *Keeping Pace with IT and Marketing *Instant Development Response Time *Minimize Maintenance *Focus on Deliverables *Real Time Deliverables *Hurdle over Constraints *Protect content, Secure Website, and Entice Online Use *Very Short Life-Cycles *Whats Next? 18. * *Social Media and Networking *Gartner 2012 Predicts: IT must coordinate activities in a much wider scope *Products ONLY Available Online *Relationship Marketing *IT to Support Customer Management Strategies *Adapt, Differentiate, and Innovate Online *Social Networking and Collaboration Services *Need Core Competencies in Talent, Risk and Analytics *Reduce Costs *Increase Customer Control 19. * *Relationship Management IT and Marketing *Where is the organization going? *What are the products and services to promote? *What are the goals and objectives? *What are the expected outcomes? *What is the marketing approach? *What IT tools will deliver the marketing approach? *What is the expected Mark-IT-ingTM value? *How do we get there in REAL TIME? 20. * *Dialogue and Forethought *How do you see the Marketing and IT partnership growing? *How will the relationship at the executive table change for Marketing? For IT? *What is the strategic value of the Marketing and IT partnership? *Your thoughts