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Characters Aslan Pegasus Simba The Lion Me Lisa The Tooth fairy Witch of the west.

Dec 28, 2015



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  • Simbarashe nyanhongo fairy Tale

  • CharactersAslanPegasusSimba The LionMeLisa The Tooth fairyWitch of the west






  • Once upon a time in a land where your wildest dreams would come true, there lived three powerful magical creatures that ruled over this land in a way that made everyone there very happy and satisfied. These were Aslan from Narnia, Pegasus from Neihm, Simba from the Congo jungle. These three had united to protect a land that had been ravaged occasionaly by the Witch of the west, this land was the land of Merna.

  • One peaceful day in the land of Neihm, the butterflies were frolicking around, the fauns were galloping down the hills, brushing the long swaying grass as the moved, all seemed to be well until.......

  • suddenly, the sky became black and all of a sudden, an evil stench filled the air. All the creatures looked up to the sky and there were stunned at what they saw. Lightning tore the sky into shreds of light and the clouds darkened by the minute. The whole land of Neihm was totally dark. All the trees shriveled and all the grass died. It was every creature for itself.

  • The great council of the leaders of Nehmn at once knew that it was the great wicked witch of the west who had come to take revenge for not being included in the leadership department of Nehmn.

  • All the animals fled to wherever they felt safe @. Nehmn now looked like a graveyard in its emptiness

  • The wicked witch, on a black broom, swooped from the sky and rounded up all the unfortunate creatures that had not managed to get away. Screams could be heard everywhere and the leaders of Nehmn knew that there was nothing that they could do.

  • It was known amongst all the magical creatures of that dimension that the power of the wicked witch was the most deadliest of all, let alone if the witch was angry. The Hehmn leaders powers combined could do little harm to the witch if any at all

  • The witch continued to sweep the land, devouring anything that was in its way. It progressed towards the castle where the leaders of Nehmn lived.

  • There was one creature in Nehmn that had the deepest knowledge of all the animals in that land. That creature had seen the creation and destruction, and the re-creation of Nehmn again. It was the Tooth fairy. The Tooth fairy was well known amongst all the creatures. Like many other fairies, it looked young but was over a couple of thousand years old.

  • The moment the sky turned black, the Tooth fairy at once knew that history was repeating itself again, and so it rushed off to the castle to the leaders.

  • The witch continued to rampage over everything that was in its way. The Tooth fairy, upon reaching the castle. Knew at once that there was no time to waste. The leaders were so happy to see the Tooth fairy. It told them the same thing that they already knew and feared greatly, that the witch could not be defeated. All hope was lost but as the Tooth fairy was old and knew almost everything, it provided them with a solution that was more dangerous and more life threatening than the witch itself.

  • It told them that there was one way, the only way that the witch could be easily defeated. It told them that long ago when the witch first came, the first rulers of Nehmn called upon the human world to help, and although they helped, they became jealous of the land and refused to go back to the human world and caused a lot of damage that the witch itself wouldnt have. But, it went on, it is the only way. It told them that a human must enter their world and face the witch cause humans are resistant to witches.

  • There was no time to argue or to suggest any more ideas. It was finalized that the tooth Tooth fairy would go to the land of humans and bring back as soon as possible a human to conquer the witch. In the mean time, the leaders of Nehmn would organize a quick army to hold back the witch. All was in the hands of the Tooth fairy.

  • Light years away in another dimension, in the human world, a certain boy was very happy. He was always happy but this day, it made all the difference in the world. He was getting his first bike, his first two-wheel bike. He would now go wherever he would like whenever he liked without anyone holding the bicycle steady for him so he would not fall, although he was way past the falling off the bike age.

  • As soon as school ended, he quickly got onto the bus and in no time at all, there were driving up his street. Everything looked so fresh and so new to him. The bus stopped and he got out. He sprang to the front door and burst into the house expecting to hear a surprise!!! but all was quiet. Confused, he climbed up the stairs and went into his parents bedroom, no one was there. Just as he thought, they had forgotten about his bike, like they always forgot anything to do with him; parents conferences at school, to pick him at the library, to prepare his breakfast and now this. With a deep heavy sigh, he pulled himself up the stairs and opened his door.

  • SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!In the room was his mom and dad together with his brother and two sisters and something shiny sparkled behind them. As they moved away slowly, he realizes that it was his bike, IT WAS HIS BIKE!!! They had actually remembered to get his bike, and it was exactly as he had imagined it. This was too much for him, he started crying and for the rest of that day, they celebrated their his new bike.

  • The next day, Dave, decided to go outside to try out his new bike. He was very excited and he wanted to venture all the woods that he had seen in the school bus, some of which his parents dared him not to go. As he cycled down the wood lane, he saw a little trail leading off into the woods.

  • Taking it, he imagined ending up at the other side of the street but he only went deeper and deeper into the forest. Then right out of the blue, a white flash of light flashed right in front of him, knocking him off his bike and sending him off to the ground and rolling on the ground twice before bumping on a tree and stopping.

  • Getting back on his feet, he noticed that he was all in one piece but a trail of blood was flowing from his mouth. It was then that he noticed that he had broke his tooth. As a little sense of fear creped into his mind, he got on his bike and sped home where him mom quickly calmed him down.

  • What had truly happened here is that the Fairy from Nehmn had made a quick transportation from Nehmn in a way that it did not really plot where on Earth is was going to land. So the flash of light was the fairy appearing on earth and it had caused Dave to fall of his bike.

  • Dave always believed in Fairies and magic so when he slept, he took his tooth and put it under his bed.

  • Between the hours of night, the fairy as all other fairies, went to collect the tooth and it was then that it realized that the boy who had the tooth was the only human that it had come across on earth. As there was no time left to look for another human, instead of just taking the tooth, the fairy woke the boy up.

  • As the boy woke up, he noticed a bright light that seemed to make him feel kind of weird. As he stood up on his bed, he noticed a very small object on his bed, it was the source of the light. He thought of running away, but the fairy quickly clamed him down. It started to explain who it was and what it wanted from him. He still didnt believe it and the fairy saw that the only way this was going to work out was to tell the boy that he was dreaming. At this the boy agreed and agreed to go with it, as it was a dream. The fairy took it's amulet, opened it and a vortex appeared and instantly, there were sucked inside.

  • The army set up by the leaders of Nehmn was weakening out really bad and there were about to give up home when the fairy appeared. Dave was told what to exactly do and as there was no time to waste, he was put under a spell to act of what he was supposed off without any doubts as this was all weird to him.

  • The sky was now a deep glowing red and the witch was only a few yards from the main castle. Dave stood right at the entrance of the gate and when the witch saw this, it stood in its tracks. So leaders of Nehmn, this is what you have decided to do, to sacrifice an innocent little boy? I thought you were going to fight like real magical creatures, but I guess you are too scared. Deal with me, you pathetic excuse for a witch, I am the one who is blocking your way, Dave replied.

  • Oh, I dont call it blocking, little boy, I merely call it entertainment.Enough of the chatter witch, let what has to be done be doneOh so I see the leaders of Nehmn have given you their personalities, thats why, why if you were your real self now, you would run back to your scummy little blue ball of filthy nice people which you call earth, well I guess I have to deal with you anyway

  • At that time, a loud thunder shook the sky and from it came a whole wave of bays of different shapes and sizes and the laughter of the witch could be clearly heard amongst the flapping of wings. At once they started progressing towards the castle and it was then that it happened.

  • Dave seeing that the party was progressing quick and fast, he opened his arms wide and the wings of Pegasus appeared on his back and with a loud scream, he shot off into the sky. The witch was quit big in figure so what David needed next was an increase in body size and the moment he thought of it, he started to feel his body stretch. In no time at all, he was Aslans size. The next thing that he needed was a powerful roar that would shake all the bats to the ground. Instantly, he felt Simbas roaring strength in his throat.

  • He opened his mouth and a surprising roar came out, reaching to all the four corners of Nehmn, making every creature even more afraid. All the bats shriveled up and dropped to the ground like acorns. Next it was the witch. On its broom, it shot a lightning bolt that he blocked very easily. It then cranked up its broom and started progressing towards him with speed so fast that it was impossible to see her. Dave could feel her pressure as she neared to him and as she was about to strike him out of the blue, he quickly opened a vortex that led to the abyss behind him that that when the witch was abut to strike, he just moved to the side and the witch shot into the abyss, with the vortex closing up behind her.

  • Suddenly, the white clouds started rolling out of the west and once again the sky was full of shining white clouds. The witch had been defeated as before. Davids spell was removed from him and they all enjoyed the celebration that followed. All the creatures came out of their hiding and danced with joy for their victory over the wicked witch of the west.

  • When David woke up the next day, He saw an amulet under his pillow with a fairy drawn on it. With a smile, he went back to sleep.