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Align conversations on business objectives Client - Date

Business objectives

Nov 01, 2014



Anthony Poncier

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Page 1: Business objectives

Align conversations on business objectives

Client - Date

Page 2: Business objectives

What is the main discussion between people of a same company at lunch

Page 3: Business objectives

Set up the network

Conversation and processes

Make the process smooth

Optimize the process

Conversations are part of the processes

Page 4: Business objectives

Set up the network

Conversation and processes

Make the process smooth

Optimize the process

There is more and more conversations

Page 5: Business objectives

Set up the network

Conversation and processes

Make the process smooth

Optimize the process

Too much conversations ?

Page 6: Business objectives

How to use conversation to enhance the business

Page 7: Business objectives

Social business impact is a long journey

Collaborative use above the business process: i.e : community of practice

Page 8: Business objectives

Align social goals on business goals

Page 9: Business objectives

Different objectives related to your business lines

R&D •  Innovate through partnership •  Community of experts

Customer and Sales •  Enhance the client relationship •  Integrate the customer insights

Human ressources •  Strengthen recruitment and talent management •  Make the organization nimble

Page 10: Business objectives

A tool and organization issue

Page 11: Business objectives

A tool to smooth the daily work …

Page 12: Business objectives

… Then develop new uses

Page 13: Business objectives

Digital workplace is more and more trendy

Jane Mc Connel’s vision : The digital workplace is the eco-system of enterprise platforms and services that enable people to work, collaborate, communicate, develop services and products and better serve customers or the public

The digital workplace is multi-dimensional: •  The managed dimension includes business applications and validated, authoritative,

reference content. It is primarily internal but extends partially into the client-partner sphere for inter-enterprise projects and processes.

•  The structured collaborative dimension involves teamwork on projects with specific goals, deliverables and timelines. It also extends into the client-partner sphere.

•  The social collaborative dimension is self-organizing. It includes social networking, micro blogging, community-building and other social features such as UGC (user-generated content). It extends from internal into the public sphere.

Page 14: Business objectives


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C-Suite & Governance





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Purchase Supply Finance … SI

Thread to smooth daily work

Socialization of the IT system

Page 15: Business objectives

Organize the unstructured information to make them available and useful

•  70-80% of the information are unstructured and grow 10 to 50 time faster than the structured one

•  Synthesize, filter and prioritize information to make them intelligible and available (curation)

Page 16: Business objectives

A community is potentialy a private space, gathering people with a common goal.

Organize to bring the conversations to the objective

Business community

Community of practice

Project community

Experts community

Page 17: Business objectives

Asses the impact on business processes

Y o u d o n ’ t a s s e s s t h e membership and the use of the platform : • Number of commentaries • Number of members • Number of content • …

Page 18: Business objectives

Produce value through conversations inside business process

Identify goals •  Answer to a

business need •  Identify the

added value

Define a strategy •  Describe needs •  Identify and


Insert conversations •  Filter the threads •  Work inside

dedicated communities

Apply and Assess