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Business Format System

Dec 31, 2015



New Associate Training Series. Business Format System. Duplication. QMD - The Ultimate Business Position. Your WFG business really begins at the QMD level. Everything up to that point is preparing you to be a successful QMD. The WFG Business Format System (BFS) is designed to - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Business Format System DuplicationNew Associate Training Series

  • QMD - The Ultimate Business PositionYour WFG business really begins at the QMD level.Everything up to that point is preparing you to be a successful QMD.The WFG Business Format System (BFS) is designed to Help you get to QMDHelp you help others get to QMDYour long-term success depends on the rapid repetition of the System.

  • The Rapid Repetition of the SystemPurpose: To build a business using a system whereby recruiting never stops.To become a legend of the future, you must study the legends of the past. The speed and exactness with which you copy the system will in large part determine your success. This exactness must be duplicated throughout your team.

  • DUPLICATIONRemember two things: 1.The key is to imitate, not create.2.Marketing is the creation of the outlet and the movement of the product simultaneously.The key component of duplication is:Once you develop a Recruiters Mentality and a Builders Mindset, you will be on your way to creating A System Whereby Recruiting Never Stops.

  • The Power of DuplicationTo control and draw on the power of duplication it is important to have a blueprint that is easy to follow. To help in the duplication process follow these steps:Train an associate, teaching him exactly what he needs to know to win.Keep the information and training simple.Make the blueprint for your business, your motivation, and recognition systems and recruiting programs easily transferable.

  • The Power of DuplicationFollow the Business Format System.Master the system, and then keep it the same for years.Study the blueprints they are in every facet of this business over and over again.Make sure the master copy is worth duplicating its the best way to get a high level of performance.

  • The Power of a Marketing MentalityA marketing mentality is an important trait in the WFG business. To have a marketing mentality its necessary to think of your business as the ultimate distribution system one that could be used to market any product to consumers.Two factors that help determine how large companies grow and how much of the market they can capture are:The continuous opening of outlets.The volume production per outlet.In this business, every person is potentially an outlet. An outlet is anyone who is insurance licensed and securities registered and who can offer products to the consumer.

  • The Power of SimplicityEveryone by now has heard of the acronym K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. Keeping things simple is the secret to building a strong WFG business.

  • Lots of People Doing a Little Bit & A Few Doing A lotAn important principle in building is realizing that you dont have to have a lot of superstars to build a great team. Lots of people doing a little can be better than a few doing a lot. Not every person you recruit will become a great leader in this business, so what you really owe to the new associates you recruit is:Give them an opportunity.Give them an example of success.You may also suggest that an associate use WFG as a second-income career*, keeping her current job until it makes sense for her to make a full-time commitment to the opportunity.* Some Canadian provinces require a full-time career in financial services and do not permit a part-time opportunity.

  • Its In The NumbersAccording to the law of averages, there will be those associates you recruit who while being great team members are not ready or willing to become superstars in the business. To overcome the negatives inherent in the law of averages, its important to harness the power of high numbers.The Law of Averages at WorkRecruit 25 - 50 percent of all your prospects400 interviews = 100 new people100 people = 50 licensed associates/registered representatives50 licensed associates/registered representatives = 1 QMD25 QMDs = 1 strong builderIt may be possible to achieve financial independence by helping to build seven to ten builders. Although this may take thousands of interviews, dont get discouraged you can do it.

  • The Magic of Compound BuildingA Recruiters Mentality Recruiting is an all-the-time thing. It is a state of mind. Look for quantity, get quality.Build to Max-out Profits1. Wide2. Deep3. Wideand Deep

  • The Magic of Compound BuildingPrimary: GO WIDESecondary: GO DEEPYou can go Deep after you go Wide but you cant have depth in a leg you havent started. You can control the planter, but you cant control the plant.Building Outlets1. Opening outlets is an all-the-time thing.2. Have quantity to get quality.Open Outlets and Move Products Simultaneously

  • Speed WidthRecruit In BunchesTo say you are going to go wide is not enough. How wide? is also something that needs to be considered. When trying to build, how can you tell who will make it in this business? You can't. There are people who are serious about this business and those who are not and they all look alike when you first talk to them. For this reason its important to look for many people.Recruiting in quantity can also help avoid the pitfall of waiting the tendency to wait to recruit because you have two to three good people. You dont recruit any new associates because you believe you need to work with your new star. Then a week or two passes weeks that you should have been recruiting more people and you wake up, mad and frustrated. Remember: Even if you have found a superstar you should continue to look for and recruit more people. Refer to it as the Next Mentality Whos next?

  • The Power of Recruiting In WavesIt is important to develop a regular pace of recruiting three to 12 personal associates every 30 to 45 days, and investing most of your time with the ambitious people the ones who seem to have the most desire to win.By recruiting one good, new superstar and then helping her build in her market and even down to the markets of her new associates, you can build a wave of seven to ten new prospects at the next Corporate Overview. This type of recruiting helps create and maintain momentum.Recruiting in waves is closely associated to the speed in which you bring on new associates it creates synergy. Thats why it is important to recruit quickly. People like to be part of a team, so make sure you have one.

  • A BUILDERS MINDSETTo become a Champion You must build:A large network of outletsA large base of diversified clients** Income is earned from the sale of World Financial Group-authorized products and services. World Financial Group associates are not required to purchase any products, goods, services, inventory, marketing plan or property of any kind, or pay any consideration in exchange for becoming or remaining an independent contractor of World Financial Group.

  • A BUILDERS MINDSETTwo Main Focal Points to Win the Race for Outlets:Get more and more personal direct legs.Get more and more people (old and new) to the Corporate Overview.Success Formula:Average Number of People per Week at the Corporate Overview = Average Number of Base Shop Sales per Month

  • A BUILDERS MINDSETManage Activity, but Focus on ResultsThe only thing standing between you and your dreams coming true is the building of your distribution system.

    ACTIVITYRESULTS# of Invitations to Corporate Overview# of Corporate Overview attendees# of recruiting presentationsNumber of recruits# of sales presentationsNumber of sales# of licenses# of associates writing an application# of sales applicationsTotal premium / investment

  • Secrets of Successful LeadersHave a VisionDream big dreams for you, your team and your clientsSell the right products to the right peopleDo What You LoveEnjoyment is key to peak performanceCommit to excellenceFocus on Your Unique Talents and AbilitiesAccept Responsibility for Yourself and Your Life Be in ChargeDevelop a Clear Sense of DirectionNever Consider the Possibility of FailureSuccess is a State of Emergency60 hours a week vs. 40 hours a week during blitzes and crunchesGet Around the Right PeopleBe TeachableBe Prepared to Climb from Peak to Peak

  • Secrets of Successful Leaders11.Develop Resilience and be able to Bounce Back12.Unlock Your Natural Creativity13.Dedicate Yourself to Continuous Personal & Professional DevelopmentRead good booksListen to audiotapes/CDs/podcastsTape every seminar you can most successful leaders do.14.Become an Unshakeable Optimist15.Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others16.Develop a Reputation for Speed and Dependability17.Be Impeccably Honest with Yourself and Others18.Concentrate on One Thing at a Time19.Be Decisive20.Practice Self-Discipline21.Be Persistent

  • Successful Leaders MindsetA Successful Leader believes:One of the major goals of most Americans and Canadians is financial independence.This is the golden age of financial services professionals people lean forward, listen and take note when a financial services professional speaks.Its time to get people in touch with their dreams again and help them work toward a more secure financial future.Many people worry about money everyday we have the opportunity to help put an end to that worry. I am (we are) the best

  • Successful Leaders MindsetYou will continue to be the best because:You come to meetings.You continue to grow.You listen to audiotapes/CDs/podcasts.You read books.The outside world only gets better if you get better.Learning from your leaders can help you make and save money.Life is built on the Law of Probabilities

  • Successful Leaders MindsetYou shouldnt be in this business if youre not committed to financial independence.Walk the TalkLive the advice you give your clients.Its your duty to become financially independent and encourage others to achieve this same goal.Most people can become financially independ