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Buildings In Barre Vermont By Jordan Sabens

Buildings In Barre Vermont By Jordan Sabens. Map of Barre.

Dec 21, 2015



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  • Buildings In Barre Vermont By Jordan Sabens
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  • Map of Barre
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  • History of Barre The City of Barre is located in Central Vermont, just a couple miles south of the states capital. March 11, 1793, the first town meeting was held in the community. The name Barre was finally agreed on. With the arrival of the railroad, the granite industry boomed, making way for immigrants to work in the quarries. Some countries that many granite immigrants came from include Italy, Scotland, Spain, Scandinavia, Greece, Lebanon, Canada. The population increased from 2,060 in 1880, to 6,790 in 1890, to 10,000 in 1894. The City of Barre has continued to exist as a separate governmental entity from the Town to this date.
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  • Nelsons Hardware, Barre VT Nelsons Hardware, resides in the former Eastman Brothers building that was built in 1895. The current owner, Bob Nelson, and his father, bought the building in 1983. Prior to Nelsons Hardware, Belle Noir Hats occupied the right side, from the 1950s Singer Sewing Machines occupied the left from the 1970s The basement is used for back stock for the store, and the 2 nd and 3 rd floors are apartments. The building is located in the middle of Main Street.
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  • Nelsons Interior Top, Tin ceiling, mostly found in buildings constructed in the late 1800s to early 1900s Bottom left, the wall is blown out to the adjoining building, to create a walkway between both sections of the store. Bottom right, long structural beam that is supporting the floor. It runs along the entire length of the store
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  • Barre Post Office The Barre post office, is located at the corner of 14s and 302w. The building was built in 1912 for $115,000. The exterior is made of Barre granite, and the Interior lobby has Rutland Marble on the walls. (no interior pictures allowed)
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  • Barre Post Office The Front of the Building has two Ionic Columns on either Side of the main entrance Dentals reside on the upper molding
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  • Old Barre Fire Station Patterned after a station in Quincy, Massachusetts. Completed in 1905, for $2400, the orignial blue prints had 8 horse stalls The church style belfry was used to dry the hoses. A unique weathervane that sat atop the tower offered $500,000 by a collector, but officials refused to sell
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  • Old Barre Fire Station Decorative Scrolls are key stones for the arch ways of the wooden folding doors.
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  • Aldrich Public Library Created and sustained by Leonard Frost Aldrich, one of Barre's leading residents and benefactors. The building is solidly constructed of brick, granite and heavy timbers. On either side of the front entrance, stand ionic colums
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  • Interior of Public Library As part of the addition/renovation to the back of the library in 1999, the second floor of the addition is attached by a simple walkway that uses a window as a walkthrough
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