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Build Next Generation Real-time Applications with SAP HANA on AWS (BDT211) | AWS re:Invent 2013

Jan 27, 2015



"(Presented by SAP) SAP HANA, available on the AWS Cloud, is an industry transforming in-memory platform, which has been adopted by many startups and ISVs, as well as traditional SAP enterprise customers. SAP HANA converges database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive, and spatial processing so businesses can operate in real-time. Please join us to learn what SAP HANA can do for you!
Doug Turner, CEO of Mantis Technologies, and an early adopter of SAP HANA One on AWS, will present and share his experience migrating his Sentiment Analysis solution from MySQL to SAP HANA One. He will talk about following benefits that he achieved with this migration:

-Dramatic simplification of his system architecture and landscape
-System consolidation by moving from 23 MySQL instances to one SAP HANA One instance
-Reduced overall AWS infrastructure cost as well as reduced admin effort and efficiency

We will conclude with an overview of all the key SAP HANA capabilities on the AWS Cloud like text analysis, predictive analytics, geospatial, data integration. We will round out the session with an in-depth view of what new HANA deployment options are available on the AWS Cloud like customers’ ability to bring their own licenses (BYOL) of SAP HANA to run on AWS in a variety of configurations ranging from 244GB up to 1.22TB. "

  • 1. Build Next Generation, Real-time Applications with SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud Doug Turner Rob Groat Swen Conrad, PMP November 14, 2013CEO, Mantis Technology Group Inc. CTO, Smartronix Sr. Director, SAP HANA Marketing

2. Agenda Power of SAP HANA for Big Data processing Customer presentations Sentiment Analysis Pulse Analytics Online Big Data Analytics RECOVERY.GOV How to get started Big Data and Mobility trials 3. The future holds many transformational opportunities Capitalize on the new technology frontier From Transactions to 1:1 Engaging RelationshipsFrom Mass Production to mass customization using 3-D PrintingFrom generic treatments to personalized medicine 4. Information Processing is at a critical inflection point Point optimization not enough to meet the new frontiers of real-time IMPACT on BUSINESS|Usability Challenges|Lack Of AdaptabilitySalesPlanning Predict Monitor Communicate Analyze Summarize AggregateCustomer ServiceFinance and OperationsManufacturingReal-time bonus calculations for consumersReal-time Business ScenarioETL Staging Clean-Data Quality Collect TransactSlow Response TimesCustomer overdue credit calculation by product areasIterative period end closing with new posting into accounts constantlyNew ATP strategies; MRP run for individual ATP check/instant re-planningOrder ProcessingOperational ReportingReal-time Risk & FraudTrend AnalysisPredictive AnalyticsSentiment AnalyticsPattern RecognitionLocation Intelligence10Transactional DatastoreIMPACT on ITData WarehouseSensors DataHigh LatencyMobile Data|ComplexityArchives|Social & TextHigh Cost of SolutionsGeo-Spatial 5. SAP HANA Platform More than just a database Any AppsSAP Business SuiteAny App Serverand BW ABAP App ServerSQLMDXRJSONOpen ConnectivitySAP HANA Platform Extended Application Services App Server| UI Integration Services | Web ServerSupports any DeviceOLTP | OLAP | Search | Text Analysis |Predictive | Events | Spatial | Rules | Planning | CalculatorsDatabase Services Application Function Libraries & Data Models Predictive Analysis Libraries | Business Function Libraries | Data Models & Stored ProceduresIntegration Services Data Virtualization | Replication | ETL/ELT | Mobile Synch | StreamingDeployment:On-Premise | Hybrid | On-DemandAdministrationDevelopmentProcessing Engine 6. Values previously unattainable Cancer cell genomic analysis at Mitsui Knowledge IndustryStreamlining the process of providing personalized cancer drug recommendation 7. Innovation Previously Infeasible Predicts and analyzes game player behavior in real-timeReal-time insights, analysis, and consumer engagement for increased revenue and decreased churn 8. Simplicity Previously Unachievable eBay Early Signal Detection System powered by Predictive AnalyticsAutomated signal detection system increasing accuracy of forecasts 9. Breakthrough solutions from startups & ISVs A single platform powering next generation of applicationsnexvisionix 10. Doug Turner CEO, Mantis Technology Group Inc. Simplifying social sentiment analysis solution for better customer value and lower cost with SAP HANA One on AWS 11. Mantis Technology Group Enterprise software solution provider Business intelligence, data warehousing, analytics Social media analytics and social CRM Software development engineering Established in 2000 Based in Redmond, WA Social and community responsibility Focus on delivery 12. Pulse Analytics Social listening platform Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, G+ and more Semantic and sentiment analysis, topic and subject matter analysis Actionable Insight CRM customer service integration and alerts Data integration and metric correlation Interactive dashboards and scorecards Mobile and large screen deployment 13. Pulse Analytics 14. Pulse Analytics - ArchitectureCollection DBCloud-based architecture Social Media ChannelsETL Process Text AnalysisData Mart REPOR TLOADOriginal ArchitectureSocial Sentiment AnalysisSocial media data collectors Multi-tier data architecture Custom portal and user interface SAP Business Objects reporting 25+ parallel Text Analysis servers 15. Pulse Analytics - ArchitectureETL Process Text AnalysisLOADSocial Media ChannelsSocial Media ChannelsSAP HANA Platform Data MartSocial Sentiment AnalysisText Analysis Full Text Index REPOR TCollection DBHANA ArchitectureREPOR TLOADOriginal ArchitectureSocial Sentiment Analysis 16. Pulse Analytics - ArchitectureTechnical KPIs Significantly reduce ETL load 6x increase in query speed Simplified data architectureSocial Media ChannelsSAP HANA Platform Text Analysis Full Text Index REPOR T Automatic Text Indexing Automatic Text Analysis Fuzzy logic search advanced clustering Eliminate large scale data movementHANA ArchitectureLOADKey SAP HANA featuresSocial Sentiment Analysis 17. Pulse Analytics - Architecture 99% faster Significantly reduced ETL Load timeBusiness Challenges Offer rapid analysis of social media channels to track consumers and influencers and measure brand against industry metrics Scale social media analytics service offering to handle ever increasing volumes of data cost-effectively6x fasterTechnical ChallengesText analysis processing Analyze large volumes of social media data more than 1M documents daily Reduce cost of managing cluster of 25+ Text Analysis and MySQL servers Reduce the ETL load times to deliver real-time analysisSimplified Data Architecture Moved from 25+ servers to 1 Hana One serverProduct: Solutions / Capabilities SAP HANA One: In-memory processing in the cloud Native text analysis functionality in SAP HANA for full-text indexing, fuzzy search and sentiment analysis Benefits Faster natural-language-based sentiment analysis with topic identification Visual presentation of data free from previous performance-based constraints Data Architecture simplification replacing 25+ servers with 1 SAP HANA One 18. Rob Groat CTO, Smartronix Building a Transparency and Accountability Platform for the $840 billion Recovery Act (ARRA) with SAP HANA on AWS 19. SAP Technology Powers Accountability Platform and Big Data exploration at the citizens fingertips Key components SAP HANA SAP Business Objects First government solution on AWS Hybrid Cloud 20. Swen Conrad SAP Get started and build a game-changing Big Data application with SAP HANA One on AWS 21. SAP HANA Platform On-Premises or in the Cloud Enabling game-changing breakthroughs REAL-TIME APPLICATIONS Consumer EngagementSense & RespondPlanning & OptimizationREAL-TIME ANALYTICS Operational AnalyticsPredictive, Big Data Warehousing Spatial & Text AnalyticsSAP HANA PLATFORM Database & Data Processing ServicesApplication Platform ServicesIntegration & Data Virtualization ServicesMission-Critical Deployment Services (Appliance, Cloud) 22. SAP HANA and other SAP solutions on AWS Scale upInnovation catalystSAP HANA OneSAP HANA infrastructure subscriptionGrowing list of SAP offerings on AWS Fully-featured SAP HANA BYOL and get started SAP Business Objects BI Licensed for productive use Licensed for productive use SAP Mobile Platform - MADP Include Studio and Client libraries including JDBC, ODBC, etc. May connect to ECC, CRM, and other SAP Software SAP Mobile Secure (including MDM, MCM and MAM) Community-based support SAP support agreement Sybase ASE or higher Hourly subscription Monthly subscription SAP MaxDB Version 7.x or higher $0.99/hour license Own license $2.50/hour AWS infrastructure Standard AWS infrastructure pricing Amazon cc2.8xlarge instance Amazon cr1.8xlarge instance SAP Business Suite (ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, SRM, NetWeaver ABAP & Java apps) 16 CPUs (32 threads) 16 CPUs (32 threads) SAP Business All-in-One 60 GB RAM / 30 GB compressed data 256 GB RAM / 130 GB comp. data SAP Business One Cluster of 5 machines max Cloud Appliance Library and more 23. Getting started: Best HANA One Use Cases Product Launch Month CloseAccelerate slow & complex business analysis & reports without upfront investmentMerging data from various data sources for end to end analysisEnable temporary or event-based analytics to start/stop anytimeEnable self-service OLAP and BI without complex data modelingPrototype and demo breakthrough BI ideasBuild Big Data applications leveraging native text analysis, predictive analytics, and spatial capabilities 24. Big Data Best Practice: Amazon EMR and HANA One on AWSGive SAP HANA One a try in a guided trial experience Import Hadoopprocessed data from Amazon S3 storage into SAP HANA One Create star schema Build analytic and calculation views Analyze Wikipedia data using Lumira BI Provisioned by the trial system 25. ResourcesOnline SAP HANA demos running on HANA One:http://try.saphana.comFree Big Data trial for SAP HANA One: HANA One Home Page:http://hanaone.saphana.comWebinar channel: solutions on Free Trial of SAP Mobile Secure 26. Summary SAP HANA combines analytical, transactional and other Big Data workloads on one system Customers, ISVs and growing list of startups are demonstrating breakthrough use cases SAP HANA as well as other SAP solutions are available on the AWS cloud Get started with SAP HANA One Scale up with SAP HANA Infrastructure subscription by AWS or SAP 27. SAP Booth #200 Meet SAP HANA and mobile experts Test drive SAP solutions Experience the Internet-of-Things Real-time vending machine Powered by SAP HANA Win an Xbox or one of ten Raspberry Pis 28. Questions? 29. We are sincerely eager to hear your feedback on this presentation and on re:Invent. Please fill out an evaluation form when yo