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Oct 16, 2021



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Brochure VMR English13
A tourist and recreational destination of the highest standards of quality and safety in Albania and also in the Region.
A residential and tourist complex com- bining experience, professionalism and advanced methodology in the interests of future residents, the local community and tourism in Albania.
Your perfect residence. Your exclusive destination. Your home on the Adriatic Sea.
VALA MAR RESIDENCES is located in the stunning nature of Gjiri i Lalzit. With a 1 km extension at the Adriatic coast, this residential and tourist complex will be transformed into a major tourist destination of the individuals and families who wish to enjoy nature but also de- mand safety, construction quality and infrastruc- ture. Gjiri i Lalzit offers one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Riviera.
A few kilometers from Tirana and Durres, Gjiri i Lalzit offers unspoiled beaches with golden sand and welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign holidaymakers. Residences of the com- plex will be developed with a mix of residential components including villas and apartments. The positioning and further development of the infrastructure gives value to the project turning it into “the first station” towards the northern coast as well as into the oasis of your relaxation.
Vala Mar Residences is located: 42 km away from Tirana 38 km away from Tirana International Airport 26 km from the centre of Durrës city 26 km from the port of Durrës 63 km from the Port of Shëngjin 101 km from the city of Ulcinj, Montenegro through Muriqan crossing 268 km from the city of Pristina, Kosovo through the Morina crossing 163 km from the city of Struga, through Qafe-Thana crossing
The area enjoys the necessary facilities such as: network energy, road infrastructure, water supply system, a plant for waste water etc., which are important elements for the development of this project.
Also, this very favourable location enables proximity to other facilities: Hospitals, police stations and Trade Centres.
Temperature - Average high °C
17-24C 29-32C 19-28C 12-20C
Gjiri i Lalzit is located in one of the most well-preserved areas at the Adriatic Sea, between Durrës dense beach and that of Shëngjin. This entire area is known for its natural, historical and archaeological peculiarities among which we can mention: “Rushkull Hunting Reservoir”, “The Rodon Castle,” “The Cape of Rodon” and “Rushkull Forest National Park”.
The area is characterized by a 80-years old natural vegetation, mainly dominated by soft and wild pines. While visiting the area you will also discover the fascinating National Park of Rushkull that consists of 380 ha of attractive forests. This virgin coastline is located far from the urban areas which makes it an ideal des- tination for those who love fishing or sailing.
The Cape of Rodon is a strip of land in the form of a peninsula inside the Adriatic Sea. It lies in a triangular form between the Rodon Bay in the north and that of Lalzi in the south.
The Rodon Castle was built in 1451-1452 by the Albanian national hero, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg and served to mari- time links with Western Europe. After the death of Skanderbeg the castle passed under the control of Venice. According to Illyri- an mythology, Rhodes was a sea deity, as Poseidon and Neptun.
If you want to explore the area further, everything is less than 20 minutes away by walk .
History and Culture
Find yourself in the beauty and allure of Gjiri i Lalzit. Blessed with year-round sunshine and warm days from March to November, Gjiri i Lalzit is known for its semi-virgin sandy beaches, among the most beautiful of the Adriatic Sea. Posi- tioned between the characteristic pines of the area you will find Vala Mar Resi- dences, an elegant residential and tourist destination.
Vala Mar Residences is a leading destination for individuals and families who wish to enjoy the wonders of nature, but also require security, quality of construc- tion and infrastructure. The complex consists of 5 types of villas and a variety of apartment types, ensuring a quiet oasis away from the stress of the world.
Vala Mar Residences offers recreational spaces as well as green spaces, so that people can enjoy the full experience of living close to nature as well as a complete lifestyle in the community.
Vala Mar Residences is surrounded by recreational spac- es, perfect setting for picnics and sunset watching along the Adriatic. Several excellent traditional restaurants and a handful of charming local shops can be easily found around your residence.
Vala Mar Residences is located in an elite area, untouched by mass tourism. The construction intensity is for lower buildings. The goal is the transformation of the area into a tourist destination developed on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea.
Proximity to major residential centres enables residents to enjoy their livelihood in Vala Mar Residences. not only during the summer season or during the holiday season, but every weekend.
Vala Mar Residences offers: - Apartments 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 - 2-Floor villas - Recreational facilities - Open Parking Spaces - Services premises and facilities
Vala Mar Residences
Infrastructure The complex has an entrance / exit road for pedestrians and vehicles. In- ternal road infrastructure distinguishes the roads, sidewalks and passages.In- ternal circulation is coordinated by road signs and the complex is decorated by the accompanying greenery.
Urban Planning Vala Mar Residences is organized effectively in terms of distribution of residential buildings and public spac- es. The complex is equipped with the proper engineering infrastructure: suit- able groundgeology, as well as oppor- tunities of water and electricity supply. The project respects the morphology, characteristics and features of the area.The buildings are composed of different typologies but combined with each other by a well-studied structure.
Fire Alarm Signalling System Fire alarm signalling system is con- ventional. The panel is equipped with two fire areas. If the detector alerts, any area provided with a detector is warned. Fire alarm signalling system is presented as an independent one and it is offered as an optional element, re- ferring to customer’s requests.
Waterproofing There are two types of waterproofing systems in Vala Mar Residences: Tar- paulin system on the roof and bitumen membrane waterproofing with a thick- ness of 4mm and -10ºC temperature. The second type of waterproofing, the two-component system, is applied mainly in bathrooms, balconies, veran- das and external stairs.
Facade The facades are decorative and func- tional, with a thermal insulation with a thickness of 31cm. Doors and win- dows systems consist of contempo- rary parameters of the aluminium layer and comply technically with the ther- mal project’s parameters and also with the facade of the project.The windows are plastic and double glazed.
Wastewater Sewerage Network Wastewater Sewerage Network is com- prised of individual villas lines which discharge in the secondary network and then into the main one. Discharge in the central network is done mechan- ically: collectors are merged at the bot- tom part of the complex and discharge in the wastewater treatment plant, which will be built far from the complex. Wastewater Sewerage Networkis sep- arated from the potable water system.
Villas If you would like your house by the sea to be a quiet and comfortable oasis, the villas are the optimal solution.
Vala Mar Residences offers 5 types of villas. Villas: Azure, Ultramarine, Iris, Celeste and Sapphire, named after the shades of the blue colour of the sea during different sea- sons, providing the desired privacy of a family nest by the sea.
The first-line villas are just 100m away from the seashore.
• Semi Detached villas: 132 - 221m2
• Land Surface: 360 - 530m2
Ground floor - 66m2:
• 1 Kitchen and a Dining room • 1 Living room • 1 Bathroom
First floor - 66m2:
• 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • 2 Balconies
Light and airy, Villa Azure is the smallest villa of all, but it offers the desired comfort thanks to the effective usage of space. These type of villas are tucked amidst the greenery of the area. Villa Azure compounds of a 370 - 410m2 garden that can be used to create a family oasis of tranquillity and relaxation. This mansion of villa offers 2 bedrooms 2 open parking lots.
Villa’s total surface area: 132m2
Parcel Surface area: 370 - 410m2
Ground floor - 64.6m2:
• 1 Living room • 1 Kitchen and a Dining room • 1 Bathroom
First floor - 68.4m2
• 3 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • 2 Balconies
Modern and stylish, Villa Ultramarine is located on the second strip of the complex. This type of villa has a smaller surface area, but it’s closer to the sea coast freshness and beauty. Having a garden surface area of 390 - 470m2, Villa Ultramarine offers dedicated space to create children’s playgrounds and barbecue spaces, in order for you to enjoy your afternoons at the seaside.This type of villa offers 3 bedrooms and 2 open parking lots.
Villa’s total surface area: 133m2
Parcel Surface area: 390 - 470m2
Ground Floor First Floor
Ground floor - 73m2:
• 1 Kitchen and a Dining room • 1 Guest room and a Living room • 1 Bathroom
Villas Iris are ideal for those who wish to enjoy daily walks, services and facilities of the complex. These modern villas are located between the pine trees of the complex and they provide privacy for everyone. This villa offers two private terraces, as well as direct access to the complex garden. Villa Iris has a garden with a surface area between 365 - 505m2, which also enables the usage of the garden for recreational family activities or the building of an individual swimming pool. This type of villa offers 3 bedrooms and 2 open parking lots.
First floor - 79m2:
Parcel Surface area: 365 - 505m2
Ground Floor First Floor
Ground floor - 79.5m2:
• 1 Bedroom • 1 Kitchen anda Dining room • 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom
First floor - 89.8m2:
• 3 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • 2 Balconies
Homely and family friendly, villa Celeste is the average size villa. This type of villa offers a comfort- able and practical interior space, sufficient for large families. The garden area of 500 - 530m2 offers the possibility to create a family recreational space, or build a pool or Jacuzzi for your entertainment. Situated in the medium strip of the complex, Villa Celeste offers to its residents the possibility to enjoy the facilities and services, as well as the proximity to the seaside. This mansion offers 4 bedrooms and 2 open parking lots.
Villa’s total surface area: 169.3m2
Parcel Surface area: 500 - 530m2
Ground Floor First Floor
Ground floor – 98m2:
• 1 Bedroom • 1 Living room • 1 Kitchen and Dining room • 1 Bathroom
First floor – 123m2:
• 4 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • 1 Balcony
Situated on the first strip of the complex, the Sapphire villas are beachfront villas that enjoy the largest indoor and outdoor space. Not only do the Sapphire Villas offer the magnificent view of the beach thanks to the generous balconies and terraces, but also the largest garden with a surface area of 510 - 530m2 and the possibility to build a private pool. This mansion offers 5 bedrooms and 2 open parking lots.
Villa’s total surface: 221m2
Parcel Surface: 500 - 530m2
Ground Floor First Floor
Apartments If you prefer less discrete spaces at your holiday home, apartments are the greatest solution.
Vala Mar Residences offers different models of multi-dwelling units and apartments, which suit different requirements based on apartment size and typology.
All apartments offer a unique view over the Adriatic sea. Ground floor apartments benefit the surrounding plot.
Every apartment goes with a free open parking lot.
• Apartments 1+1: 56 - 72m2
• Apartments 2+1: 72 - 84m2
The apartments consist of a living room, a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms as well as large balco- nies to let you enjoy the great view of the green areas.All apartments offer a unique view over the sea and they are also fully lighted by the sun.
The surface area of this building is approximately 870m2
1+1: 60 - 66m2 2+1: 78 - 84m2RESIDENTIAL BUILDING TyPE 1
The apartments consist of a living room, a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms as well as large balco- nies to let you enjoy the great view of the green areas. All apartments offer a unique view over the sea and they are also fully lighted by the sun.
The surface area of this building is approximately 610m2
1+1: 56 - 61m2 2+1: 72 - 78m2RESIDENTIAL BUILDING TyPE 3
The apartments consist of a living room, a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms as well as large balco- nies to let you enjoy the great view of the green areas. All apartments offer a unique view over the sea and they are also fully lighted by the sun.
The surface area of this building is approximately 800m2
Services and Facilities
entertainment and safety.
The community offers a restaurant and a beach bar where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine of the area or a fresh summer drink.
The Restaurant and the Beach Bar
You will be able to find everything you need for your daily needs in the supermarket and shops within the community.
We provide you with external security service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with guards and installed equipment.
The community includes a health centre, it is operational 24 hours / 7 days a week. Pharmacies and health centres are easily found near the complex.
Health Centre
We enable the funding process and mediate agreements with major banks.
Financial Consultation
Professional Maintenance
The Tourist Development
tourist future.
Gjiri i Lalzit offers the luxury of an easily accessible destination being positioned very close to the capital, the largest port in the country,the international airport and the most important road and transport axes. Just 30 minutes far from the airport, Gjiri i Lalzit welcomes the locals and foreigners to discover the wonders of the area.
Nature has designed a small “paradise” which is so close to the most important cities in Albania, such as Tirana and Durrës.This simplifies the provision of the different facilities and services. The area is located near the facilities but it’s also enough far away to avoid the noise of the me- tropolis.
Gjiri i Lalzit, an ideal tourist destination offers a beautiful natural landscape and a coastline of 14 km. This area is known for its semi-virgin sandy beaches, as well as their privacy.
Gjiri i Lalzit is preserved all these years by the side effects of urbanization and it will benefit from infrastructure development projects. Gjiri i Lalzit will be transformed into a tourist destination with an advanced and highly developed infrastructure. Tourism development has just begun in this area.
Vala Mar Residences - Lalzi Bay, Albania
SALES “Dervish Hima” Street, Bulding “Ambasador 3”, 8th Floor, No.1, Tirana, Albania
+355 69 8014999 +355 69 2020073
Disclaimer: All information, material, photos and computer generated images contained within this brochure are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change as the development progresses. Potential buyers are advised to carry out their own due diligence and verify all details prior to a commitment to purchase.