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The following guidelines outline how to create blog articles that will improve your SEO and help you rise up the search engine rankings... Blog format guidelines Page 1 of 2

Blog format guidelines (RAGHU)

May 13, 2015



Blog format guidelines (RAGHU)
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  • 1.The following guidelines outline how to createblog articles that will improve your SEO and helpyou rise up the search engine rankings...Blog format guidelinesPage 1 of 2

2. 1. Always use an image to reflect the blog topic2. Place image top right3. Save the image with a keyword in the description and put dashesbetween the words eg:a. Marketing-Idea-Facebook-logo4. Images have a Alt-Tag description (you are usually asked to fill this inwhen saving an image into a blog). Use the same name you use whenyou saved the image but without the dashes5. Always use your focus keywords in the blogs:a. Always use it in the titleb. Use 3 times in the blog copy6. Within the blog create 3 to 5 hyperlinks back to your website/blog/relevant articles7. Always have a call to action button at the bottom hyperlinked to arelevant download/landing page/url eg:a. Download Your Ebook Hereb. Start Your Free Trial Todayc. Click Here For Your Free Marketing Assessment8. Ensure the Meta Description and Meta Tags have been completedwith the keywords for each blog article where these can be addeda. The Meta Description will make up the small text seen in the searchengine resultsb. Keep it focused on you keywords and main message.Please view these twoexamples from Hubspotand Cognition blogs:Page 2 of 2