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Automation Installing vRealize - VMware Docs Home · PDF filevRealize Automation 7.3. ... 2 Preparing for vRealize Automation Installation 18 General ... The vRealize Automation appliance

Mar 10, 2018




  • Installing vRealizeAutomation3 May 2018vRealize Automation 7.3

  • Installing vRealize Automation

    VMware, Inc. 2

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  • Contents

    vRealize Automation Installation 7

    Updated Information 8

    1 vRealize Automation Installation Overview 10

    About vRealize Automation Installation 10

    New in this vRealize Automation Installation 11

    vRealize Automation Installation Components 11

    The vRealize Automation Appliance 11

    Infrastructure as a Service 12

    Deployment Type 14

    Minimal vRealize Automation Deployments 14

    Distributed vRealize Automation Deployments 15

    Choosing Your Installation Method 18

    2 Preparing for vRealize Automation Installation 19

    General Preparation 19

    Accounts and Passwords 20

    Host Names and IP Addresses 22

    Latency and Bandwidth 22

    vRealize Automation Appliance 23

    vRealize Automation Appliance Ports 23

    IaaS Windows Servers 25

    IaaS Windows Server Ports 26

    IaaS Web Server 27

    IaaS Manager Service Host 28

    IaaS SQL Server Host 29

    IaaS Distributed Execution Manager Host 30

    DEM Workers with Amazon Web Services 30

    DEM Workers with Openstack or PowerVC 31

    DEM Workers with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 31

    DEM Workers with SCVMM 32

    Certificates 33

    Extracting Certificates and Private Keys 34

    3 Deploying the vRealize Automation Appliance 35

    About vRealize Automation Appliance Deployment 35

    Deploy the vRealize Automation Appliance 35

    VMware, Inc. 3

  • Add Network Interface Controllers Before Running the Installer 38

    4 Installing vRealize Automation with the Installation Wizard 41

    Using the Installation Wizard for Minimal Deployments 41

    Start the Installation Wizard for a Minimal Deployment 41

    Install the vRealize Automation Management Agent 42

    Completing the Installation Wizard 44

    Using the Installation Wizard for Enterprise Deployments 44

    Start the Installation Wizard for an Enterprise Deployment 44

    Install the vRealize Automation Management Agent 45

    Completing the Installation Wizard 46

    5 The Standard vRealize Automation Installation Interfaces 48

    Using the Standard Interfaces for Minimal Deployments 48

    Minimal Deployment Checklist 49

    Configure the vRealize Automation Appliance 49

    Installing IaaS Components 53

    Using the Standard Interfaces for Distributed Deployments 59

    Distributed Deployment Checklist 59

    Disabling Load Balancer Health Checks 60

    Certificate Trust Requirements in a Distributed Deployment 60

    Configure Web Component, Manager Service and DEM Host Certificate Trust 62

    Installation Worksheets 62

    Configuring Your Load Balancer 65

    Configuring Appliances for vRealize Automation 66

    Install the IaaS Components in a Distributed Configuration 72

    Installing vRealize Automation Agents 99

    Set the PowerShell Execution Policy to RemoteSigned 100

    Choosing the Agent Installation Scenario 100

    Agent Installation Location and Requirements 101

    Installing and Configuring the Proxy Agent for vSphere 101

    Installing the Proxy Agent for Hyper-V or XenServer 107

    Installing the VDI Agent for XenDesktop 111

    Installing the EPI Agent for Citrix 115

    Installing the EPI Agent for Visual Basic Scripting 118

    Installing the WMI Agent for Remote WMI Requests 122

    6 Silent vRealize Automation Installation 125

    About Silent vRealize Automation Installation 125

    Perform a Silent vRealize Automation Installation 125

    Perform a Silent vRealize Automation Management Agent Installation 126

    Silent vRealize Automation Installation Answer File 127

    Installing vRealize Automation

    VMware, Inc. 4

  • The vRealize Automation Installation Command Line 128

    vRealize Automation Installation Command Line Basics 128

    vRealize Automation Installation Command Names 129

    The vRealize Automation Installation API 130

    Convert Between vRealize Automation Silent Properties and JSON 131

    7 vRealize Automation Post-Installation Tasks 133

    Configure Federal Information Processing Standard Compliant Encryption 133

    Enable Automatic Manager Service Failover 134

    About Automatic Manager Service Failover 134

    Automatic vRealize Automation PostgreSQL Database Failover 135

    Replacing Self-Signed Certificates with Certificates Provided by an Authority 136

    Changing Host Names and IP Addresses 136

    Change the Master vRealize Automation Appliance Host Name 136

    Change a Replica vRealize Automation Appliance Host Name 137

    Adjusting the SQL Database for a Changed Host Name 138

    Change the vRealize Automation Appliance IP Address 139

    Change an IaaS Server IP Address 141

    Change an IaaS Server Host Name 142

    Set the vRealize Automation Login URL to a Custom Name 144

    Licensing vRealize Code Stream 144

    Installing the vRealize Log Insight Agent on IaaS Servers 145

    Change a vRealize Automation Appliance FQDN Back to the Original FQDN 145

    Configure SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group 146

    Add Network Interface Controllers After Installing vRealize Automation 147

    Configure Static Routes 148

    Configure Access to the Default Tenant 149

    8 Troubleshooting a vRealize Automation Installation 151

    Default Log Locations 151

    Rolling Back a Failed Installation 152

    Roll Back a Minimal Installation 153

    Roll Back a Distributed Installation 153

    Create a vRealize Automation Support Bundle 154

    General Installation Troubleshooting 155

    Installation or Upgrade Fails with a Load Balancer Timeout Error 155

    Server Times Are Not Synchronized 155

    Blank Pages May Appear When Using Internet Explorer 9 or 10 on Windows 7 156

    Cannot Establish Trust Relationship for the SSL/TLS Secure Channel 156

    Connect to the Network Through a Proxy Server 157

    Console Steps for Initial Content Configuration 158

    Cannot Downgrade vRealize Automation Licenses 159

    Installing vRealize Automation

    VMware, Inc. 5

  • Troubleshooting the vRealize Automation Appliance 159

    Installers Fail to Download 159

    Encryption.key File has Incorrect Permissions 160

    Directories Management Identity Manager Fails to Start After Horizon-Workspace Restart 160

    Incorrect Appliance Role Assignments After Failover 162

    Failures After Promotion of Replica and Master Nodes 162

    Incorrect vRealize Automation Component Service Registrations 163

    Additional NIC Causes Management Interface Errors 165

    Cannot Promote a Secondary Virtual Appliance to Master 166

    Active Directory Sync Log Retention Time Is Too Short 166

    RabbitMQ Cannot Resolve Host Names 167

    Troubleshooting IaaS Components 168

    Prerequisite Fixer Cannot Install .NET Features 168

    Validating Server Certificates for IaaS 169

    Credentials Error When Running the IaaS Installer 169

    Save Settings Warning Appears During IaaS Installation 170

    Website Server and Distributed Execution Managers Fail to Install 170

    IaaS Authentication Fails During IaaS Web and Model Management Installation 170

    Failed to Install Model Manager Data and Web Components 171

    IaaS Windows Servers Do Not Support FIPS 172

    Adding an XaaS Endpoint Causes an Internal Error 173

    Uninstalling a Proxy Agent Fails 173

    Machine Requests Fail When Remote Transactions Are Disabled 174

    Error in Manager Service Communication 175

    Email Customization Behavior Has Changed 175

    Troubleshooting Log-In Errors 176

    Attempts to Log In as the IaaS Administrator with Incorrect UPN Format Credentials Fails with

    No Explanation 176

    Log In Fails with High Availability 177

    Proxy Prevents VMware Identity Manager User Log In 178

    Installing vRealize Automation

    VMware, Inc. 6

  • vRealize Automation Installation

    This vRealize Automation Installation guide contains wizard, manual, and silent installation instructions forVMware vRealize Automation.

    Note Not all features and capabilities of vRealize Automation are available in all editions. For acomparison of feature sets in each edition, see

    Intended AudienceThis information is intended for experienced Windows or Linux system administrators who are familiarwith virtual machine technology and data center operations.

    VMware Technical Publications GlossaryVMware Technical Publications provides a glossary of terms that might be unfamiliar to you. Fordefinitions of terms as they are used in VMware technical documentation, go to

    VMware, Inc. 7

  • Updated Information

    The following table lists the changes to Installing vRealize Automation for this product release.

    Revision Description

    3 MAY 2018 Added support for multiple NICs.

    15 MAR 2018 n Noted JRE versus JDK in IaaS Web Server and IaaS SQL Server Host.n Updated DEM Workers with SCVMM.n Added custom URL pointer in Certifica

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