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Autism spectrum

Jul 16, 2015




  • Autism Spectrum DisorderBy: Tedi Jensen

  • What is it

  • Brain function disorder.Affects 1 of 68 children (a 30% increase from the previous two years, which was 1 of 88 children.)

  • Temple GrandinA famous author, Ph.D., animal behaviorist, and speaker.She has ASD. She has published many books about her Autism.Her mom was told to put her in an institution, but instead found help for her.

  • Holly Robinson PeeteA famous actress. Her son RJ has Autism.Holly and Ryan (RJs twin sister) wrote a childrens book about autism.

  • Alair BergmanA famous author and artist who raises chickens. She too has ASD.

  • The JensenMadicyn, Elli, Charlie and I all have a type of ASD.

  • Trinkets by TediMy business that Ive had since I was 6 Supports my siblings with their Autism as well as my Aspersers.

  • Polar PlungeEvery year we do this fundraiser for the Special Olympics.Team Rising Above Autism supports Special Olympics for children with ASD.

  • Light it up BlueOccurs April 2.Day we put on blue light for Autism Awareness.

  • Symptoms

  • ContactChildren with ASD dont give eye contact due to their brain function disorder.

  • CommunicationWe cant simply say a word, we have a hard time saying what we want.Sometimes we need pictures, music, computers, or other things to help us get others to understand what we want.

  • SensesTasteSightHearingSmellTouchSenses can become highly sensitive.

  • Description of Help

  • Comfortable EnvironmentQuietPeacefulNot too crowdedOrganized

  • Description of Therapy

  • TherapyFor children with ASD we have different therapies:Speech TherapyOccupational TherapyArt TherapyMusic Therapy

  • Picture SchedulesShow the child what they have done and what they have to do next.Children with ASD respond to picture better than words.

  • Cure

  • CurePresently, there is no cure for ASD.

  • Places to Help With ASDAutism Society of AmericaFriends of Jacob

  • Sources of Research

  • Sources of ImagesTemple Grandin: Peete Robinson: Bergman: by Tedi: to Help With ASD: